Hello, Ricardo Rangels has finished a new series of paintings called UNMISTAKABLE PREDOMINANCE where he made several portraits of some contemporary painters.

 But some speculate that this is an answer to a possible plagiarism suffered, asked the artist only said:

" the episode did it seek new inspirations and liked to discover these artists hither to unknown to him, and that he was looking to make a series with people's faces, and that somehow these people have a connection with himself, but that was not motivated by any kind of revenge.."  

This series that has no commercial purposes also aims to give it to these artists or their descendants someday, according to the artist, it ends with a version of a bronze head that is in the British Museum and which the artist insisted on protesting to that museum make identical copies and returned the originals to African countries.  

What do you think?  See the artist's instagram profile @rangelsricardo 

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