Trendy as male territory

When you find a friend when I returned from a fashion show. This girl did the astonishment face and told me "you love to watch shows, you're gay?"

Well, neither did belaboring the question of how much is cool watch beautiful and sensual women parading, but I see that people are still far from knowing how much art, behavior, mannerisms have nothing to do with sexual preference.

What you wear, how you behave, talk or events that you enjoy watching, none of that influence in your sexual desire, not in some cases some people want because they want to emulate a behavior to prove what their sexual preferences .

So I decided to create this little manifesto setting fashion as a male domain par excellence.

In the past, men were the protagonists in the fashion world, the first to launch trends, use extravaganzas and shine like suns, just watch the pompous royal robes and nobility.

In the inventions and practicality too, men have always been at the forefront of clothing creations, taste and style through the old tailors and today through the stylists, barbers and hairdressers. In addition to other important professionals in the world of fashion big businessmen, investors, makeup artists, djs, photographers and all that make the entertainment gear spin and consolidate.

Finally just see that much of the male animals always are naturally more elaborate than females for the simple reason that it is they who have to court the females, attract them to procreation, as well as serve as family protection in attacks by predators.

That is, the male to be more flashy is easily eaten while the family can escape and protect thus perpetuating the species.

So we have to stop these silly prejudices that man can have style and be interested in fashion. This is a big lie fed into our present time.

Not only we must take care, enjoy, consume as we must also claim our role as developers and players in the fashion world.

And another that will not make you less of a man because of it; for example my girlfriend loves my touches that give it when we go to buy clothes at the mall. 

So enjoy life my dear. Live and be happy always in style.


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