The best way to read .pdf books

Currently it is impossible to have all the books we want in physical format, so we have the option to download books in .pdf to solve this problem.

However, .pdf books have a great disadvantage, small print and the hassle of reading large texts on your cell phone, except for those who are a fan of books like me, you lose much of the pleasure of reading when you cannot browse a book.

Unfortunately, we cannot solve this second disadvantage, but avoid the hassle of reading on your cell phone.

So the best option for me was to listen to the book instead of reading it.  For that I liked the @voice app in my opinion the best so far.

With this app you will be able to rest your eyes and hands away from your phone and listen to your entire book.

At first it is a little difficult to get used to, but if you lie down in a quiet place and do nothing, you can concentrate on reading or maybe even take a nap.. (laughs).

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