How to prevent hair loss

I had many problems with hair loss to have in my family many cases of baldness.

I then tried several things and treatments, and I quote here for you analyze my experience.

1 Capillary revitalization, this was the longest treatment I did. Basically they first wash your hair, then open the pores through a hot dryer.

And then begins the process of revitalization. It is used small devices that give electric shocks to the scalp, also used laser and cosmetic products such as vitamins and a product that kills dandruff and ringworm.

This process lasted for an hour most of the time was very relaxing but burns enough when the product against dandruff and ringworm is applied, it is as if your head was on fire.

And after a few days your scalp begins to peel generating some constraints.

But it works if you are female and  a man at the very beginning of your baldness. In my case, my wires held for a long time, but always found it very painful and decided to stop.

You can do this treatment at specialized clinics.

2 Treatment with drugs orally. I used a remedy for poor blood circulation and finasteride.

At first my body responded well, but then I realized hormonal changes due to finasteride and researching I realized that this drug is very harmful to human health.

Basically it makes a mess in your hormones and can lead to impotence, there are several victims of this drug.

I advise you to search these cases around the world and not use this substance.

Anyway even I had behavioral problems when using this drug, I do not really recommend it to anyone, so I left feeling much more virile and happy.

3 Dermopigmentation. In fact it is not a treatment but a trick. Basically it's a tattoo, where an esthetician will tattooing tiny dots that mimic shaved wires in the head.

The result may please, especially if you often have to use a shaved head.

It is also very painful and lasts between 2 to 4 years, it means that you have to go through it again after a while.

If you already use shaved hair, it can be good for you to increase self-esteem.

4 Wigs, prostheses and hair extensions. If you are already completely bald can use a hair prosthesis from those that are glued to the head and not come off easily, lasting between 3 to 6 months.

The result is very interesting and  natural, but it has the drawback of having to maintain forever.

For women using hair extensions can also help a lot to compose a desired volume.

5 Transplantation wire to wire. Well, this is the definitive technique to cure once baldness. Usually it takes hair from the sides or neck and put them in the place where it is lacking.

If you do not have hair, can be used by the body. Hair grow back normally. It really is the ultimate cure, but as negative is an expensive treatment, and have to go through a surgical procedure with anesthesia and all. I have long wanted to do but so far I'm testing a new treatment.

6 Minoxidil. This is also a drug, but you use it only in the affected area.

It is a lotion that increases blood circulation in the affected area, which ultimately make the wires to grow back when it still has hair roots.

This treatment also serves to increase the beard for example. But it also has side effects, minoxidil enters the bloodstream and eventually grow hair on other areas of the body, causing the famous hackles.

So not very indicate that treatment for women although it is effective is likely to create the in unwanted places, unless you use very little and only once a day with much moderation.

Already for men should use twice a day. It is also an expensive medicine, but you can pay less in drugstores.

This is the treatment that I am using at the moment and I'm really enjoying my hair grew back and thicken the wires.

Well, that's. Until the next..

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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