New Rangels letter: How to solve domestic violence

 Aisi~ We always see many crimes of passion in the news, especially of men against women and today we will talk about how this could be avoided according to the precepts of our psychological science the Fall~ /f3yn/.

 According to our knowledge, what causes these crimes is the lack of self-knowledge, society does not take the study of male nature seriously and only proposes to condemn, when it could have a preventive effect, what would be good for society as a whole.

 But as we know there are interests in keeping men and humanity in ignorance and bestiality so that we are always slaves of a dominant system and ideologies.

 But how can we resolve this?

 As we said before, self-knowledge is the way, mainly to understand the masculine nature.  But, let's know about this nature:

 1. Man is a territorial being.  This means that, like other primates and mammals, man has this instinct to defend a territory and this expands to his love relationships.

 2. Man is a being lacking in affection and attention.  The link between mother and child from the womb and breastfeeding make a man spend his life looking for that link, the search to find real love as it should be in the love between mother and child.

 3. Man is a sexual being.  Male desires are intense and should not be overlooked, which is why movements like no-fap can have the opposite effects if practiced in a radical way.  We advise to just stay away from pornography.

 4. Man is a violent being.  Violence here concerns self-defense, man has instincts to react to attacks on his territory and personal offenses.

 5. Men are inferior to women in terms of social intelligence.  We are not talking as an offense here, but a basic proof, while the men were fighting, the women spent years improving their social life with their children and neighbors, so the man must be aware that he has no chance of winning an argument with his partners.

 6. The man falls in love easily.  The man is a very visual being, the feminine beauty attracts and this leads to passion, where the male mind starts to fantasize and cannot see the logic that is in front of it.

 7. Man has the protective instinct.  Nature made man evolve to protect women and children, and he takes that instinct into his personal relationships.

 8. Man is a logical being.  One of the things the male nature seeks is logic in life, and a peace of mind, and this clashes a lot with their partner's socially or emotionally focused view of life.

 9. Man is an insecure being.  Competition in the male world is brutal, since early on men are compared and demanded by society to stand out from physical strength, interpersonal success to penis size, and society does not help, since all male suffering is underestimated.

 Well, these are some of the points about male nature and this is where we begin the cure for crimes of passion.  Imagine a man who doesn't understand his sense of ownership towards his partner, could have learned to deal with it from the beginning, but in general he doesn't know any of this, he just feels and is overwhelmed by these feelings.

 Another issue is discussions with their partners, if they knew they have no chance of winning or convincing their partners, many discussions would be avoided, since the correct thing is to only get your message across when the partner is calmer.

 Also knowing that he suffers from great insecurities, the man would try to understand his feelings and learn not to mind insults and offenses, since as we said the social mind of his partner knows exactly where to reach men, but if he learned early on to be to guard against these attacks by ignoring this, it would not be so threatened or respond with violence.

 So, if society really wants to end crimes of passion, it needs to take better care of the male psychological, only harsher penalties will not solve the situation, just demonizing masculinity will not solve it either, the way is to study the male nature and take them to self-knowledge.

 Another issue is that the male life of the average man is totally frustrated and disposable for society.  Men suffer from unrealistic patterns of success, often have bad and stressful jobs with low wages, and don't have time to have a more satisfying life.  Just see that most crimes come from people with frustrated lives.

 Men need to have more opportunities to develop rather than just being mass maneuverers of the system or whose only joy and leisure is rooting for a football team on the weekend.

 So, the path to solving crimes of passion goes through these steps, self-knowledge, understanding their physical and instinctual nature, better working conditions and less social demands, better quality of life, and finally having more personal development.

 So, if you are a man or if you are a woman who wishes well for your partner or children, the way is to help you develop and self-knowledge.

 A man who is looking for his personal development, who is always reading good books, learning new things, who reflects on life, who takes great care of his body and appearance, and who is prospering financially, always looking for projects and self-fulfillment, he succeeds better overcome their insecurities, their sense of possession and desires, and thus manage to be a better man for the whole society.

 The question is, does society really want men like that?  As this will go against various narratives and systems of slavery in which we live.

 Anyway, don't wait for society to make that difference.  Seek yourself, your self-overcoming and victory, and always remember that relationships are just a part of your life and not your entire life, and never insist on relationships that are not satisfying or that bring you much more insecurities and problems than what inner peace.

 May the Eternal always bless us!




The connections between Billie Eilish and Ricardo Rangels

Hi, we are always attentive to everything that concerns Ricardo Rangels, but we also observe what happens in the pop world and we made a connection between the work of Billie Eilish and Ricardo Rangels.


The first connection was the coincidence between the release of two songs, Billie released Everything i wanted and a few days later Ricardo released Everything I wanted, but the lyrics of the two songs and rhythms have nothing in common except this phrase, we asked Ricardo why this happened, and he replied that it was just a coincidence as he didn't know Billie's work until the moment he released his music.  

But this time it's Billie Eilish who seems to be releasing stuff that somehow has some connection to the Rangels universe, for example Happier than Ever sounds like a line from Rangels song when he says "I am so happy and sexy", looking like that doesn't seem to have any connection, but we have more hints of possible connection, for example Billie released Oxytocin, ok, but where is the connection?  

Ricardo released a song in Portuguese, Dois Cubos de Gelo, a week ago, and one of the most striking parts speaks of Oxitocina, which means oxytocin.  

And we also found another connection on this record, Eilish released a song inspired by Bossa Nova, a famous Brazilian rhythm, but wait, what's the connection since Rangels never sang bossa nova? 

 The answer is that Rangels released a short time ago a collection of paintings called Psychologicals that has nothing to do with bossa nova apparently, but it turns out that Rangels whenever he makes an artistic collection he publishes on his Instagram page with a musical score, and all the songs from the series Psychologicals were in the rhythm of bossa nova in the stories, you can check it out on Instagram @rangelsricardo 

We asked Ricardo about it, he smiled and just said:

"these connections are funny and maybe she was upset that he released a song of the same name and it's possible that she saw his work and wanted to send a reply, but he also admires the work of this artist and wishes good vibes always.." 

And what do you think about these connections, are they just coincidences?  or can there be something more to this story?



Hello, Ricardo Rangels has finished a new series of paintings called UNMISTAKABLE PREDOMINANCE where he made several portraits of some contemporary painters.

 But some speculate that this is an answer to a possible plagiarism suffered, asked the artist only said:

" the episode did it seek new inspirations and liked to discover these artists hither to unknown to him, and that he was looking to make a series with people's faces, and that somehow these people have a connection with himself, but that was not motivated by any kind of revenge.."  

This series that has no commercial purposes also aims to give it to these artists or their descendants someday, according to the artist, it ends with a version of a bronze head that is in the British Museum and which the artist insisted on protesting to that museum make identical copies and returned the originals to African countries.  

What do you think?  See the artist's instagram profile @rangelsricardo 


Ricardo Rangels released the song Dois Cubos de Gelo

 The artist Ricardo Rangels does not stop surprising and leaves his fans shocked once again because he recorded a song with pure regional influences with an unusual philosophical language where Nietzsche rhymes with whiskey.  

But why is he so shocking?  Let's explain. Ricardo Rangels seems to always want to stay out of the mainstream, as he always does what he wants, regardless of musical trends, not establishing himself in any particular area.  

It would be like if a famous singer like Sinatra were on every record changing the style from jazz to metal, hip hop then country.  

Anyway it's always good to appreciate the career of this great artist even with strangeness.


News: Possible plagiarism by Damien Hirst against Ricardo Rangels?

 Hello, you who follow here already know that Ricardo Rangels launched the First Artistic Cryptocurrency months ago based on art and creativity.  

But yesterday famous artist Damien Hirst released a very similar project and even named it The Currency.  

Ricardo Rangels is already aware of this fact and is studying legal measures for this possible plagiarism.  

However, he declared that he "believes in the free circulation of ideas and but as long as credit is given for inspiration".

You can see the Ricardo Rangels CryptoCurrency here


What am I doing wrong?


 Hœ, the question above is very interesting, especially now that 6 months of the year have passed, and we have already lived half of the 365 days of this year.

 What am I doing wrong?

 In other words where I'm missing in my life, on my way to my mission in this lifetime.  And it's a question you should always ask every day.

 But, you have to make a caveat, you have to be careful not to fall into pessimism and end up saying phrases like "I don't do anything right", "I was born wrong", "I'm a lost cause" and "my life is hopeless" , "also with the family I had, I could only have what I have".

 It is very tempting to cultivate these negative phrases, not least because we were born into a society dominated by religions that have convinced us that we are wrong, that there is not much solution and that the world will always get worse.

 But actually the world has improved, have you ever thought about what life was like in the past, without medicine, dentists, toilets, with wars, looting, violence and slavery all the time?

 The tendency of society is to improve over time, although people who are stuck with some views think that the world only gets worse and this is not true, although we know that some things are changing and these are not positive.  But if you look better, the good is always greater than the bad.

 Let's take a simple example, think of the most dangerous neighborhood you know and tell me, "How much of the population there are criminals? And how many are honest and hardworking people?"

 You can be sure that in none of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world does the population of bandits surpass that of honest and hardworking people, banditry is always a minority, but unfortunately people only focus on that minority.

 The same thing happens in the world in general, every day millions of positive things and miracles happen in the world, with people conquering their dreams, children being born in families that will love them very much, little birds sing in the trees, people are cured of illnesses, they come out of depression, out of bad situations, graduate from school and unemployed get a job, some entrepreneurs grow.

 But, these things don't get the same attention as the negative things and the newspapers don't report it, because our society prefers to focus on negativism and keep us negative.

 But, if there is one thing that has changed a lot in my life since I met the Eternal One, it was my vision, my mentality towards the world, problems we have like everyone else, but true wisdom has given me an optimism and unshakable faith.

 Before we lived in pessimism, judging ourselves as hopeless people, filthy rags, sinners, but in true wisdom, we can appreciate the miracles that happen every moment in this universe of this dimension.

 We can see everything with different eyes, spiritual eyes and not despair at any problem, because "everything has a solution and what doesn't have a solution is because it isn't really a problem".

 So the question "what am I doing wrong?"  It should always be accompanied by another question which is "what should I do today to fix this error?"

 Yes, it is not enough just to identify the error, the allane philosophy teaches us that we must fix, "where am I going wrong?"

 Is it in expenses, am I spending much more than I earn?  Am I eating wrong and getting fat?  Am I not taking good care of my body?  Am I addicted to social networks, TV or harmful websites?  Am I paying little attention to my family?  Am I obsessed with politics, ideology or beliefs and charlatans?

 Finally, each one is in their own struggles and must identify and fix, our philosophy is in no way accommodated, pessimistic or conformed to the world, our vision is one of overcoming, fighting and victories based on an unshakable faith in the True God.

 Believe, assimilate, manifest miracles and positivity in your life now, be a blessing in this world.



Buy RRFs CryptoArt Currency

 Hello, Ricardo Rangels finally release the first CryptoArt Currency.  Purchase here


Slavery Circles


 Hœ, the vision we had today was of several circles that imprison humanity.  In general, the natural human being in this society is always trapped in some of these circles and will keep spinning until he evolves to be free and unfortunately many die without evolution.  Which of these circles do you need to break free from?

 The circle of idolatry, many are trapped in that circle, but I will not speak of idolatry to idols as sculptures, but of idolatry to people such as politicians, athletes, religious, sub-celebrities etc. many people live stuck in this circle, spend values, waste time running  behind mere humans who have nothing to offer.

 The entertainment circle, having healthy entertainment is not wrong, after all life is not just working and studying, we must have healthy moments of leisure, but there are people whose life is a prison, and they want to live forever trapped in entertainment, but once  if you spend a lot of time and resources on that kind of pleasure, and neglect other areas of life, if you see this a lot in people who spend the day on social networks or in video games, when they could be doing something more useful.  If you want to break free from that circle, impose time limits on these activities.

 The circle of bad relationships, this is a very frequent reality, you may have seen it in movies and soap operas where some actress says she has a bad finger to choose bad people to relate to, but the truth is that the media is indoctrinating you to  have an unhappy life.  There is no such thing as a rotten finger, you feel ashamed in your face and start to value yourself and choose someone who can actually have a healthy relationship.

 In fact, first of all stop spinning and try to get to know yourself better, heal your internal traumas before looking for a relationship, be it a person with a healthy mind and life, or someone that anyone wants to have around so as not to make other people's lives  and your own a hell.  And watch for the signs, everyone realizes when they are being disrespected in a relationship, that the other person has serious problems and does not know how to relate, run away from people like that, seek the cure of your need of always being in a relationship before entering a relationship.  Living well is possible and part of true knowledge, nothing is impossible and break this circle of bad relationships.

 The circle of lust, unlike people people the word lust is more linked to sex than luxury.  And there are many sick people in this circle, sex is sacred and good, we must not think it is wrong, after all we are only alive here because our parents had relationships and sex is where life is generated in our humanity.

 But, there are people trapped in this circle, constantly feeding the mind with this human desire, and this is not at all healthy, we live in a hyper sexualized society with people who only think about sex and are disrespectful at all times.  It is not common for sub-celebrities to speak openly about their sexual practices without any modesty, but it is something totally unnecessary and appealing.

 So, you must get rid of it, stop feeding your mind with pornography that has nothing good to offer.  A clean mind brings more fulfillment and you will be much happier without this filth that objectifies people, is addictive and brings many psychological problems.  Nor should I say that all sex offenders are addicted to this.  Leave sex to the right person and where there is love, it will only be an addiction and animal desire, and the human being was not born to live like instinctual creatures, there are many more valuable things to look for in existence to be happy.  than a simple reproductive desire.

 The circle of poverty, here people live trapped in a cycle of debts, losses and unnecessary expenses.  This circle holds almost all of humanity and people to their descendants.  It is very sad to see how our society encourages this type of thing where very few have everything and others have nothing.  And it is one of the most difficult circles to break, because the whole system is made for you to lose like a big game of chance or casino and you are the duck of the time.

 Every banking, political and payment system is designed to keep you in the same place, but the cure for that is knowledge and a lot of personal effort, there is no point blaming the system, it will not change, nor will your favorite politician change the system.  , they are all sellers of illusion, and the only thing you can do is fight for yourself, doing the right thing.

 First, you have to stop believing that wealth is a bad thing, your precise mind is prepared to receive wealth, there is no scarcity in the universe, and there is space for you to have a life with an excellent quality of life, just the fact that you have no debts,  it already brings a lot of mental comfort, so study financial education and above all put it into practice, stop spending on unnecessary things and learn to differentiate liabilities from financial assets.

 Of course, you don't have to be a billionaire to be happy, but having a dignified life is recommendable to your evolutionary process, to help people, have peace of mind and be able to create a fairer system.

 The circle of sophism, here we define sophism as false knowledge, and many people, especially those who are intellectuals, are trapped in them.  How many times have I seen doctors with bad health habits, how many times have I seen indebted math teachers, theoretically people with knowledge who could lead exemplary lives but who don't know how to apply real knowledge.

 The same applies to religious thoughts, many are trapped in mythological superstitions that have no basis in reality and live their fearful lives as servants in the interests of others.

 So it is necessary to seek true philosophy, true knowledge above the sophisms that we have been taught all our lives, that perfect knowledge is in you, but it is also in the entire universe just waiting to be discovered.

 The human being did not invent anything, he did not invent mathematics, he did not invent musical notes, nor the laws of physics, all of this was already in the universe and it was only unveiled, and Eternal Consciousness has much more useful knowledge to teach us.  So let us seek your perfect knowledge.

 There are still many other circles that imprison humanity, we only mention the most common ones, but you yourself should try to find out who are the others and in which you are stuck spinning nonstop.  You need to reflect, stop spinning and break free.  We only indicate a reflection and show the way, but you are the only one who can break these circles in your life.

 Stay in harmony.  Aisi ~


News: the first Cryptocurrency backed in Art

 Ricardo Rangels has just launched the artistic cryptocurrency project backed by creativity and art.  

More details in the Project's Black Paper on page:



  Hoe ne cares, como sabemos, nosotros, los latinos tenemos una relación un tanto extraña con las lenguas europeas, si por un lado lo usamos bien a nuestra manera, por otro siempre hay acusaciones de que lo tergiversamos y de que hablamos mal por nuestro hermanos europeos.

 Lo mismo ocurre internamente, los latinoamericanos tienen una baja autoestima en relación a los idiomas europeos, y en las clases de inglés en las escuelas, no es raro escuchar a los estudiantes "Ni siquiera sé hablar mi idioma y mucho menos ¡Inglés! ".

 Esta percepción ha persistido durante algún tiempo, y a menudo hemos sido testigos de comentarios exaltados y despectivos contra la forma en que los latinos hablamos los idiomas europeos.

 Otro tema es la mirada colonialista, América Latina y el pueblo latinoamericano han perdido mucho al imponer las lenguas coloniales sobre nuestras lenguas indígenas.

 Bueno, hablar una sola lengua indígena sería un proceso muy difícil para la mayoría de los latinoamericanos, y no habría consenso sobre qué idioma sería, pero como alternativa tenemos el idioma Ellene, un idioma que cualquier latinoamericano puede entender y empezar a hablar en poco tiempo, ya que ambos son lenguas latinas.

 El idioma ellene también tiene una gramática más simple, no necesita diacríticos, tiene una ortografía más eficiente, es incluso mucho más fácil de aprender para los extranjeros que los idiomas europeos, en fin, un idioma que podría poner a América Latina en un lugar aún mas destacado en el escenario internacional y hace justicia al tamaño del nuestro territorio de extensión continental.

 Bueno, seguiríamos hablando los idiomas europeos con nuestros hermanos ibéricos, pero como segundo idioma y lo conservaríamos como importancia histórica, pero Ellene será el futuro.

 El proyecto consta de 3 fases:

 1 Fase Pre-Ellene

 En esta fase estamos acostumbrando a la gente latinoamericana a la pronunciación ellene de palabras comunes, por ejemplo, en lugar de usar los artículos el, la, las, los, comenzaremos a usar LE en todas las opciones.

 También eliminaremos -o, -a, -os, -al final de las palabras y las reemplazaremos con -E, -ES, y silenciaremos consonantes en algunos casos.  Este proceso ya ha sido utilizado por personas que defienden la neutralidad de género como en amigue, todxs etc, también ya ocurre en algunos dialectos de algunas regiones.

 2 Fase Semi-Ellene

 En esta fase comienzas a poner más vocabulario ellene y un poco de gramática, por ejemplo comienzas a usar más palabras como grat / grat (gracias), reemplazas -ción con -sion, también comienzas a conjugar el pasado de los verbos con - j o -t por ejemplo Falaj/Falat, Correj/ Corret, Salej/ Salet (habló, corrió, salió).

 También podemos intensificar el uso de pronombres personales y ellenes posesivos en las conversaciones diarias.  Entonces, comencemos a hablar:

ne - yo

te - tu, usted

ele - ele

ale - ella 

ist - esto

Así como en plural 

nes - nosotros 

tes - vosotros, ustedes 

ales - ellos o ellas

 * pronunciado con E cerrado como ne, te, nes, tes

 * ales literalmente significa Ellas, el ellene por ser un lenguaje preservado por mujeres tiene el foco principal en lo femenino, por lo que en lugar de decirlas, se usan para un grupo de personas aunque esté formado solo por hombres.  Y esto es algo magnífico, un lenguaje no sexista en el que predomina el género femenino y neutro en la mayoría de los sustantivos.

 Recordando que habrá dos acentos, para los lusoamericanos, palabras con sonidos abiertos con Œ y Æ, y sonidos cerrados para los hispanoamericanos.  Además de una amplia variedad de palabras para acomodar las dos variaciones, por ejemplo la palabra coelho en portugués y conejo en español, en ellene habría ambas variantes como coelle y coneje.  También habría alguna diferencia en la pronunciación de j por ejemplo, pero nada que impida el éxito de ellene y la unión lingüística de toda latinoamérica.

 3 Fase de poscolonialismos

 En esta fase, Ellene se convierte en un lenguaje hablado de hecho y estamos reemplazando palabras comunes con sus términos más específicos en Ellene, por ejemplo, le palabra fiese se usa más ampliamente en lugar de que la palabra arte.

 En esta fase, una mayor desarrollo comienza con el ingreso masivo de palabras y gramática Ellene, que de hecho se convierte en el idioma oficial de América Latina que, por la cantidad de hablantes, se convierte en el 1° idioma más hablado del mundo con potencial para avanzar aún más debido a la belleza y practicidad de ellene.

Ejemplo del idioma Ellene:

"L'idiome ellene tamben tene un gramait mas simp, na nece diacrites, tene un ortografie mas facie de aprender par les extrangeres que le langues europee, en fin, un langue que poeria les Amerit Latine en un lugar alun mas destacat en le cenaire internacional i que fa justie al tamain de nes territoire de extension continental."



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Be well.



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