Never settle down

One of the things I realize even in relationships with close people is advice to stop.

Among these advice is to buy your own home, get financing, don't worry about how you look, stop working out, give up on your projects, this will never work, and other criticisms you see are based on pure envy for you to stop. ..

But you should never stop, just when you leave this world, forget these people and their advice, some even well-meaning who care about you.

But you have to go your own way, and if you even have to walk away from pessimistic or envious people, do it right now.

No one will do anything for you, no one can give you the validation you need, it's just you and yourself making your own way for yourself.

Never stop, never settle as long as you can breathe, with every wrong advice, negative words, the more you should get stronger and act, every "no" and closed door, the more you should perfect yourself and fight harder, at least in accomplishments that only depend on you, only on you.

Never settle down. Redouble your efforts.

Ricardo Rangels


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