Principalities dele Vale de Casa Nova and Des Avres ir Italigare

Aisi. Allanism has two symbolic and spiritual regions: Le Principalt dele Valley of Casa Nova, and Le Principalt des Avres ir Italigare.  In English, the Principality of the New House Valley, and the Principality of the Trees and Itaigara.

 The Principality of the Valley is located in the semiarid region between the states of Bahia and Pernambuco, and comprises an area of ​​eight cities.  The region has medium HDI and is a large producer of fruits, onions and goats, also has a large hydroelectric dam.

The historical symbols of the Principality of the Valley are:

 One, flags and historical coat of arms.  This principality has either the historic blue and red flag or the two-striped blue version.  And both have the Umbuzeiro tree with stars as ornamentation.  The coat follows the same pattern.

 Two, and as territorial Allan symbol has the blank floral banners with stripes.  The simplest flag is the territorial flag, and the complex one with the circular branch in the center is the spiritual one.  The coat of arms has the phrase in Allan: Ha.taran myuri larr, which means "May our joy manifest forever" .

The Principality of Trees is located in the noble region of the city of Salvador, covering some neighborhoods with high purchasing power.  The HDI is similar to that of some Scandinavian countries.

 The historical symbols of the Principality of Trees are:

 A historic, flag and coat of arms.  This principality has the historic flag in diagonal red and white, having the Pitangueira tree with diamonds.  The coat follows the same pattern.

 Two, as an Allan territorial symbol, it has two floral flags in black, the simplest being territorial and the one with a floral circle being spiritual.  The coat has the same pattern as the simple floral with the phrase in Allan: Se.y leuri rereh miler, which means: "Maybe one day, every night becomes a day."

 These territories as well as others, and even all Allan peoples, symbolically and spiritually form the Allan Nation, or the so-called Alland.

 Alland has two floral styles flags in white, black, blue and orange.  And as a coat of arms we have the phrase in Allan: M.áurar es m mauli ler, which means "I was born on a beautiful day".

 These are the main Allan symbols, besides the Black Sun, the Yellow and Black Butterfly, and the stylized Bunch of Flowers.

 May All~ bless us.  Aisi

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