Cyrtin - Cyrillic Latin Alphabet

Hey, today I thought of a way to write Cyrillic using the Latin alphabet.

Generally the transformations use the phonetic sounds used in Latin languages, but as I am used to phonetic values ​​different from that of this alphabet because of the Allane language.  

I thought, what if we started from another, more playful vision, which is transliterating Cyrillic by the natural appearance of the letters?  

The process consists of finding letters that resemble the two alphabets and assigning the original Cyrillic sound.  

For example, the letter Л looks like the letter J at the beginning, the letter Г looks like the letter L, and so on..  

Of course, we couldn't find similarities at all, so we chose the letter that best fit the experiment.  Hope you like it.


А аA aA
Б бG gB
В вB bV
Г гL lG
Д дD dD
Е еE eIÊ / E
Ё ёË ё
Ж жlk lk ou ķJ
З зF fZ
И иiI
Й йl i or ~
К кk kK
Л лJ j or Jl jlL
М мM mM
Н нH hN
О оO оÔ
П пN nP
Р рP pR
С сC cS
Т тT tT
У уY yU
Ф фQ qF
Х хX xRR / Kh
Ц цŲ ų or U, u, or U' u'TS
Ш шW wSH
Щ щW, w, or W' w'Sh'TCH
Ъ ъ'B 'b or 'strong signal
Ы ы Bl bl ÿ / Ü (german)
Ь ьb or 'weak signal
Э эE eÉ
Ю юIO io
Я яR r


Ђ ђ = Đ đ or D'd' or F' f' (initial) /  -dd- -ff- (inside)
Љ љ = Jb jb or J' j' (initial) /  -jj- (inside)
Њ њ = Hb hb or H' h' (initial) / -hh- (inside)

Options more dynamic

Ч ч = T' t' (initial) / -tt- (inside)
Ш ш = C' c'( initial) / -cc- ( inside)



Я люблю писать русский в этом новом алфавите.




R jiogjio nicat' pyccki~ B etom hobom ajqabite.


I love to write Russian in this new alphabet.

P.s: The Cyrlin dynamic solution can also be used for other Slavic languages.

Č č = C' c' and -cc- (inside)
DŽ dž = D' d' and -dd- (inside)

Š š = S' s' and -ss- (inside)
Ž ž = Z' z' and -zz- (inside)

Lj lj = L' l' and -ll- (inside)
Nj nj = N' n' and -nn- (inside)

Řř/Ŕŕ = R' r' and -rr- (inside)

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