Inequality is natural

I always see people complaining of inequalities, and movements, political ideologies, all trying to end inequalities, but never can. And every attempt ends up creating more problems than they really end inequalities.

And why you can not end the inequality?

Because nature is unequal, not that it's a bad thing, quite the contrary, nature is unequal because it is different, it creates various types of beings, a great work of natural art.

We are all different and unique, even if they belong to the same ethnic group, social class; every being is a unique combination without comparison.

So you are defending inequality?

I'm just saying it's pointless to live fighting against nature and live trying to build an equality that exists only in the imagination.

Go to a practical example: suppose to end economic inequality we robbed all the wealth of the rich and to give the same for everyone.

How long this equality exist?

Since people are not equal, or think the same way, many would invest this money, some would open new business, others take advantage to realize dreams of consumption, others pay all debts, others would give big parties to celebrate.

And what would happen in just one week?

The values ​​were already unequal, because each person used the money in a different way. After a week, some would already be richer than others and others would be poorer, I can even say that many have already spent all the money and would be the same as if they had never earned that money.

I think it gave to understand how economic equality is a fallacy and there will be ever thus invalidating all this dangerous discourse of struggle for equality, which only cause death and destruction as some dangerous doctrines.

The same goes for physical equality, nature has endowed each in a different way, no good question, some are smarter, physically stronger, more sexually attractive, more extroverted etc.

No use a dwarf protest to be accepted in a basketball team, he is not qualified for this type of sport, no use protesting lean people in the fashion runways, the goal here is to show the clothes, draw attention to clothing and not to model which does not happen with people outside of this pattern.

No use unattractive people protest to be accepted as attractive, biological instincts are within us and whatever the media say it is beautiful, yet our sexual instincts will tell you that is not attractive.

So what you're saying? We should accept injustice?

There is no injustice in nature, it would be as if I said that nature was unfair to give wings to the birds while the poor snakes have to crawl.

Each being is unique, and if you were not born with some characteristics, surely you must have other qualities that make you unique, and you should be good at something.

In allans philosophy we accept the nature of things and each person must fight the right way to perform, discover your strengths and be happy.

We are all different and that's not a bad thing, stop living your life compared with those of others, discover your strengths and weaknesses and work with what you have.

So grow, fight for your goals and plans. Our Divinity, does not accept cowards and we honor our faith surpassing ourselves every day, without envy or harm to anyone.

Be we all blessed!



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