Bojack Horseman, a Netflix serie

Recently I returned to watch anime doing a trip to my childhood when I came running back from school to watch the last drawings that were on TV, and on Saturdays I would wake up early to spend the whole morning watching.

In adulthood I found and rediscovered my old hobby but now with drawings with adult dramas.

Drawings like The Simpsons, Futurama and now Bojack Horseman make me relive the childhood magic of when I was just a little kid having fun.

This last Bojack was a surprise to me, at first I was a little surprised at the oddities of the characters, but soon I realized that the main character was much more profound experiencing a true drama like many Hollywood movie characters.
Or maybe I just got identified with the character, an actor with his childhood traumas trying to meet in life. Anyway worth a deeper look.


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