The connections between Billie Eilish and Ricardo Rangels

Hi, we are always attentive to everything that concerns Ricardo Rangels, but we also observe what happens in the pop world and we made a connection between the work of Billie Eilish and Ricardo Rangels.


The first connection was the coincidence between the release of two songs, Billie released Everything i wanted and a few days later Ricardo released Everything I wanted, but the lyrics of the two songs and rhythms have nothing in common except this phrase, we asked Ricardo why this happened, and he replied that it was just a coincidence as he didn't know Billie's work until the moment he released his music.  

But this time it's Billie Eilish who seems to be releasing stuff that somehow has some connection to the Rangels universe, for example Happier than Ever sounds like a line from Rangels song when he says "I am so happy and sexy", looking like that doesn't seem to have any connection, but we have more hints of possible connection, for example Billie released Oxytocin, ok, but where is the connection?  

Ricardo released a song in Portuguese, Dois Cubos de Gelo, a week ago, and one of the most striking parts speaks of Oxitocina, which means oxytocin.  

And we also found another connection on this record, Eilish released a song inspired by Bossa Nova, a famous Brazilian rhythm, but wait, what's the connection since Rangels never sang bossa nova? 

 The answer is that Rangels released a short time ago a collection of paintings called Psychologicals that has nothing to do with bossa nova apparently, but it turns out that Rangels whenever he makes an artistic collection he publishes on his Instagram page with a musical score, and all the songs from the series Psychologicals were in the rhythm of bossa nova in the stories, you can check it out on Instagram @rangelsricardo 

We asked Ricardo about it, he smiled and just said:

"these connections are funny and maybe she was upset that he released a song of the same name and it's possible that she saw his work and wanted to send a reply, but he also admires the work of this artist and wishes good vibes always.." 

And what do you think about these connections, are they just coincidences?  or can there be something more to this story?

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