What I learned from my dog

It may sound silly, but you learn a lot of lessons when you decide to have a dog.  If you want to know if you would be a good parent, having a dog is a great option to find out if you have the gift of parenting.

It all starts at the beginning, prudent people choose well the person with whom they will have children, something similar happens with the choice of the dog breed, where to buy or adopt.

There is also an effort to study the subject to be a good father. An interesting thing is the anxiety of our puppy's arrival, I believe the same is true for a father waiting for the birth of his son.  And when we finally see that cute being with his sublime eyes staring at us, this is one of the best sensations we can feel.

Then we bring them home with the utmost care, we give them food and take good care of them. The first scares also come when he is sick due to some food or overeating.  Puppies are greedy.

At first, they don't care about us so much, but soon the most expensive stages of the process come with trips to the vet, vaccines and some useful accessories and toys. And day by day, we see our son getting attached and loving us more and more.

As it grows, there are the phases of gnawing everything they find ahead, it is a difficult phase, I lost several sandals and had furniture almost destroyed in this process, but little by little we are educating.

Apart from that we also have to be patient and get used to the work of cleaning and collecting feces, changing hygienic rugs, I believe that this is very similar to changing baby scams.

Finally the big day arrives to take them for a walk on the streets, something that brings a lot of happiness to them.  In those moments we are proud, it is as if we are taking a child to school or introducing him to life.

Then comes the part of sexual interest where they are adults, it is not so easy, and they feel very agitated to play and date.  But as a teenager ages and adjusts, so are our little friends over time.

But throughout this process, we learn many things from our children: patience, to love unconditionally, to respect the space of others, to have responsibility.  We also learn the indirect values ​​of our furry child, such as:

     waking up early in the sunlight,
     always stretching when getting up,
     eating well,
     drinking lots of water
     and playing a lot later, which can be               considered as doing physical activity.

Our friends also teach us tolerance, never to hold a grudge and forgive, and above all they show us that life is simple and wonderful, that we don't need much to be happy, that being happy is the real life.

Ricardo Rangels °


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