The constant end of our freedom

Since the time I was a child, I have noticed a constant loss of our freedom.

More and more the political class and great magnates of finance, industry are advancing against our rights.

First of all, we lose our privacy, which is due to our will to exist, to be noticed, to be someone in life.

But we have also lost more valuable things like the right to plant and eat healthy food, not this genetically modified garbage, the right to defend ourselves, the extortion of our wages through abusive taxes, the right to keep our bodies healthy without being violated  with vaccines full of mercury, aluminum and other harmful crap, and we currently lose the right to come and go, to even be able to take a walk.

All of this motivated by shady reasons such as giving profits to the pharmaceutical industry, to dubious modified food industries, to big banks and to dubious men who think they are gods above all humanity.

But, all these crimes against humanity always come with the false promise of health, safety and happiness, but as we all know, fraudsters do not keep their promises and people are less and less healthy, insecure and increasingly unhappy.

This system has to fall and these criminals have to be tried, and they will be. As much as they are above good and evil, may their false laws protect them.

Justice is coming in peacefully and you must be on the right side of history.  The latter will judge them relentlessly in the same way that it judged the slave traders and the Nazis.

As for you, you must perfect your existence, trust in our God and try to live a full life even with so many threats from this scum.

In the end, you will end up victorious and honorable, and they will be ashamed three times more for all the evil they have done, they will be ashamed forever as the nothing they are.

Stay firm in true nobility.  Aisi ~

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