The Lockdown Conspiracy?


 Hey, as you know from the beginning, I took a stand against the lockdown and after all these months I realized even more that I was right.

 My reasons are simple, the lockdown does not solve the problem, it only postpones the inevitable, and that the human being should not separate or live hidden in fear of reality, but harmonize with nature, in addition to all the economic problems and  that the lockdown is bringing.

 But, there is something more sinister in all this, governments and an elite took advantage of this situation to increase their powers and deprive the freedom of the population, the pharmaceutical industry is also profiting billions, with the hysteria and fabricated fear of a disease with very little lethality.  .

 But, noble, did the media show me millions of deaths?

 Yes, there were deaths and it is a dangerous disease, but if you compare the statistics it is normal and every year, several diseases kill even more.

 Let's take an example how about deaths caused by smokers?  Why don't governments force these people to a lockdown and prevent them from smoking, or why don't they force people to stop drinking, to have unprotected casual sex to prevent AIDS?  Since all of these behaviors are at high risk?

 No, they are not going to do that because this world is totally orchestrated, democracy is a scam and their pet politician has an owner, an obscure power that dominates everyone, the so-called deep state.

 And this deep state wants to implement a new world order, they want to adopt a new financial system, decrease the world population and take away all the little freedom that we still have.

 Although many think that this is all a conspiracy, we see at all times that this is true.  Just look at how politicians are currently acting in several countries imitating a bizarre idea of ​​a country without freedom where its citizens are even more slaves.

 But what about the pandemic?

 I do not deny that the disease exists, but the lockdown is not the answer and only postpones the problem, because one day we will all have contact with this virus as we have with the common flu every year.

 The solution is to continue our lives normally by taking some necessary precautions.

 For example, I was in a shopping mall this week and the organization and rigor make it practically impossible for someone to get covid in these conditions.

 At the entrance, the temperature of the customers is checked, if you have a fever, entry is not allowed, a mask in this place is mandatory, there is alcohol gel in several places, and crowds on escalators and other places are avoided.

 Now I ask, why is it so difficult for Europe to do the same?  If so far in a country like Brazil, in one of the regions considered to be less developed, it is possible to take this care properly?

 It is noted that some politicians are actually just using the pandemic excuse for other power projects or are even malicious.

 Why instead of doing what works, without harming the economy, jobs and keeping the population free, happy and healthier, since social interaction, clean air, physical activities and sun strengthen the immune system, they prefer to do what  little works?  That it has already been found to be a wrong, unnecessary policy that destroys the economies of countries, generates unemployment, cases of depression, violence, addictions and even suicide?

 I will stop here, the questions have been asked, and you must demand plausible explanations from your feudal lord. Stay in the peace of the Eternal.

 Aisi ~


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