How to conquer a woman?

To conquer a woman is the easiest thing in the world just to be alpha.

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And what it is to be alpha? Simple, have the body defined, handsome face, whether rich, well dressed, full of attitude, leader, extroverted, traveled and speak more than one language.

If you want an exact definition of what a beautiful woman now wants only you inspire in Christian Grey of 50 shades of gray. Ready it is earned.

But joking aside, the truth is that you can not conquer a woman. Are not us the conquered but they are choosing from hundreds or even thousands of applicants which will be her lover.

So forget this nonsense that you saw in the movies where the good guy does everything to conquer and in the end emerges victorious with the maiden in his arms. This does not happen in real life.

In fact, when a woman meets you for the first time in a few seconds, her brain makes a detailed analysis and it already decide if you will be a possible lover, a good friend or a despicable guy she wants to stay away.

No use you follow the romantic primer, send flowers, chocolates, write beautiful poems, paying romantic dinners, serenade with a guitar or even be sincere promising thousand vows of love and even marriage.

The sexual nature of being human is instinctive and what they call love at first sight is nothing more than lust, sexual desire or like my grandma used to say it's fire in the ass.

So if she did not feel attracted to you if you do not fit a universal standard of attractive man, give up, because it is not worth so much just effort to have someone who at most will put up with you or maybe go to be with you other interests and not by desire and real passion.

But I know guys who managed to conquer?

I would not say this is about conquest but of utilitarianism. Human nature is very pragmatic and what most people see are disenchanted for not having the prince or princess then decide to give a chance to that pushy person who makes a thousand promises of eternal love. It's called appeal or consolation prize especially when these people were older and sexual options decreased enough.

So if you realize that you are having to struggle to conquer someone, better stop now, I'm sure you do not want to be the step or the consolation prize or the last option to be chosen by wrong motives in one's life.

Focus on your projects, dreams, hobbies, life has a million opportunities and just love or show interest in who really cares about you.


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