What I learned from my dog

It may sound silly, but you learn a lot of lessons when you decide to have a dog.  If you want to know if you would be a good parent, having a dog is a great option to find out if you have the gift of parenting.

It all starts at the beginning, prudent people choose well the person with whom they will have children, something similar happens with the choice of the dog breed, where to buy or adopt.

There is also an effort to study the subject to be a good father. An interesting thing is the anxiety of our puppy's arrival, I believe the same is true for a father waiting for the birth of his son.  And when we finally see that cute being with his sublime eyes staring at us, this is one of the best sensations we can feel.

Then we bring them home with the utmost care, we give them food and take good care of them. The first scares also come when he is sick due to some food or overeating.  Puppies are greedy.

At first, they don't care about us so much, but soon the most expensive stages of the process come with trips to the vet, vaccines and some useful accessories and toys. And day by day, we see our son getting attached and loving us more and more.

As it grows, there are the phases of gnawing everything they find ahead, it is a difficult phase, I lost several sandals and had furniture almost destroyed in this process, but little by little we are educating.

Apart from that we also have to be patient and get used to the work of cleaning and collecting feces, changing hygienic rugs, I believe that this is very similar to changing baby scams.

Finally the big day arrives to take them for a walk on the streets, something that brings a lot of happiness to them.  In those moments we are proud, it is as if we are taking a child to school or introducing him to life.

Then comes the part of sexual interest where they are adults, it is not so easy, and they feel very agitated to play and date.  But as a teenager ages and adjusts, so are our little friends over time.

But throughout this process, we learn many things from our children: patience, to love unconditionally, to respect the space of others, to have responsibility.  We also learn the indirect values ​​of our furry child, such as:

     waking up early in the sunlight,
     always stretching when getting up,
     eating well,
     drinking lots of water
     and playing a lot later, which can be               considered as doing physical activity.

Our friends also teach us tolerance, never to hold a grudge and forgive, and above all they show us that life is simple and wonderful, that we don't need much to be happy, that being happy is the real life.

Ricardo Rangels °

Língua Ellene. Uma Língua Brasileira - Parte 2 | Reforma Ortográfica

Eis, sabemos que as línguas evoluem com o tempo e nesses mais de 20 anos de estudo, preservação e perseverança em manter vivo o legado allane, fomos observando mudanças e inovações que se fizeram necessárias.

1 A reforma ortográfica

1.1 A primeira mudança foi inspirada no alfabeto clássico de nossa língua, na verdade uma readaptação perdida devido a falta de tecnologia da época para a definição dos sons ɛ e ɔ que se confundiam com os sons de e e o.

Outro problema era que também não queríamos que a lingua se distanciasse muito da lusofonia, pois ainda acreditávamos se tratar de um dialeto do português. Mas conforme fomos estudando percebermos que na verdade, a língua ellene é uma língua própria com suas próprias características e peculariedades, e que não devemos ficar mais preocupados em fazer parte da lusofonia.

Portanto, readotamos duas vogais antigas pra esses sons com as letras æ e œ. Esses símbolos soam como os é e ó em português. E independente do uso em outras línguas, o resultado prático e artístico ficou muito bom.

Por exemplo, agora não há mais ambíguidade entre as palavras morte (mœrt) e morto (mort), e em fere (fære) e feira (fere).

Essa mudança também resolveu o problema ortográfico de palavras como

Siere (série) que se tornou sære
Toixit (tóxico) que se tornou tœxit

Lembrando que a letra x sempre tem som de z em ellene.

1.2 Fim da letra y para os verbos afirmativos. Tirando assim a influência da língua Allane por um padrão mais latino. Assim, substituímos y por -s ou -es nos verbos das frases interrogativas.

"Ele esy bene?" Ele é/está bom?
"Ele æss bene?"

Oficializando assim, a pronúncia "ésh" que já vinha sendo usada a um tempo.

E no passado

"Ele æjes bene?" Ele era/estava bem?

Uma outra mudança é que o ponto interrogativo (?), não é mais obrigatório, podendo ser usado ou não em nossa língua.

2. A adoção do substantivo pessoal neutro æle para pessoas que não se identificam nem com masculino nem com feminino ou indefinidos.

Assim temos

Ele = ele
Ale = ela
Ales =eles ou elas ( sim, o plural de eles é feminino em ellene, talvez por ter sido por muitos anos uma língua guardada apenas pelas mulheres.

Æle = ele ou ela neutro, não-binário ou hemafrodita
Æles = eles ou elas, plural neutro.

3. Fim da maioria das palavras femininas terminadas em -a e adição de um infixo -i- masculino.

Casa> case
Caso> caise
Ponte> pont
Ponto > point

4. Definição do pronome reflexivo -se e -si que sempre gerava dúvidas. Assim, adotamos o si pra todos esses casos, exceto se for usado no fim junto a um verbo. (Falase)

Ne si cœrtaj. Eu me cortei
Te si cœrtaj. Você se cortou.
Ele si cœrtaj. Ele se cortou.
Nes si cœrtaj. Nós nos cortamos.

Também se pode usar o si- junto ao verbo.

Nes sicœrtaj. Nós nos cortamos
Tes sicœrtaj. Vocês se contaram
Ales sicœrtaj. Eles se cortaram.

5. Fim de todos os hifens.

Vendese cases. Vende-se casas
Super humain. super humano
Micre ondes. Micro-ondas
Guard roupes. Guarda-roupa
Falales.  Fala-lhe
Ne amate. Eu amo-te
Nes va amarles. Nós vamos amar-lhes

6. O subjuntivo perdeu o equivalente em português a -sse pelo passado -j

Se eu falasse > Si ne falaj

7. Algumas palavras com z final ganharam um -e, e palavras com -ua final ganharam - uin

Luz > lue
Cruz > crue

Lua> luin
Nua > nuin

8. Definição dos quantificadores indefinidos

Isto> ist
Aquilo > isl

Este> est
Aquele > esl

Algum> algie
Nenhum > nadie

Algo> alge
Nada> naide

9. A partir de agora não houve mais mudanças ortográficas, apenas inovações e reduções e contrações em processos naturais ao uso da língua no cotidiano.

Faser > faer (fazer
Praser> praer (prazer

Dedo >dee
Dúvida > duve
Dívida > dive
Intriga> intrie

Substituto > substue
Instituto > institue
Matuto > matue

Conjuntura > conjuntue
Ruptura > ruptue

Marido > marie
Partido > partie

Vida> vir
Ida> ir
Partida > partir

Coluna > coluin ou colue
Suma> suin ou sum

Pode > pœre
Poder > poer

Panela > panle
Janela> janle

Cabeça > bet
Caneta > net
Cabelo > bele
Cavalo > valle
Capaz> page
Cadera> dere

Papel> paæl
Babel > baæl

Fogo > foge ou for
Cedo> cee
Medo > mede ou mee
Rede> ree
Parede> paree
Qualquer> quaer
Bobo >blor

Melhor > mælle
Maior > malle

Substantive ou substantie
Infinitive ou infinitie

O verbo faer :

Ne fa, ne faj, ne es fain, ne faria, ne faar, fa ( eu faço, eu fiz, estou fazendo, faria, farei, faça)

O verbo æser

Ne æs, ne æj, ne es æin, ne æsia, ne æsar, æa (eu sou, eu era, estou sendo, seria, serei, seja)

Ca > aqui
La> lá

Usse e tamben para -também
Et e entan para -então

O possessivo final ganhou um -a

Le case æs nea. A casa é minha
Le case æs tea. A casa é sua
Le case æs lea. A casa é dele ou dela.

Le case æs neas. A casa é nossa.
Le case æs teas. A casa é de vocês
Le case æs leas. A casa é deles.

Mas o inicial continua igual

Ne case. Minha casa
Te case. Tua casa.
Ele case. Casa dele.
Ale case. Casa dela
Nes case.  Nossa casa
Tes case.  Tuas casas.

Atær le prœxim!


Buenos Aires ~ Seasons 2

We return to Buenos Aires in Argentina. This time the country was no longer the same, you could see a lot of beggars on the streets and even the people acted more rude to us.

Perhaps because the economic crisis has affected the good mood of the population.

Anyway we didn't let that get us down and had a wonderful time there, took good pictures and had a great time.

We hope that such a beautiful city and such a friendly people will soon return to prosperity and become what it was in one of the most beautiful and interesting cities to visit in Latin America.


Everything I Wanted | Ricardo Rangels

The new track Everything I Wanted by Ricardo Rangels


The backyard

This was my first job as a visual artist.
I had just woken up and felt that Divine Consciousness was with me, that's when I decided to paint on a sheet of paper with my crayons.

So I started painting this picture of my backyard. Even though I had a humble life, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house with a large yard full of fruit trees, blessed plants by butterflies where birds sang every morning.

This image is a representation of that moment, a photograph of that moment, of some plants in my backyard and how I woke up happily on that beautiful day.

Ricardo Rangels ® 

Be my business partner

When Google started it was basically a home-made project with no major pretensions but once it got someone willing to invest capital in the company, it made Google one of the biggest business success stories of all time.

They had a vision and believed in their dreams and got the support they needed even before officially registering as a company.

Similarly, I also have a vision and I believe in my projects but I also need partners willing to invest in these projects.

My art, philosophy and culture is unique with great potential for growth and making a big impact on society in a short time, I just need a patron willing to go into history and profit a lot.


1 Ricardo Rangels brand as an artist. The project is based on the image, music, art and books written by me. My creative power is unlimited, recently some books are standing out in various specialized websites in Brazil.

And in general, the notoriety is coming and consolidating in all these areas. But we need more capital to grow, which will be compensated by participating in royalties and any profit of my career for a minimum of 10 years.

2 App. I have a project in this area focused on a specific niche with a great potential for profit in this area. This app is not about my career, it's a way to help a lot of people while making a good deal.

3 Web. This is one of the most challenging projects, but one that has great potential to positively impact the Internet. It's also the most expensive, think of investments in the billions just for starters.

Due to industrial espionage I can't talk much except getting an advance and a contract in the dark. But, it is one of my projects that I have more affection, and that has been cultivated for years.

Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary resources yet and I need someone with a great vision to believe and invest with me. But just think, "How much is it worth to create and revolutionize the next web? Obsolete many companies that are synonymous with innovation today?"




Rio Grande do Norte ~Seasons

We were in Rio Grande do Norte but we made a lesser known script of the capital and recorded the music video of the song Mandela Effect.

We stayed at a resort and from there we got to know nature better.

Beautiful beaches, some with dolphin views, some romantic, beautifully colored lagoons and quad biking adventures.

We had a great time there, in addition to the adventure, music, you could relax a lot.



Principalities dele Vale de Casa Nova and Des Avres ir Italigare

Aisi. Allanism has two symbolic and spiritual regions: Le Principalt dele Valley of Casa Nova, and Le Principalt des Avres ir Italigare.  In English, the Principality of the New House Valley, and the Principality of the Trees and Itaigara.

 The Principality of the Valley is located in the semiarid region between the states of Bahia and Pernambuco, and comprises an area of ​​eight cities.  The region has medium HDI and is a large producer of fruits, onions and goats, also has a large hydroelectric dam.

The historical symbols of the Principality of the Valley are:

 One, flags and historical coat of arms.  This principality has either the historic blue and red flag or the two-striped blue version.  And both have the Umbuzeiro tree with stars as ornamentation.  The coat follows the same pattern.

 Two, and as territorial Allan symbol has the blank floral banners with stripes.  The simplest flag is the territorial flag, and the complex one with the circular branch in the center is the spiritual one.  The coat of arms has the phrase in Allan: Ha.taran myuri larr, which means "May our joy manifest forever" .

The Principality of Trees is located in the noble region of the city of Salvador, covering some neighborhoods with high purchasing power.  The HDI is similar to that of some Scandinavian countries.

 The historical symbols of the Principality of Trees are:

 A historic, flag and coat of arms.  This principality has the historic flag in diagonal red and white, having the Pitangueira tree with diamonds.  The coat follows the same pattern.

 Two, as an Allan territorial symbol, it has two floral flags in black, the simplest being territorial and the one with a floral circle being spiritual.  The coat has the same pattern as the simple floral with the phrase in Allan: Se.y leuri rereh miler, which means: "Maybe one day, every night becomes a day."

 These territories as well as others, and even all Allan peoples, symbolically and spiritually form the Allan Nation, or the so-called Alland.

 Alland has two floral styles flags in white, black, blue and orange.  And as a coat of arms we have the phrase in Allan: M.áurar es m mauli ler, which means "I was born on a beautiful day".

 These are the main Allan symbols, besides the Black Sun, the Yellow and Black Butterfly, and the stylized Bunch of Flowers.

 May All~ bless us.  Aisi

Punta del Este ~Seasons

We were in Punta del Este, Uruguay on a fast trip, nothing much was just celebrating something important to me.

The arrival in Montevideo was quiet where I could take one of the most beautiful areas photos.

So we spent a day at the hotel and the other day we went to celebrate in Punta del Este, there we saw Casapueblo (People's House) was designed by Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, a mix between art gallery, hotel and restaurant..

... and La Mano (The Hand), a sculpture in Punta del Este by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal, one of the best known monuments and symbol of Punta del Este.

Finally, we went to relax in a more cozy place. A good time in such a beautiful and sophisticated place. .


Getting Rich by F4ll

You know me from the good pictures I post in beautiful places and sometimes I seem to have a luxurious life..

But the truth is that these are just a few moments of vacation or relaxation.

In my routine I live a very simple life through the concepts of F4ll or Allanism ..

From these teachings I learned that "Abundance comes from necessity" and "Simplicity is greatness."

This means that what matters in life is not quantity but quality, so it is important to have a minimalist life.


For example, I usually have a few pieces of clothing in my closet and whenever I buy a new piece of clothing I donate or undo a piece that I wear little or is already worn out.

Another point is that I usually buy a piece or two a month, this helps to keep the mind away from consumerism and still saves money as I don't buy a lot or leave it all at once at the end of the year for example.

Another advantage is that you will always have a new outfit every month without overdoing it.


Another issue is housing, I'd rather live in a flat than spend large resources on a mortgage, some people say I'm wrong not wanting a property, but prefer to have a freer life and be able to move when you want.


Another advantage is that living in a smaller place makes things simpler to tidy, besides keeping a clean decor, I hate having a lot of things, a lot of furniture, I like the feeling of cleanliness and even a single color on every wall. In this case, the white color for me is the most suitable color that brings peace to a home.


I have also adopted the principles of F4ll in this regard, so I follow a semi-paleolithic diet rich with proteins, vegetables and low carbohydrate.

I also hate industrialized fast-foods, I always prefer handmade hamburgers when I decide to go out.

Remembering that I also fast sometimes during a day on specific dates to harmonize with my being and Eternal Consciousness.

In addition, I stopped paying attention to specific product brands, currently see that prices make no difference, when you beat the ego, expensive clothes have no value and you value comfort and your own style regardless of external trends.

Well, what does all this have to do with enrichment?

It is very simple adopting these principles, you will end up having a better quality of life, spending less, and so you will have more money to save and invest.

Not even that, being rich won't matter so much if you don't have a purpose in your life, the goal of having money is to be able to have more security, tranquility and help people find happiness and harmony.

Well, at least that's my biggest goal in this life and I'm very happy like that.

~F4ll Consulting ¦| Consultoria ~F4ll

After many requests from friends and anonymous people I decided to start a new job, in fact to officialize something that I have been doing for a long time - which is working as an ~F4ll consultant.

For those who don't know ~F4ll is an Allan philosophical method aimed at helping people solve inner problems based on Allanism.

The results are very good as long as there is dedication on the part of the client, but most importantly it works.

So, who has an interest in evolving as a human being, improving their emotional, sentimental and social life, you now have the option of ~F4ll Consulting.

We are also available to hold lectures, conferences, workshops and have a coffee. (laughs)..

Ps. Individual consulting only in some cities of Brazil, for people from other countries only virtually.


Portuguese version 

Depois de muitos pedidos de amigos e pessoas anônimas, decidi começar um novo trabalho, na verdade oficializar algo que venho fazendo há muito tempo - que é está trabalhando como consultor ~F4ll.

Para quem não conhece ~ F4ll é um método filosófico allane destinado a ajudar as pessoas a resolver problemas internos baseados no Allanisme.

Os resultados são muito bons, desde que haja dedicação por parte do cliente, mas o mais importante é que funciona.

Então, quem tiver interesse em evoluir como ser humano, melhorar sua vida emocional, sentimental e social, agora você tem a opção da Consultoria ~ F4ll.

Também estamos disponíveis para realizar palestras, conferências, workshops e tomar um café. (risos) 

Ps. Consultoria individual apenas em algumas cidades do Brasil, para pessoas de outros países apenas virtualmente.



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