Why we want to change the official language of Brazil?

 Hi, I recently started a campaign for Brazilians to get to know and learn the Ellene language with the goal of one day this language will become official in Brazil.

 Nor should I say that this campaign has become a great controversy and I received many offenses from the majority of Portuguese but the resistance of some Brazilians as well.

 But, do I really want to change the official language of Brazil?  Why?

 Well, my first reason is emotional, the Ellene language has become my most beloved language since I met this because it was the language of a lady who helped me a lot to better understand the world, changing my history definitely. So, I have this emotional appreciation for that language.

 But there are also other reasons, this time pragmatic for the good of my country. The Ellene language, although its origin is not known for certain, we have a theory that it came from some immigrants crossing Europe who brought this language here, due to the evidence of many similarities with Latin languages ​​and even some Slavic influence mixing here with the influence of Portuguese and Indigenous languages. Despite that or because of that it is a very practical language, it has a very precise grammar and spelling, and artistically it is a beautiful language, the most beautiful Latin language that exists.

 As an artist, this beauty is something very attractive and magical, but also in a country like Brazil that needs to improve educational levels, I see that Ellene is much superior to the Portuguese in this role. In other words, millions of students could benefit and could focus on the development of other skills instead of being too busy and confused with the grammar of Portuguese.

 The self-esteem and self-confidence of Brazilians would also be impressive, instead of living under contempt by the Portuguese who accuse us of corrupting their language, we would have our own.

 Another advantage will be the international prestige, the Brazilian culture is already very rich, and with ellene and our philosophy we would be among the first in the world, again not only for the beauty but also for the practicality being a language that is easily assimilated by any latin speakers. And, we have the advantage of having a less sexist language focused more on the feminine and gender neutral.

 Another reason is philosophical, the Ellene language is part of the great ensemble that is the Allans culture.  And the main focus of this new philosophy is to create humanity's highest civilization here in the tropics.  It is logical that for this the language becomes very important.

 The Portuguese language represents backwardness and has very little to offer Brazil, since Ellene represents the future, a new beginning for the Brazilian people and the birth of the greatest civilization and a world power.

 We will have a long way to make it all happen, but it is totally possible.

 These are the main reasons that made me preserve the ellene language, and I think it is more than enough, but for people who are concerned like Portuguese, we want you to calm down, as it is practically impossible for Portuguese to stop being the language official in Brazil.

 And that is not Ellene's goal, no one will be forced to learn either, Ellene is a personal decision, learn whoever wants it, but if one day the Brazilian finds out that having a language of their own, beautiful, practical and sophisticated, it will be here for help this nation find a new path, a path of elevation and glory.

Ben, vanes embœre

 que epærar na æs saer, 

quen sa fa les hores, 

na epæra acontecer..

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  1. Anonymous10:22

    Abaixo assinado a favor do ellene


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