Rangels letters: Exclusion from our Facebook and Twitter pages


 Hello, this year we deleted three pages on Facebook, as well as some time before our profile on Twitter.

 The reason is quite simple, in the case of Facebook for not agreeing with the system of hiding our posts, where even our fans enjoying our pages and we have many followers, the company will only show our posts to 2 or 3 fans.

 We believe that when someone likes a page and becomes a follower it is because they are interested in the content of that page, and it is immoral not to have this content published in their feed, to receive only filtered content that does not always correspond to the user's interest.

 There is a saying in my country that says "those who are annoyed to leave", and I decided to follow this advice, so not only do I delete my pages there, but I am also definitely stopping using our personal profile on this social network.

 As for Twitter, well, I think it's a very vague type of blog, and it's useless for someone who writes more elaborate ideas, in addition to being a big waste of time. So basically, we only have 3 channels of information for now, Instagram, YouTube and official sites.

It is worth mentioning that having a life with less social networks is also part of having a healthier and less stressful life, and is part of the simpler concept of life that we are looking for in our lives.

 Aisi ~


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