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 Hello, before I had written here a very sad text about the shadow banning that I have spent on a video platform, I also made a picture with the CEO holding a knife, representing this fact.  But I thought better of it and deleted everything, because I don't want to pass negativity on anyone. 

 Whether they actually did this to me, whether intentionally or just for market reasons, it doesn't matter anymore.  I found myself on another social network, on the Tik Tok and the result has been impressive, in just 3 days I already had videos with more than 4 thousand views and I increased the number of likes a lot, which on the other platform took me 10 years, all due to how this platform treats small and independent artists without giving us the means to compete, but for the first time in Tik Tok I saw the potential of my music both in views and in likes, numbers unthinkable on the other platform that boycott my videos, not allowing me to grow.  

But, there are evils that come for good, I finally saw my potential and it did me good, I saw that it was not my fault or lack of commitment, but the lack of interest in helping indie artists like me..

The only problem is that I don't feel more motivated to create content for this platform, I even lost interest in watching videos, while my interest and curiosity only increases in Tik Tok, not only because of this but for the management of this company is completely wrong.

Even the experience as user is getting worse and worse due to advertising is very aggressive, for example you are reading the comments then you are interrupted by the advertisements and when this ends, the comments page is closed, and if you want to continue reading, you will have to do one more open the comments.  

It is very sad that a platform that I have always liked has become increasingly worse and irritating, both due to excessive advertising, censorship of ideas, shadow banning etc. It is not for nothing that the Tik Tok only grows and if it continues like this it may have the same fate as Myspace  and Orkut.  

To finish, I invite you to visit our Tik Tok, search for @ricardorangels 

Aisi ~

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