Why I'm not afraid of the covid and all this paranoia is bullshit

I have a philosophy of life to accept what comes in this reality and it has been almost 12 years since I went to the doctor, and the last time I went was to do exams to get a job, another time I got a damn vaccine because I went to travel.

I really hate all this hype in the modern world and excessive medical care. And how do you do when you get sick?  In general, I let my own body heal itself, I do not have tests and would only go to the doctor in a very serious case.

Why do people live in fear of falling ill?  Why do you have to live doing tests every year? Why live in constant paranoia when no one is going to live forever? And even with so many worries, everyone goes to the hole?

It doesn't make any sense to me.  We can die at any time, even from a small fall while walking, from any other silly illness. Why bother with the covid?

Besides, my life has a meaning, my spirit is immortal and to die in this petty and late world to be reborn in a higher dimension for me would be a great victory.

I had a good life, being able to find what I should have found in this life. I have no reason to fear death, since for me this will be my moment of liberation and coronation in eternity.

Only fools and materialists who live meaningless and useless lives should fear death, not noble and excellent people like me.

To live is to take risks, and all these actions taken by governments will not do any good.  Maybe if they had closed the borders as soon as it started it would have worked, but now it is a little late.

Humanity will survive, whoever has to die will die, no event must be canceled and people must live their lives normally faced with life.

This modern world is a horrible place full of fearful and weak people. Only the man of the past knew how to live life fully without fear and facing the unknown.

The nobles follow my path and they can look even before death to the skies having a life that was worthwhile, like a brave and noble knight who look with satisfaction and knows that he will enter the gates of Avalon with honor.

Aisi ~

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