Hello, as we know defeats are also part of human reality, and even ultra-rich people are not free from suffering defeats in other personal fields where money can do little to avoid.

 And one of the worst moments of a defeat or loss is the pain caused by it, where sadness comes very strong, and in moments like this we must cry if necessary and wait for our psyche to return to harmony.

 But where does this sense of loss come from?  This sensation basically comes from our attachment to the material things or situations of this reality, and it is very difficult to stop identifying with the things that make up this reality that we are used to.

 But, we must realize that none of these things and situations are our life, they are just a small part of it and not the whole extension of our lives, so it doesn't make sense to be so sad as to develop a depression for our losses, since here in this reality everything is fleeting, and even the so-called victorious people will one day have to leave all their victories behind, and the same happens with our defeats and losses, everything will pass.

 So what really causes this feeling of pain in loss is the attachment to material things and ephemeral situations.  And by getting rid of attachment, you certainly get rid of that pain.

 And how to develop detachment?

 The best way is to become aware of the ephemerality of life, and observe how nothing is permanent in this reality, you can observe the cycles of living beings, the aging of all things, and know that it is not worth stressing too much for anything, since that everything is temporary in this reality.

 You should also have a life more centered on spiritual values, seek divine enlightenment and blessings in your life, and even practice philanthropy, because helping other people who need it much more than you, makes you see what really matters in this life. .

 And as for losses?

 Well, always see it as an opportunity that something better will come into your life.  Every end can be a new beginning of a new story, and something better can always come, if you not only believe, but work preparing and creating the conditions for your story to be better from now on.

 Summing up

 Defeat exists and causes pain.

 The pain of loss exists!

 Pain is caused by attachment to what has been lost.

 Get rid of that pain by getting rid of that attachment!

 Every loss can be an opportunity to achieve something better.

 May the Eternal Consciousness bless us always!



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