Kill the fat beta in yourself

 Hello, nothing destroys a man's social value more than being fat, while a little fat can make a woman even more interesting to some men, for male social value being fat is being seen as clumsy, disgusting, having to be content with the role of jester to stand out.

 Fat increases female hormones in men, so it is not uncommon for fatty to get tits, the face becomes more rounded, and thus gives a more effeminate image, apart from the stigma of sloppy and lazy.

 If you are beta or ugly, being fat makes you even more despicable, both for dating and for your professional development.  Do yourself a favor, start losing weight today to look more attractive.

 But how do I do that?

 1 Psychological: here is the most important part, you are full of fat people who start radically wanting to change and a week later the excitement goes away, but as we believe "everything starts in the mind", any winning athlete knows that defeat and victory always starts at  psychological.

 So, you need to motivate yourself all the time, wake up now with encouraging phrases, read overcoming websites and books, watch videos of ex obese etc.

 I advise you to mount your face on a defined body and paste it on your bedroom wall and observe this image every day, meditate on it, say to yourself, "I have a defined body".

 Write in your hand, "I am what I eat, I am healthy, I have a defined body etc." "animal and plant".  Anyway, there are many examples that you can invent yourself, these phrases are your friends and will help you.

 2 Food: you need to get out of the damn matrix of wrong food consumption. Start today with the Paleolithic diet, I will simplify only with Animal and PLANT (meat and vegetables).

 Just by doing this, you will not go hungry and you will start to feel much better.

 Felt hungry? Go eat a meat, a fish, an egg, all these proteins, except soy and beans, these vegetables that come from pods are rich in female hormones.

 Felt like eating sweets? Eat a fruit, a banana, an orange, tangerine, guava, honey, but don't eat sweets, cakes, pies etc.  Sweets, cakes, pasta like pasta all these foods become fat in your body, and the more fat the more estrogen, the more estrogen, the more feminine appearence. 

 So, summing up the Paleolithic diet is very simple, eat animals and plants and that's it.  Do not eat sweets or sugar, sodas, industrialized juice, gatorate, or put sugar even in coffee. In fact, exchange coffee for unsweetened teas, sweetened with honey at most.

 Do not eat any type of pasta, anything that is processed or comes from wheat, so no bread, pasta, pizza ..

 But since I'm not a radical once a week just once a day eat a pizza or something.  Just like one night a week and that's it.  If you wish, but if you are really determined to stop being a fat beta, I advise you when to avoid and continue on the Paleolithic diet.

 For example, instead of going to eat pizza with soda, go to a steakhouse and eat a MEAT with WINE. Take out beer and sodas, these drinks will not help you, and remember beer is equal to wheat, wheat is equal to fat, fat is equal to estrogen, estrogen is equal beta men.

 Besides, depression in men can also come from low testosterone.

 You need to have a high level of testosterone if you want to win. This is not talked about, but the cause of betaness is low testosterone, you are beta because from an early age you were filling yourself with estrogen through diet and habits.

 A defined body, square chin, defined belly all indicate healthy testosterone levels, the rest are copings coming from the matrix to keep you going down.

 So, if you are a man, keep your composure it is your duty to yourself, and start your change process today, from a fat tit, to a man with high social value who values ​​himself, who takes care of his own body.

 3 Physical activities.  I'm not going to advise you to go to a gym right away, because it can be intimidating to see the looks of pumped men and women there.

 So, let's start with walking outdoors for 30 minutes every day, preferably in the late afternoon.

 Ah, but I get home from work at that time ..

 Go down ten stations before and walk until you get home, and stop making excuses!

 Also download an app that teaches you how to exercise at home and start exercising every day.

 Note that I have put things easy to start that do not require any financial expense.

 But if you still want it even easier, in addition to walking, just do push-ups 3 times a day, wake up do as many push-ups as you can handle, the afternoon does more, before taking a shower it does more. Are sad? Happy? Anxious? Do push-ups! .. It's a good start to have a better body and increase your testosterone.

 After about 6 months in this routine and seeing results, then you should go for more elaborate physical activities like gyms or martial arts.

 4 Escape from pessimistic situations: you will want to give up, your beta mind and the matrix will try to sabotage you in every way, so you will need to be smart here and have to get away from situations that will drag you into the matrix.

 There will be friends calling you to eat fast foods, in fact you shouldn't even tell anyone who is changing, keep your secrets for you, there will be games trying to make you sit all day, pessimistic words, moments of sadness, all of this will come to try to stop your development.

 But, you should always remember your goal, for example use this phrase whenever the discouragement comes "even if I can't do it, I will keep trying" .. this phrase breaks the negativism inside the mind and is powerful.  Anything, save this post print it out and read it every day, until all the words here stick in your mind.

 You are a winner, only those who give up lose.

 Good luck!



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