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When Google started it was basically a home-made project with no major pretensions but once it got someone willing to invest capital in the company, it made Google one of the biggest business success stories of all time.

They had a vision and believed in their dreams and got the support they needed even before officially registering as a company.

Similarly, I also have a vision and I believe in my projects but I also need partners willing to invest in these projects.

My art, philosophy and culture is unique with great potential for growth and making a big impact on society in a short time, I just need a patron willing to go into history and profit a lot.


1 Ricardo Rangels brand as an artist. The project is based on the image, music, art and books written by me. My creative power is unlimited, recently some books are standing out in various specialized websites in Brazil.

And in general, the notoriety is coming and consolidating in all these areas. But we need more capital to grow, which will be compensated by participating in royalties and any profit of my career for a minimum of 10 years.

2 App. I have a project in this area focused on a specific niche with a great potential for profit in this area. This app is not about my career, it's a way to help a lot of people while making a good deal.

3 Web. This is one of the most challenging projects, but one that has great potential to positively impact the Internet. It's also the most expensive, think of investments in the billions just for starters.

Due to industrial espionage I can't talk much except getting an advance and a contract in the dark. But, it is one of my projects that I have more affection, and that has been cultivated for years.

Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary resources yet and I need someone with a great vision to believe and invest with me. But just think, "How much is it worth to create and revolutionize the next web? Obsolete many companies that are synonymous with innovation today?"


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