International Man's Day - Nothing to celebrate

Now, just go out for coffee and buy some things on the market. At the exit appeared a tall man pretending to be in his fifties but still physically strong.

He approached and very polite asked me for a loaf of bread as I was hungry. He apologized for it and seemed very embarrassed to be in this situation. I helped him by giving him some money in my pocket.

It reminded me that the international man's day was this week and how the media generally ignored it quite differently from other commemorative dates.

In Brazil this is also dedicated to the prevention of prostate cancer and if almost no notoriety for this campaign, quite different from the month of October that is dedicated to breast cancer where everywhere is only talked about it.

But that does not surprise me since I became aware that there is a silent war against the male gender in Western countries.

The misandric campaign of defamation and state persecution against men only increases every day. And nobody cares, after all, only the feminist agenda matters.

But you will say but there are wealthy, successful men famous. Of course there are and these are the only men that women and politicians care about, for the rest of us, ordinary men or workers, the state only that we pay taxes, do all the heavy and inhumane work and die in their stupid wars to feed the ego of the powerful.

It is true that women also face sexism in society, but only men are being massacred every day by the state itself, the media, international organizations and by other men who have been brainwashed all their lives.

Well, I have nothing to say and more and more we will be persecuted with increasingly harsh laws and defamation in the media.

We are not even entitled to ample defense in the courts, because every man is guilty before any woman who accuses him even without any evidence.

Apartheid is also already happening in some places with the so-called safe space for women only.

In divorce judgments men continue to get on badly, successful careers are being destroyed etc..  so do not be fooled when things get even worse and every day you find gentlemen living on the streets embarrassed to ask for alms to survive.

The tendency is only to worsen if all Western men do not wake up and stop feeding the misandric system.

You are warned, then seek to evolve, forget marriage and focus only on building your health and wealth. For everything is against us.

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