Biden's Art Analyses by Ricardo Rangels


 There is currently a great controversy going on about art and politics in the United States.

 President Biden's son, Hunter Biden launched himself as an artist and is already selling his works for high prices as if he were already an established artist.

 Hunter was until then, let's say, the president's problem son, as he was already involved in scandals and drug abuse, having leaked pictures of him naked totally high on crack.

 And now, many wonder if there are no conflicts of interest for him to work as a visual artist, since many will consume his work purely to get closer to the president, in other words people are consuming not the hunter's art, but what it can generate , the rapprochement with his father.

 And what do I think about it?

 I analyzed Hunter's work and it sincerely pleased me, I really liked the arrangement of colors and shapes, and I am happy that he finds himself as an artist and that this frees him more and more from drugs.

 Art is for everyone, everyone has creativity within themselves and can express it, of course he already has an advantage as the son of the president of the United States, but the world will not change simply because we think it's unfair.

 I myself as a beginning artist could complain, but the truth that in the art market what really matters is the artist's fame and that he has, even so it's much better than the work of many famous artists who are mediocre and just copy others artists.

 The only caveat I make is that President Biden must stay well away from his son's career while he is president, precisely to avoid this conflict of interest, in doing so there is nothing to stop hunter from walking on his own legs and walking his path artistic and wish him good luck.



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