How mediocre artists are killing creativity

 Hi, I have seen an increasing trend of artists trying to attract attention at any cost in the visual arts.  And for that they are always using nudity and eroticism to achieve this end.  But what is the problem with using this device, noble?

 The problem is not using nudity or eroticism in art, for example I admire nudity in painting, in sculptures and some of the greatest works of art in history have nudes in their composition.

 The problem is that the artist gets naked himself next to his mediocre works to attract attention.  And this process will end up killing all creativity in the arts market.

 Contrary to the current view that everything is art, for me "art remains the voice of the soul", so this expression is greater than simply eroticism to attract attention.

 True artists stand out for their work and not for their body or appearance.  This is what makes the difference between the great masters of the past, as opposed to the boring and appealing art of today.

 Let's see what happened in music, where creativity, genius in compositions is no longer possible, at least not as a mass phenomenon.

 Singers to be successful always have to make shallow lyrics, a 3 note rhythm and a lot of appeal, and even explicit sex in all their behavior to be able to maintain themselves.

 If galleries and art critics continue to make room for mediocre and appealing visual artists, soon the same thing that happened in music will happen in visual arts.

 "But everything is art!"

 In fact, if you consider that all human production is part of the culture of an era, yes, everything is art.

 "But not all art is worthy of exaltation."

 If an artist creates his art by explicitly defending racism, pedophilia, torture or Nazism, would you promote this type of art?

 Certainly not.  Everything is art, but the art that elevates the human being, that brings greatness to the spirit based on creativity and a lot of technique, is very different from what Ariano Suassuna called "Cultural garbage", which is what dominates the music market today.

 "When everything is art, art ends up becoming nothing"

 What is the creativity of wanting to be successful showing the butt or even making art with the butt, anyone can do that, there is no technique, imagination or greatness, it is just using sex to get attention.

 In addition to being a disservice to women, as it continues to objectify them, and compels others to do the same, and so good artists are being relegated to the background.

 When an artist uses his own sexualization to promote himself, what that person is saying is "hey, I have no talent, please look at my body, forget my lack of creativity and technique, don't look at my canvas, focus on my  curves, give me attention, don’t hear my voice, don’t see how weak my lyrics are, focus on how I roll on stage .. "

 To paraphrase a singer who once said about music, I say:

 "Art is not prostitution, you cannot do this for money"

 The problem is that people want to live the glamor of being an artist no matter if they have talent or not. I believe that every human being is an artist and that he has the creative gift within him, but not everyone is prepared enough to exhibit yet.

 But, I want to be an artist, what do I do?

 Study before, improve your technique, start as an observer and appreciator, and seek in your interior "the voice of your soul", and when you find your work it will not be just one among so many abstracts out there that nobody can discern who is the author  .

 I did it, it took me more than a decade to paint again, I knew I had something to say that I had something new, sublime and creative inside of me, and at the right moment that voice started to scream out loud for everyone to enjoy or not  .  And the voice was heard ..

 "Art is the voice of soul"

                                                    Ricardo Rangels •


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