Why 2020 was a wonderful year and the new perspectives for that year

 Hello, 2020 has been a difficult year thanks to political conspiracies that have made all citizens hostage within their own cities disproportionately, and using fear as an artifice to force people to obey.

 We know that, in fact, there was a pandemic and that people died, but the poor management of the problem was the real reason that there were so many deaths, as well as being responsible for the economic crisis and unemployment, in addition to the affront to civil liberties.

 Even so, we managed to have a wonderful year, because when you act rationally and you are not dominated by fear, you fear nothing, you are in fact a free person, instead of being a mere slave of the ruling elite.

 So, instead of being stuck in panic, we took advantage of this year to renew our strength and we had a very productive year.

 For example, we write a lot for some of our books, we produce quality art, in fact we even create a new artistic movement, we improve our knowledge of allans philosophy, and we even record a metal album.

 And let's not forget, taking good care of our health, doing good physical activities at least 3 times a week, we help someone who has had a serious health problem, and then we take care of that person after the surgery, plus the various articles and teachings from allanism, which we still teach those who wished to learn. Anyway, it was a wonderful year within our values ​​and ideals.

 But, we also had some personal problems that we were unable to solve within that year, as well as we failed in some overly ambitious goals, for example we tried to learn 5 languages ​​at the same time, well, it didn't work, and we decided to study only one at a time, and  we are learning, although we study only through applications and the web.

 Anyway, we don't complain about anything, we are grateful to have spent the year 2020 unscathed and we keep our mind focused on what really matters, which is having the mind in harmony with Eternal Consciousness, staying away from negative thoughts and attitudes, and  continue to evolve every day.

 May we have a new year that is as productive as last year, but that we can advance even more in all areas.

 Aisi ~


Ricardo Rangels Live DJ Set from The First Day


A little of what happened in 01/01/21's live .. To see more, search on http://www.youtube.com/ricardorangels


News: Exclusion from our Facebook and Twitter pages


 Hello, this year we deleted three pages on Facebook, as well as some time before our profile on Twitter.

 The reason is quite simple, in the case of Facebook for not agreeing with the system of hiding our posts, where even our fans enjoying our pages and we have many followers, the company will only show our posts to 2 or 3 fans.

 We believe that when someone likes a page and becomes a follower it is because they are interested in the content of that page, and it is immoral not to have this content published in their feed, to receive only filtered content that does not always correspond to the user's interest.

 There is a saying in my country that says "those who are annoyed to leave", and I decided to follow this advice, so not only do I delete my pages there, but I am also definitely stopping using our personal profile on this social network.

 As for Twitter, well, I think it's a very vague type of blog, and it's useless for someone who writes more elaborate ideas, in addition to being a big waste of time. So basically, we only have 3 channels of information for now, Instagram, YouTube and official sites like this one.  

It is worth mentioning that having a life with less social networks is also part of having a healthier and less stressful life, and is part of the simpler concept of life that we are looking for in our lives.

 Aisi ~


Male hypergamy exists and the main cause of male problems

 Hi, this text is part of the PoSm philosophy which means post-mgtow or psychology of supermen in the most Nietszchean sense of the word. 


But, is it really so?  I went to look for the origin of the word and notice, it has no scientific basis on the supposed hypergamy.

 For you to have an idea, the origin dates back to India, where logical due to the brutal caste system, a woman from a low caste marrying someone from a higher caste was very desirable.

 But if there is no hypergamy in women what is it?  What there is the attraction for attractive people, like sexual beings, we feel attraction for attractive people or more specifically for people who appear to have genetic traits that favor healthy offspring.

 Therefore, youth, height, good musculature, a symmetrical face and a square chin, indicate health and good testosterone levels.  And no, my friend, your girlfriend does not have something natural, an uncontrollable desire to exchange you for the first handsome or spotted one that appears in front of her.

 Betrayals exist due to many factors involved and mainly it depends much more on the character, customs and other reasons that we will talk about in another opportunity.

 But, what these groups do not talk about is male hypergamy and how it is responsible for basically all male misfortunes, but that you will know here first hand through my philosophy.

 To recapitulate, hypergamy is the act of desiring or relating to someone from a higher class, in other words, it is looking for someone with a higher social value than your own.

 And this is where male hypergamy is located, in our society women have a greater social value than most ordinary men in their own right, first because their eggs are valuable and expensive compared to our sperm that abound, second because in general men always want women with far more attractiveness than they do.

 It's that old story, the guy is unattractive, out of shape, shy, without friends, but he always lives idealizing Stacy, beautiful, well dressed, attractive, outgoing and popular at school, in the good old stereotype of American films.

 Of course, everyone wants to be close to attractive people including women, the world is generated by interests and nobody wants to be bad before their peers, every human being seeks to stand out, be loved and be valued as social beings that we are, and this is where  that both male and female hypergamy resides.

 But, in the case of men it gets worse, a girl is likely to be interested in the so-called chad of school, but as soon as she sees that she has no chance, she leaves for another one and goes on with her life, since what happens with Joe Betason in love for Stacy?

 This one continues to cultivate a platonic love, tries to draw attention, sometimes he even becomes a bully, makes a mess, everything to stand out, and here is one of the first male mistakes.

 While the girls are dedicating themselves and getting good grades, the betosous is there playing terror, for a very small success with the women, playing the bad boy or depressive for not having a Stacy like Chad.. with time this will aggravate the differences between genders, and that's how women became the majority in colleges and meanwhile men still want a woman of superior social value to him, in this case in beauty and attractiveness, in fact he wants to suck the social value of that woman, for having low self-esteem ..

 In the meantime, instead of improving, studying, learning new languages, they waste a lot of precious time on web dating, stalking e-girls, games, porn, going clubbing or stuffing themselves with anabolic steroids at CattleFit, all to try to impress women..

 But, the reality is that women are much more rational than men in social and logical relationships, they will not be attracted to a guy who will only suck up his social value without offering anything in return, are they wrong?  Of course, not.

 How many times have we stayed away from friends who just wanted to suck up our value without adding anything in return?  That jealous, negative friend who did little to help him, because most men are like that before women who don't need them, they want to suck up their social value, show them off as trophies, win the circle of friendship and spontaneity of women with very little to offer in return.

 Ah, but are there any self-interested women? Of course, in fact, the human being is self-serving, whether men or women, and no one creates relationships even if it is just friendship based on nothing. How many beggars do we have friendships with?  Probably none because we all tend to approach people with a life similar to ours and almost always from the same social class or higher, hmm, fraternal hypergamy here lol..

 But, let's go back to Joe Betason, he can finish his studies, pass college, get a good job, earn well, but what does Joe do from then on?  Rather than looking for someone compatible with his level of attractiveness and social value, he still wants a Stacy even though he is far below his new financial situation. Wake up, Famous..

 Still, Stacy doesn’t want it because of the factors of sexual attractiveness already known, our friend Joe doesn’t give up, and starts trying to impress this Stacy in all ways, mainly demonstrating her financial power, taking her to expensive dinners, showing her car, trying to prove it for her that he has money and he worthy of it.

 From then on, our Stacy has two options, if she is a self-interested person she will have a relationship out of interest only, maybe because of a miracle she will love over time, or depending on her character she may betray him and because she doesn't really like him, make his life a  hell, disrespecting him whenever he gets the chance.  How bad is Stacy!  

But never forget that Joe is reaping what he planted because he insisted on someone who had no interest in him, and because he voluntarily demonstrated that he wanted her to approach him for money, do remembers the financial statements of the beginning he gave..

 Here comes a divorce, Joe Betason loses a lot of assets to his ex-wife and more, then he'll complain, and cry in the manosphere that women are no good when Joe chose his own path of illusions.

 Now for another guess, Joe was lucky, everything went well, either with Stacy or a Becky who really likes him, has kids, everything was going well, but Joe starts to feel bored, it seems that something is still missing and at work appears a more attractive Stacy than his wife, (hypergamy), Joe does not control himself (hypergamy) starts to hit the ground, is insistent is even accused of harassment having several professional or financial losses, or the opposite may happen, Joe in  the truth is that he starts to be harassed by Stacy, and ends up giving in, he has an affair, he spends a lot to impress, his wife finds out or he leaves the house, divorce and the cycle repeats itself..

 It doesn’t matter in almost all cases Joe’s hypergamy leads him to a game over.. Joe also spent his life voting for politicians who make more and more laws against men rights, or even if he doesn’t vote, follow and give audience and profit for several celebrities who support these laws and who put political pressure on politicians what to do with it, and imagine the reason why he and several men do this, hypergamy, they are craving sub-celebrities above their social value.


 So, that's it follow our site, like, comment, see other posts and soon we will bring more content of our supreme philosophy. 

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Lyrics for the album The God of Metal


1 Cachorro Louco

Cachorro louco cachorro louco 
Cachorro louco louco louco louco louco 

Pra você não dizer..
Eu vou deixar um pouquinho pra você, pra você 
Pra você não dizer que sou ruim
Eu vou deixar um pouquinho pra você, pra você 

Cachorro louco cachorro louco 
Cachorro louco louco louco louco louco 

Au rau rau rau rau rau au 

2 Mgtow 

"No, ma'am" 

I don’t wanna be your hero, 
risking me for zero, 
I don’t buy financed houses,
My path, development now
My reason what guides me,
I left the tinder, tired of futile
no longer a flatterer giving,
   on your photos, on bikinis. 

"Don't care your hash lies
for fame, money or revenge
Nor time for fancy weddings 
Nor Diamond, it's expensive."

I'm like billions of Men 
Going Their Own Way
Leave me alone or be part of my life if you are my height, 
I'll treat you 
as an equal, 
don't piss me off  
because that is the essence 
of a light true love  . 

I don’t wanna be your hero, 
risking me for zero, 
I don’t buy financed houses,
My path, development now
I live in my hobbies, 
dreams and investments
And a few, oh lord,
Work out, strategy of Pence 

I'm like billions of Men 
Going Their Own Way
Leave me alone or be part of my life if you are my height, 
I'll treat you 
as an equal, 
don't piss me off,  
because that is the essence of a light true love  . 

I'm like billions of Men 
Going Their Own Way
Leave me alone or be part of my life if you are my height, 

I'm like billions of Men 
Going Their Own Way
Leave me alone or be part of my life if you are my height, 
I'll treat you 
as an equal, 
don't piss me off,  
because that is the essence of a light true love  . 

True love 

True love 

3 Queerness 

Losers judge the unknown
What doesn't fit the traditional roles
But I only live as I really am
And I'm sorry that my happiness
Bother these people without finesse
But I am here, i will not disappear 

I have nothing to fear
Much less to hide
They'd be improving their own lives.
I will not exclude myself
The possibility of being happy
Welcome to the queerness at last 

4.1 Hiro (transliterated) 

Anata wa omotte iru 
yori mo haruka ni tsuyoidesu. 
Idai-sa to kizoku wa anata
no naka ni arimasu. 2x 

Hīrō, hīrō, sono uchū no hīrō. 

"Anata wa anata jishin no uchū no hīrōdesu. 
Anata wa totemo 
Utsukushi-sa wa anata
no naka ni arimasu. "

Monogoto wa kantande
wa arimasenga, 
saishūtekini shōri wa 
anata no mono ni narimasu
Jibun o sagasu dakedesu. 

4.2 ヒーロー 



あなたはあなた自身の宇宙のヒーローです。あなたはとても美しいです。美しさはあなたの中 にあります。


5 Trovão 

I know some days are hard
And the pressure of the world is heavy
But while the weak ones
succumb to depression
The strong are working out, reading, and preparing for the glory, please no llores
Be like a trovão.. 

Your steps are steady
No negative thoughts or drugs here
His faith in himself and in the universe is unshakable
Your eyes are flames in the darkness
Your posture should be straight
And your voice must sound like a trovão.. 

6 The God of Metal 

We left winning
And to win
Great times 
Are coming 

More beautiful 
More beloved
Go up hight
Move forward 


Battles are fleeting
Order in the midst of chaos
But glory is eternal
I'm the God of Metal 

7 Hey, Christian 

Hey Christian
I have good news for you
Glad yourself, there is no hell, it's truth 

No demons to fear
You are pure art
You dont need to suffer 
  it's a fact 

And you don't need to worship a zombie, a god to ascend
Don’t need to donate ten percent 

Free of these superstitions
Eternal Consciousness is in you
You are so beautiful 
No matter, no sin, it's just you 

8 Emblem 

I got it in my feelings 
I got it in my dreams
I got in common sense 
No consequences 
Just me 

Against bad luck
Bad luck
In the end
I'm yours 
Like a superman 

Nobody can't understand 
The ocean of the mystery 
Nobody can't understand 
The terms of the critery 

Nobody can't clear up
That saved in the heart 
Nobody can't clear up
The passion as a dart 

I got it in my feelings 
I got it in my dreams
I got in common sense 
No consequences 
Just me 

9 Great Aspects 

To the flower of cold waters it's changed
Words of ends of hours of the days
Great aspects of the nature
What does time we do?
The solemn quiet, the twilight 
Your jubil, suffering and enfusing 
Of forever fall in love
By dawn, the pretty and softly 

And I've moved my wings to the fantasy 
Lighten up by the face and grace
Of my sweaty soul by the hoe
I made you fruits under satelite 
Flowing up these sounds of creation 
caatingueiro, fox of the lagoon
In this caatinga where the life flies
And God with his eyes blessed 

I hear whistles on the woods on drops
Lighting up beyond the hills
And the red foliages come from
To the flowers and dry leaves 

Soon will going the nightly mantle
So free of mistakes and enchantment 
Licking with angry flames that calls
The stars that love him 

And I've moved my wings to the fantasy 
Lighten up by the face and grace
Of my sweaty soul by the hoe
I made you fruits under satelite 
Flowing up these sounds of creation 
caatingueiro, fox of the lagoon
In this caatinga where the life flies
And God with his eyes blessed 

10 L'Ensie des Alland 

Que trema les enemies
En ve nes ensies
En nes canciones
En varies dimensiones 

Nes eleva a le grandese
Dele gloire, en fiese
De nes herens
Sor le graces des All~ 

L'ensies des Alland
L'ensies des Alland 

Nes nunt va equecer
Blet, brant i bler
Na impœrta aond nes va
Sey leuri rereh m'ler

The importance of constancy


 Hey, today we made a little reflection about what our philosophy is about, because sometimes we have a lot of obligations and tasks to do, and sometimes we lack time to dedicate ourselves more to spiritual contemplation.

 That's when we heard the divine voice, and it said to us, "Hey, stop worrying, that's actually what true contemplation is about."  And we ask: "But how come ..?"

 And Consciousness answered us:

 "Doing what is right is the true law and spiritual evolution, and that is what you are doing, every time you take good care of your home, your health, your work, you are evolving and that is the constancy of  true contemplation.

 Observe a large part of the religious, they spend a lot of time praying, concerned with thousands of rules, and many neglect health, family and their routine obligations. "

 So, not only do we give thanks for this teaching, but we understand the virtue of constancy that is always progressing into something good.

 Let's take an example, you live alone, you don't have a cleaning lady and of course the garbage and dirty dishes are accumulating, so you are obliged to always collect the garbage, clean and wash the dishes, besides organizing things.

 If you refuse, you will have to live with an unpleasant situation and that situation will get worse and worse, and it will become increasingly difficult to fix.

 So here we can understand that it is always necessary to take care of things, as well as progressing, what we call constancy.

 In everything in your life, this virtue will be important to you, never stop progressing and evolving, always organize things well, always take care of your health and be sure to invest, besides of course reading, learning good things, exercising, and  all of this is constancy and part of true spiritual contemplation.

 Aisi ~


Why this work of art is so wonderful?


 Hello, when the pandemic started and after a dream, I felt an urge to start producing art again, but there was a problem, I remember that the stores were closed, there were restrictions and I couldn't wait for internet shopping to do my work.

 That's when I looked at polyethene materials in my home, and that triggered the missing trigger, what if I built my own canvas and paints?

 I always liked polyethene, I remember my childhood where I grew up in a big yard full of plants, where I did several experiments that tried to create new breeds of insects, extract perfumes from plants and even make sesame shampoos.

 Among these there was also the manipulation of oil and plastic cans, and much of this experience was essential to develop this technique of using polyethene.

 Having thought about it, I decided to relearn and try it, and it was a little difficult, at first it seemed like I had done a lot of nonsense, I remember feeling bad when inhaling the toxic smoke, but I couldn't stop, the art had to come anyway, even if i died i needed to finish.

 I also never really liked the canvas, not that it’s not cool to touch the paints, it’s very gratifying to paint, but I never feel very comfortable knowing that trees have to be cut down so that we can make art with them, and sometimes, even painting trees on canvas.

 Apart from the fact of durability, a canvas is something very fragile that can be damaged, and the paints lose some of their luster over time, and I want something more perennial and easy to transport.

 For example, these works can last for many years, thene is wonderful, the color will hardly fade and I can still carry it around without problems, I can even roll it up like a sheet of paper, which saves me a lot of space here, like said before, thene is a wonderful material.

 And I think we should value this more, the problem is not this material itself, but the political incompetence and bad character of some companies and people who instead of recycling properly prefer to let it in the environment. For me, and for all these qualities I prefer to value its beauty and transform it into art. 

And in the end, the result was better than I expected, a different work of art, with an unusual material with a touch of sculpture, where you need not only inspiration but a lot of technique when dealing with a material that can literally kill you, it is as if what brings us life, art, can bring us death too, in a beautiful poetry of rebirth and eternity.

Ricardo Rangels °


The Lockdown Conspiracy?


 Hey, as you know from the beginning, I took a stand against the lockdown and after all these months I realized even more that I was right.

 My reasons are simple, the lockdown does not solve the problem, it only postpones the inevitable, and that the human being should not separate or live hidden in fear of reality, but harmonize with nature, in addition to all the economic problems and  that the lockdown is bringing.

 But, there is something more sinister in all this, governments and an elite took advantage of this situation to increase their powers and deprive the freedom of the population, the pharmaceutical industry is also profiting billions, with the hysteria and fabricated fear of a disease with very little lethality.  .

 But, noble, did the media show me millions of deaths?

 Yes, there were deaths and it is a dangerous disease, but if you compare the statistics it is normal and every year, several diseases kill even more.

 Let's take an example how about deaths caused by smokers?  Why don't governments force these people to a lockdown and prevent them from smoking, or why don't they force people to stop drinking, to have unprotected casual sex to prevent AIDS?  Since all of these behaviors are at high risk?

 No, they are not going to do that because this world is totally orchestrated, democracy is a scam and their pet politician has an owner, an obscure power that dominates everyone, the so-called deep state.

 And this deep state wants to implement a new world order, they want to adopt a new financial system, decrease the world population and take away all the little freedom that we still have.

 Although many think that this is all a conspiracy, we see at all times that this is true.  Just look at how politicians are currently acting in several countries imitating a bizarre idea of ​​a country without freedom where its citizens are even more slaves.

 But what about the pandemic?

 I do not deny that the disease exists, but the lockdown is not the answer and only postpones the problem, because one day we will all have contact with this virus as we have with the common flu every year.

 The solution is to continue our lives normally by taking some necessary precautions.

 For example, I was in a shopping mall this week and the organization and rigor make it practically impossible for someone to get covid in these conditions.

 At the entrance, the temperature of the customers is checked, if you have a fever, entry is not allowed, a mask in this place is mandatory, there is alcohol gel in several places, and crowds on escalators and other places are avoided.

 Now I ask, why is it so difficult for Europe to do the same?  If so far in a country like Brazil, in one of the regions considered to be less developed, it is possible to take this care properly?

 It is noted that some politicians are actually just using the pandemic excuse for other power projects or are even malicious.

 Why instead of doing what works, without harming the economy, jobs and keeping the population free, happy and healthier, since social interaction, clean air, physical activities and sun strengthen the immune system, they prefer to do what  little works?  That it has already been found to be a wrong, unnecessary policy that destroys the economies of countries, generates unemployment, cases of depression, violence, addictions and even suicide?

 I will stop here, the questions have been asked, and you must demand plausible explanations from your feudal lord. Stay in the peace of the Eternal.

 Aisi ~


New book: The Ort, Ortism or Pornoism by Ricardo Rangels

Hello, Ricardo Rangels wrote a new book last night The Ort, Ortism or Pornoism & the Glorification of Lack of Talent in the Arts.

This project is a humorous booklet that describes everything that is wrong in the art world today.  

You will be surprised by the ironic way in which what everyone knows is true but people are afraid to talk about many of the ortists and ort works that are sold for surreal values.  

  A reading so light and interesting that you will read it at once.





Campaign: Just Fair Play for inclusive sports

Hello, my name is Ricardo Rangels and I'm starting the campaign Just Fair Play in the world of sports.


The aim of this campaign is to make sporting activities and competitions more egalitarian, inclusive and non-discriminatory.  Where many people can fulfill their dreams that have been shattered by the discrimination of certain standards such as height, weight, and gender.

 The inclusion campaign will improve on 4 points:

 1 height categories in sports such as basketball, volleyball, swimming.

 2 weight categories in sports such as football.

 3 end of competitions based on gender in these sports, with all mixed teams being formed by men and women fifty-fifty.

 4 the inclusion of the Paralympics occurring simultaneously with the Olympics.

 That way we will make the world of sports more inclusive.  Many people will not agree much, but in the future people will understand and adopt because it is the fairest, in addition to making all these sports much more interesting.

 For example, sports like basketball and volleyball could have a new category by height, that is to say people of short stature could be athletes in that area.  Just like boxing has categories by weight.

 Sport, like American football, should have a weight class too.  Since only heavy men stand out in this area today.

 And the most controversial of all, all these sports should have mixed teams, half men, half women, that would end the salary difference in sports and finally we would see female athletes being more valued, since it would be mandatory for all teams to be mixed.

 Another issue would be in the Olympics, it is very discriminatory that the Paralympics only happen after the Olympics, it has to be all together being part of the medal raking.  Of course, the Paralympic athletes were not going to compete with the functional athletes, but for example when there is a swimming competition for the functional athletes, the Paralympic athletes competition should happen soon after and vice versa.  This takes advantage of the entire audience of broadcasts, bringing more equality among athletes, because the way it is today many channels do not even give an audience to the para-olympics.

 Finally, our world needs to be more inclusive and bring down the last stronghold of discrimination that still exists and is applauded.  The time has come when all children can dream and one day have a chance of becoming athletes, instead of being discriminated against for their height, weight and gender in the world of sports.

 Just fair play.

 Ricardo Rangels


Why basketball and football must end


 Hey, basket and football needs to end because they are sports that only give space to a physical type.

 But, calm down, my goal is to make these two sports more interesting and inclusive.  And the solution would be to have new categories by height and weight.

 In basketball, there could be a league for people of normal to medium height.  And in football there could be a category for lighter people, just like in boxing.

 As well, as I said before here, also with mixed teams, with half of the players being women, which is a goal that I don't give up on any of these sexist sports.

 Well, that’s the idea that I’ve been cultivating for a long time, and I think it would do our society very well, which would become more inclusive and fairer by giving good thin athletes who are not that tall an opportunity, it would also give more space  the women.

 It just depends on all of us that it happens, please share this post and this idea.  Together we can create a more inclusive, fair and better world.

Ricardo Rangels 


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