How I created MGTOW and why I want to end this movement Interview Ricardo Rangels

You just released this book How I Created MGTOW And Why I Want to Destroy It, is that correct?

_Yes it's right.

And how did it start?

_Well, it is a bit difficult for me to talk about the beginning because there are so many details, the book already starts narrating facts from my childhood and this will develop until adulthood.

Feel free to speak whatever is most relevant

_Ok, I will talk about a particular fact that marked me a lot, which was having someone very close to me, being accused of attempted rape, and I followed the whole process, I even had to give my testimony, and this friend was  in fact innocent.

_For you to have an idea, the girl accused him of arriving in a car and kidnaps her, but he was a poor boy who had never driven in his life and on the day he wasn't even in the place, a true nightmare that this friend lived. And this was my first insight that something was wrong in the world..

But, how did you create it properly?

_That was in the first years when I started studying at college, I had 3 girlfriends during that period, and they always left me for other guys, it was a difficult time, because I was looking for true love, then I tried but I was not so interesting at that time and they were gone. There were also my passions and lack of attractiveness to conquer my passions.

_It was then that at that time I started to go on web forums to try to understand what was happening, like those surveys that every teenager has ever done "how to win a woman" "how to be more attractive", and that led me to some forums where I made virtual friends for conversation about relationships.

Interesting!!  But where did the idea itself come from.

_The slogan Following Your Way came from an event that happened to me on a road, and from a religious book that I was reading at the time, but I won't give too many details or nobody will buy the book. There was also a movie that inspired me to be a convinced bachelor.

Which movie?

_I will speak only in the book.

Let's see if I understand, did you create the slogan and tell virtual friends to be convinced singles?

_That's right, one day we were talking about the things that happened to us in relationships, I remembered the phrase "following my own way" and take from the film the idea of ​​being a convinced bachelor.

_The guys liked the idea, but later I presented a symbol to represent because I already had experience in a group in my city, where we liked to wear personalized clothes with the name of our group, my idea was not accepted in MGTOW and they chose another symbol but that remembers mine.

And what was the symbol?

_A cactus, because it represented my reality in addition to being something that protects itself without attacking anyone, and gives flower and fruit amid the thorns. And that was it..

What happened next?

_My life changed in the last year of college, I got a new girlfriend and things were going well, I also started to dedicate myself to the first religious meetings of my religion, and I started to dedicate myself even more to studies. So I moved away from the movement, I didn't enter the forums anymore, nor did I think they were going to take it seriously, in short I was mature.

And what happened?

_ After a few years I went back to the forum out of curiosity and to see how things were going and to my surprise everything was different, the movement was radicalized, there were offenses against women, many resentful and incels people.

_I even tried to say that this was not the group's initial goal, I even made a blog to show that the goal was to be a convinced bachelor who would know how to enjoy life, that it had nothing to do with politics, feminism etc.. but it was in vain, nobody I wanted to know about my ideas, they had other leaders.

What did you do?

_There was nothing to do, I soon realized that so I preferred to leave, let it go, I knew it was going to give s***, and it did.. I went to live my life..

Are you still MGTOW?

_No, actually I want this to end.

You say it isn't but you did a song recently called MGTOW?

_Yes, it's true, that song speaks from the point of view of a MGTOW, it doesn't necessarily speak of me, on the same album I made a song in support of the lgbt movement and I am also not homosexual. It is pure poetic freedom, to be able to talk about various topics, about the vision of those who go through it..

How do you know if all of this is not just a way for you to promote your music?

_There is no way for you to know haha, I just gave my story, in the book it shows step by step how it all happened .. but I am an underground artist for years, there would be better ways to promote myself than being tied to a movement so badly seen by society..

_I just don't care, 20 years later I just want young people to know the truth that this is not the original vision of the beginning, that they know my story and can be happy as I am with a wonderful person that I would never have if it was a MGTOW.

_I am not saying that you cannot be a single person, just that you keep an open mind for opportunities, that you abandon unjust generalizations and that you grow up as complete men instead of spending days and nights demonizing relationships.

But, these masculinist movements always talk about the laws that are supposed to extort men, what do you have to say about that?

_Yes, it is true that some laws are unfair, there are false accusations etc. but you cannot live in fear that something bad may happen to you, I give the example of food, will you stop eating a hamburger for fear of having a heart attack?

_What I advise for all people, both men and women is to make a very good choice with whom you relate, see what the values ​​of that person are, if in fact you are a compatible person and are willing to have a serious relationship, otherwise it is better to stay alone than poorly accompanied.

_About unjust laws, I believe that if the government does not want society to get worse, it is time to abolish bad laws and make better laws.

What do you think about feminism?

_There was a time that I detested, today I see that feminism is right on several issues, for example watching this week some actresses being embarrassed and even harassed by TV presenters when they were interviewed, sexual questions invading their intimate lives  women, instead of asking questions about their work, I clearly saw the embarrassment and sympathized with them, when they interview men, the questions are totally different, but with women they want to know intimate things, give unnecessary compliments to their appearance and even the perfume wants to know, this is sad and feminism is correct to denounce it.

_There is also disrespect for women, in my city it has already happened to my girlfriend, to pass a guy on a motorcycle or car shouting "hot" to her and then run the vehicle. It makes me sick how there can still be such idiots. So it is necessary to continue educating these people and feminism has a crucial role to play in this. I just disagree a little bit about the way they fight it..

As well?

_I do not think that only criminalization and harsh laws will solve the problems of women, this week there were many feminicides here in Brazil, some brutal cases, of totally crazy men killing women, from various social classes, some committing suicide shortly thereafter.

_And in these cases only the law does not solve anything, the solution I see is the concern for men's mental health too, the state only thinks about punishment and this is not working, they should focus on prevention, men are also suffering and a lot in this modern world, there are no serious studies on male nature, they think everything is culture when it is not, there is also a mental factor that some men do not know how to deal with their frustrations, and the way is self-knowledge, I think this is the solution. It worked for me, self-knowledge made me have a very satisfying life far beyond what any MGTOW will live if I remain stuck in that ideology.

What is POSM?

_ POSM can mean two things Post-MGTOW and Psychology of Super Man in English, it is a new movement that I developed to encourage MGTOWs to have a better life, in fact the movement is for everyone, men and women, regardless of sexual orientation, all are welcome..

Great. But what does POSM teach?

_The POSM is about living life without generalizations and prejudices, it is people being able to choose whether or not they want to have a relationship, and if they decide to have people know how to choose well with whom they will get involved, also who seek knowledge and inner peace, who study their natures and who are good people who do not cause pain to society, in short they are in fact people who know how to live life without being toxic.

In the book, you define yourself as non-binary, could you talk a little bit about it?

_ Of course, I grew up in a house with 4 women, in a work environment surrounded by women, on my street there were only girls, and in recent years I have had several relationships with women, in addition to my friends being lesbians.

_I never liked the stereotype of being the macho, always feeling better walking with women than with men, but I didn't know why, some lesbian friends called me "lesbian man" was when I discovered what non-binarity was, and I realized that everything fit me, then everything made sense, and that took a lot of weight off why I didn't fit in the male world as they expected of me, even though I was heterosexual.

Are you in a relationship with a woman?  Talk a little about ..

_ Not much to say, she appeared at a time when I was willing to be a convinced bachelor and was hurt by some people, things were happening naturally, and we have been together for 2 years, and we are well and happy, we have many things in common and an objective, I think it makes a difference, choosing someone with principles.


_ In any relationship people argue sometimes, when you are very close to someone it happens, for example when you live with your family or even have close friends, closeness can always bring some discussion, but in my relationship everything is resolved in dialogue, and the POSM philosophy helps me a lot because I know her feminine nature and my own, so I already know how to act to make the relationship profitable and satisfying for both of us.

One last question to finish ... How are MGTOWs reacting to your book?

_ Some with total disbelief, others ignore it, and some sent me indignant emails, say that I am lying etc, there is a xenophobic content also because I am Brazilian, there is a view that Brazilians are not smart enough to create such a movement, but to tell you the truth I find the MGTOW lifestyle too simplistic for them to feel so important, others curse me, but I understand, it is difficult to admit that the movement that gave his life meaning was created by someone who is trying to end this movement, or by someone who doesn’t demonize relationships, beliefs are sacred things and we’re very attached to them, but what MGTOWs don’t know is that I have a much higher philosophy to help them, actually a full cultural range to make the better society, has the Allanism religion, the artistic and civilizational movement Ellenism, and also has the POSM that can help to understand the human sexual nature and how to get the most out of having a life more satisfying, even for those who want to be single convinced there are valuable tips, but without any kind of radicalism.

Did you create many things?

_It is not really creating, all knowledge is in the universe, just harmonize that Universal Consciousness brings you all the answers.

We appreciate your interview, thank you.

_ Thank you.


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