Understanding and getting rid of passion

If you are in love with someone who mostly do not feel the same for you.

You need to understand that this feeling is not special but biochemistry, a strong sense of well being active in your brain by well-being substances.

It's the same feeling you feel a drug addict and guess what?  You're hooked by the image that someone is to you the same way that an addict feels about drugs.

Theorists say that passion has a function in nature, it can last up to three years, usually the time for the couple to procreate can stay together until the child is past the stage that needs more care.

In this context, what would be the heartbreak just an abstinence crisis. So if you are in love, or rather addicted to the image of someone, you are sick and need treatment as soon as possible.

If this passion will not fulfill the natural role of procreation and above all if that passion is unrequited, you need to understand that is a problem and seek help.

Unfortunately, passion is a very lucrative business, so this state is always encouraged, but as humanity evolves, people seek help in clinics to treat the passion the same way they treat problems like depression for example.

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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