Three solutions for low birth rates in Europe and Japan

As a philosopher my role is to think and seek solutions to world problems, and this time I reflected a lot on Europe, home to my paternal ancestors and Japan, a people I identify with naturally. 

The three solutions are as follows to resolve low birth rates: 

1 - Give tax breaks to couples in these countries. This is simple and in fact it has already been done in some places. 

2 - This one is more controversial but I was inspired by nature, which is to hire women to work as queens mothers, my inspiration came from bees, did you know that I was a beekeeper for a brief period and studied a lot about bees? For me they are the most wonderful beings on the face of the earth.

But back to the subject, if we would choose some women who would be fertilized in vitro by anonymous donors, of course the government would pay for it, and would raise these children in a suitable home, much like surrogate mothers. 

3 - This option would be for the governments of these locations to massively adopt orphaned children from other countries. 

The major problem for countries is the mass immigration of adults, as they often fail to assimilate the culture of a country, so the mass migration of adults brings many more problems than solutions due to the cultural barrier. 

But the same does not happen if this migration were of children, because children are flexible in adapting to a new culture. 

What makes a good citizen is not the race itself, but the cultural base on which he grows, so this solution would be wonderful because in addition to solving the low birth rates of these places, it would also help many children in situations of poverty in underdeveloped countries, it would be to give them not only a new nationality, but rich cultures, and access to developed countries. 

I hope that governments in these places will be able to read these ideas and put them into practice, thus solving, once and for all, low birthrate problems.

Aisi ~

Ricardo Rangels •

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