The constant end of our freedom

Since the time I was a child, I have noticed a constant loss of our freedom.

More and more the political class and great magnates of finance, industry are advancing against our rights.

First of all, we lose our privacy, which is due to our will to exist, to be noticed, to be someone in life.

But we have also lost more valuable things like the right to plant and eat healthy food, not this genetically modified garbage, the right to defend ourselves, the extortion of our wages through abusive taxes, the right to keep our bodies healthy without being violated  with vaccines full of mercury, aluminum and other harmful crap, and we currently lose the right to come and go, to even be able to take a walk.

All of this motivated by shady reasons such as giving profits to the pharmaceutical industry, to dubious modified food industries, to big banks and to dubious men who think they are gods above all humanity.

But, all these crimes against humanity always come with the false promise of health, safety and happiness, but as we all know, fraudsters do not keep their promises and people are less and less healthy, insecure and increasingly unhappy.

This system has to fall and these criminals have to be tried, and they will be. As much as they are above good and evil, may their false laws protect them.

Justice is coming in peacefully and you must be on the right side of history.  The latter will judge them relentlessly in the same way that it judged the slave traders and the Nazis.

As for you, you must perfect your existence, trust in our God and try to live a full life even with so many threats from this scum.

In the end, you will end up victorious and honorable, and they will be ashamed three times more for all the evil they have done, they will be ashamed forever as the nothing they are.

Stay firm in true nobility.  Aisi ~




 1-これらの国のカップルに税控除を与えます。 これは簡単であり、実際、いくつかの場所ですでに行われています。

 2-これはより議論の余地がありますが、私は女王の母親として働くために女性を雇うという自然に触発されました。私のインスピレーションはミツバチから来ました。 私にとって、彼らは地球上で最も素晴らしい存在です。





 良い市民を作るのは人種そのものではなく、彼が成長する文化的基盤です。この解決策は素晴らしいでしょう。なぜならこれらの場所の低出生率を解決することに加えて、 先進国では、新しい国籍だけでなく、豊かな文化と先進国へのアクセスを提供することになるでしょう。



 Ricardo Rangels •

Three solutions for low birth rates in Europe and Japan

As a philosopher my role is to think and seek solutions to world problems, and this time I reflected a lot on Europe, home to my paternal ancestors and Japan, a people I identify with naturally. 

The three solutions are as follows to resolve low birth rates: 

1 - Give tax breaks to couples in these countries. This is simple and in fact it has already been done in some places. 

2 - This one is more controversial but I was inspired by nature, which is to hire women to work as queens mothers, my inspiration came from bees, did you know that I was a beekeeper for a brief period and studied a lot about bees? For me they are the most wonderful beings on the face of the earth.

But back to the subject, if we would choose some women who would be fertilized in vitro by anonymous donors, of course the government would pay for it, and would raise these children in a suitable home, much like surrogate mothers. 

3 - This option would be for the governments of these locations to massively adopt orphaned children from other countries. 

The major problem for countries is the mass immigration of adults, as they often fail to assimilate the culture of a country, so the mass migration of adults brings many more problems than solutions due to the cultural barrier. 

But the same does not happen if this migration were of children, because children are flexible in adapting to a new culture. 

What makes a good citizen is not the race itself, but the cultural base on which he grows, so this solution would be wonderful because in addition to solving the low birth rates of these places, it would also help many children in situations of poverty in underdeveloped countries, it would be to give them not only a new nationality, but rich cultures, and access to developed countries. 

I hope that governments in these places will be able to read these ideas and put them into practice, thus solving, once and for all, low birthrate problems.

Aisi ~

Ricardo Rangels •


Why I'm not afraid of the covid and all this paranoia is bullshit

I have a philosophy of life to accept what comes in this reality and it has been almost 12 years since I went to the doctor, and the last time I went was to do exams to get a job, another time I got a damn vaccine because I went to travel.

I really hate all this hype in the modern world and excessive medical care. And how do you do when you get sick?  In general, I let my own body heal itself, I do not have tests and would only go to the doctor in a very serious case.

Why do people live in fear of falling ill?  Why do you have to live doing tests every year? Why live in constant paranoia when no one is going to live forever? And even with so many worries, everyone goes to the hole?

It doesn't make any sense to me.  We can die at any time, even from a small fall while walking, from any other silly illness. Why bother with the covid?

Besides, my life has a meaning, my spirit is immortal and to die in this petty and late world to be reborn in a higher dimension for me would be a great victory.

I had a good life, being able to find what I should have found in this life. I have no reason to fear death, since for me this will be my moment of liberation and coronation in eternity.

Only fools and materialists who live meaningless and useless lives should fear death, not noble and excellent people like me.

To live is to take risks, and all these actions taken by governments will not do any good.  Maybe if they had closed the borders as soon as it started it would have worked, but now it is a little late.

Humanity will survive, whoever has to die will die, no event must be canceled and people must live their lives normally faced with life.

This modern world is a horrible place full of fearful and weak people. Only the man of the past knew how to live life fully without fear and facing the unknown.

The nobles follow my path and they can look even before death to the skies having a life that was worthwhile, like a brave and noble knight who look with satisfaction and knows that he will enter the gates of Avalon with honor.

Aisi ~

חברון - الخليل - Hebrea, a peace plan for Israel and Palestine

For a long time we have seen all peace agreements between Israelis and Palestinians fail.  And they always continue to do the same thing, which is to insist on the creation of two states side by side.

 But, this solution would be a setback due to current conditions.  Israel will not give up the territories already conquered and the Palestinians will lose a lot if there is an agreement under these conditions, even if they accepted.

 There is a saying that says, "If you can't beat them, join them".

 So, the only solution is to create a new state encompassing Israel and Palestine, thus restarting a new era of peace and solidarity.

 What would this new state look like?

 Hebrea would be a state in which the Jews and the Palestinians will unite, it will be somewhat similar to the molds of the European Union.  And the Gaza Strip and the West Bank would become regions full of a new Hebrew state, following a new mentality and constitution, but preserving their own cultural identity.

 There is no longer any sense of the existence of two states in the region, the world has been moving towards the birth of new economic, demographic and cultural blocs.  And to go against it, is to go against history.

 The challenges

 There would be disagreements on both sides, after all, nobody wants to give up part of their power, as well as religious and nationalist fundamentalism, but the benefits for these peoples will greatly overcome these brief resistances.

 The advantages

 Both sides have much to gain from this solution, first the question of a lasting peace that would go down in history, showing that the human spirit of solidarity and understanding can overcome irrationality.

 In addition to other direct benefits, Israel as a new country was going to have sovereignty over all territories, so it was going to have a much larger territory, which would translate into economic growth and development.

 On the other hand, the Palestinians were going to have their rights recognized, being able to live and work in any city or region of Hebrea, as any Israeli citizen currently has.

 There would be development and growth on two sides, a larger territory, greater demographic growth, two official languages ​​and a plural nation.  Both sides have much to gain from the creation of Hebrea.  And this is not utopia, and it will happen very soon.  Have faith in the Eternal.

Ricardo Rangels •

, תוכנית שלום לישראל ופלסטין. Hebrea

  במשך זמן רב ראינו שכל הסכמי השלום בין ישראלים לפלסטינים נכשלים.  והם תמיד ממשיכים לעשות את אותו הדבר, שהוא להתעקש על הקמתן של שתי מדינות זו לצד זו.

  עם זאת, פיתרון זה יהווה חיסרון בגלל התנאים הנוכחיים.  ישראל לא תוותר על השטחים שכבר נכבשו והפלסטינים יאבדו הרבה אם יהיה הסכם בתנאים אלה, גם אם הם יקבלו.

  יש אמירה שאומרת "אם אתה לא יכול לנצח אותם, הצטרף אליהם".

  אם כן, הפיתרון היחיד הוא ליצור מדינה חדשה המקיפה את ישראל ופלסטין, ובכך להתחיל מחדש עידן חדש של שלום וסולידריות.

  איך תיראה המדינה החדשה הזו?

  העברית תהיה מדינה בה היהודים והפלסטינים יתאחדו, זה יהיה דומה במקצת לתבניות האיחוד האירופי.  ורצועת עזה והגדה המערבית יהפכו למחוזות מלאים במדינה עברית חדשה, בעקבות מנטליות וחוקה חדשה, אך ישמרו על זהותם התרבותית.

  אין עוד תחושה לקיומן של שתי מדינות באזור, העולם מתקדם לקראת הולדתם של גושים כלכליים, דמוגרפיים ותרבותיים חדשים.  וללכת נגד זה, זה נגד ההיסטוריה.


  יהיו חילוקי דעות בשני הצדדים, אחרי הכל, אף אחד לא רוצה לוותר על חלק מכוחם, כמו גם על הפונדמנטליזם הדתי והלאומני, אך היתרונות עבור העמים הללו יתגברו מאוד על ההתנגדות הקצרה הזו.


  לשני הצדדים יש הרבה מה להרוויח מפיתרון זה, ראשית שאלת השלום המתמשכת שתירד בהיסטוריה, ומראה כי רוח האדם של סולידריות והבנה יכולה להתגבר על חוסר ההיגיון.

  בנוסף להטבות ישירות אחרות, ישראל כמדינה חדשה עומדת להיות בריבונות על כל השטחים, ולכן תהיה לה שטח גדול בהרבה, אשר יתורם לצמיחה ופיתוח כלכלי.

  מצד שני, הפלסטינים עמדו להכיר בזכויותיהם, ויכולים לחיות ולעבוד בכל עיר או אזור בהבריאה, כפי שיש כיום כל אזרח ישראלי.

  תהיה התפתחות וצמיחה משני צדדים, טריטוריה גדולה יותר, צמיחה דמוגרפית גדולה יותר, שתי שפות רשמיות ואומה רבים.  לשני הצדדים יש הרבה מה להרוויח מיצירת העברית.  וזה לא אוטופיה, וזה יקרה בקרוב מאוד.  האמין לנצח.

Ricardo Rangels •

 ، خطة سلام لإسرائيل وفلسطين. Hebrea

  لوقت طويل ، رأينا كل اتفاقات السلام بين الإسرائيليين والفلسطينيين تفشل.  وما زالوا دائمًا يفعلون نفس الشيء ، وهو الإصرار على إنشاء دولتين جنبًا إلى جنب.

  ولكن ، سيكون هذا الحل انتكاسة بسبب الظروف الحالية.  لن تتخلى إسرائيل عن المناطق التي تم احتلالها بالفعل وسيخسر الفلسطينيون الكثير إذا كان هناك اتفاق في ظل هذه الشروط ، حتى لو قبلوا.

  هناك قول يقول: "إذا لم تتمكن من التغلب عليهم ، انضم إليهم".

  لذلك ، فإن الحل الوحيد هو إنشاء دولة جديدة تضم إسرائيل وفلسطين ، وبالتالي إعادة بدء حقبة جديدة من السلام والتضامن.

  كيف تبدو هذه الحالة الجديدة؟

  ستكون هيبره دولة يتحد فيها اليهود والفلسطينيون ، وستكون مشابهة إلى حد ما لقوالب الاتحاد الأوروبي.  وسيصبح قطاع غزة والضفة الغربية مناطق مليئة بالدولة العبرية الجديدة ، بعد عقلية جديدة ودستور ، ولكن مع الحفاظ على هويتهم الثقافية الخاصة.

  لم يعد هناك أي شعور بوجود دولتين في المنطقة ، فالعالم يتجه نحو ولادة كتل اقتصادية وديموغرافية وثقافية جديدة.  والى عكس ذلك ، هو عكس التاريخ.


  سيكون هناك خلافات بين الجانبين ، بعد كل شيء ، لا أحد يريد التخلي عن جزء من قوتهم ، وكذلك الأصولية الدينية والقومية ، ولكن الفوائد التي تعود على هذه الشعوب ستتغلب إلى حد كبير على هذه المقاومة القصيرة.


  لدى كلا الجانبين الكثير للاستفادة من هذا الحل ، أولاً مسألة سلام دائم من شأنه أن يسير في التاريخ ، مما يدل على أن روح التضامن الإنساني والتفاهم يمكن أن تتغلب على اللاعقلانية.

  بالإضافة إلى المزايا المباشرة الأخرى ، ستكون لإسرائيل كدولة جديدة السيادة على جميع الأراضي ، لذلك سيكون لها مساحة أكبر بكثير ، والتي يمكن أن تترجم إلى نمو وتنمية اقتصادية.

  من ناحية أخرى ، كان على الفلسطينيين الاعتراف بحقوقهم ، والقدرة على العيش والعمل في أي مدينة أو منطقة من الخليل ، مثل أي مواطن إسرائيلي حاليًا.

  سيكون هناك تطور ونمو على الجانبين ، مساحة أكبر ، نمو سكاني أكبر ، لغتان رسميتان وأمة تعددية.  لدى كلا الجانبين الكثير للاستفادة من إنشاء العبره.  وهذا ليس يوتوبيا ، وسوف يحدث قريباً جداً.  إيمان في الأبدية.

Ricardo Rangels

[好信] 实用的中文字母





 无论如何,这是一个想法,中国人也许可以改善一天。 愿上帝保佑美丽的中华民族。

爸 B
参 C
对 D
方 F
干 G
好 H

家 J or 对' D'
可 K
礼 L
妈 M
你 N
苹 P
前 Q or 他' T'
认 R
寺 S
他 T
学 X
在 Z

有 Y
我 W

爱 A
荣 O
安 E
一 I
人 U
女 Ü

生 SH or 寺' S'
常 CH or 参' C'
中 ZH or 在' Z'


荣 一  爱.
W o   z  a  i    j   i  a.


Ricardo Rangels •


[好信] A practical alphabet for the Chinese language

I am currently studying Chinese, but the logograms are very difficult for those who are learning, I have left these characters aside and I am learning Chinese through the Pinyin Romanization, which in my opinion was a wonderful invention for the Chinese language.

But, after watching a video where the Chinese themselves cannot remember simple characters like that of the word toothpaste.

I had an idea to adapt the Chinese characters themselves to something more practical like the Latin alphabet, but that still preserved the Chinese culture, it was then that I created the alphabet below, the 好信 [hăo xìn].

Of course, I know that this alphabet is not official for the Chinese, but I did it as a work of art and with the aim of bringing something positive in the choice of characters.

Anyway, it is an idea that maybe one day could be improved by the Chinese themselves.  And may God bless the beautiful Chinese nation.

好信 [Good letters]

爸 B
参 C
对 D
方 F
干 G
好 H

家 J or 对' D'
可 K
礼 L
妈 M
你 N
苹 P
前 Q or 他' T'
认 R
寺 S
他 T
学 X
在 Z

有 Y
我 W

爱 A
荣 O
安 E
一 I
人 U
女 Ü

生 SH or 寺' S'
常 CH or 参' C'
中 ZH or 在' Z'

Take the following sentence as an example: I am at home.  我在家. In hao xin becomes:

荣 一  爱.
W o   z  a  i    j   i  a.

This same alphabet can also be adapted to write the different dialects that use chinese logograms and the Japanese language.

Ricardo Rangels •


Gramado, RS, Brasil ~Seasons

we are in Gramado, a beautiful city of European colonization in southern Brazil.

The whole city follows German, Italian, Swiss and Polish-influenced architecture.

The weather at this time of year is hot, but it is always pleasant due to the city being surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountains and vegetation. 

The air is always pure, and besides being able to enjoy a European vibe, it is a very peaceful city with almost nonexistent crime. 

Take the opportunity to take long walks, visit the center and enjoy a wide variety of restaurants that serve Italian food and German pies, also passing through the Swiss fundue and a typical Argentine barbecue.

Anyway, a wonderful trip for those who want a romantic atmosphere and tranquility.


Why the Elective Monarchy is the best system of government

Due to the controversies of certain royal families, many people see a pompous monarchy as unnecessary today.  These incongruities happen mainly because of the hereditary monarchy where often unprepared people are given a title that they are not up to.

The modern world demands more democratic regimes and the monarch phase by divine will no longer convince enlightened people.  But what many do not know is that there is already a good system of government, which unfortunately has been superseded and forgotten by those who do not want a really popular government.

This type of government is called Elective Monarchy, where the king is elected to a life-long position by a council duly prepared for that function.

This form of government was the most popular for thousands of years, it was a universal form of government from tribes of warriors of all peoples to the great empires of mankind.  And it is currently known worldwide through the Vatican, working very well.

But, do some people argue that a hereditary monarch is trained from an early age to be king?

Yes, but that statement is just a fallacy, as we can see throughout history, being the son of a good king has never made anyone a good monarch, and there are many cases in the history of terrible hereditary monarchs who almost destroyed their nation and who irresponsibly ended up destroying the monarchical system in their countries.

Just to remind Nero, one of the worst Roman emperors that ever existed came from heredity, and recently several problems with some monarchs.

In addition, a modern monarch with a few surpluses has the function of giving stability to the government that in general will be managed by a prime minister, making heredity even more meaningless.

In addition, progressive people prefer more democratic forms of government, and these blue-blooded stories of a privileged elite descended from feudal lords have no support for these people.

But an elective monarchy is more democratic and gives a chance to all families, it can receive more support among progressive currents and thus in fact we have an even more stable government.

Another advantage of the elective monarchy is not having family succession disputes which has already led countries to disintegrate and even civil wars, even the catholic church was divided in a  country due to the king needing an heir, something unthinkable in an elective monarchy.

Besides of that, in an elective monarchy, there is no problem of placing children, adolescents or young people a very heavy burden to bear, since in general only older, honest people with an unshakable nature and reputation would be chosen.

Every country that wants governmental stability must adopt the parliamentary monarchy, but this need not be as some people want us to believe, hereditary..

We may very well have a monarch with all the benefits that this type of government brings us, but in a noble and more democratic with a deserved king as is the Elective Monarchy.

What I learned from my dog

It may sound silly, but you learn a lot of lessons when you decide to have a dog.  If you want to know if you would be a good parent, having a dog is a great option to find out if you have the gift of parenting.

It all starts at the beginning, prudent people choose well the person with whom they will have children, something similar happens with the choice of the dog breed, where to buy or adopt.

There is also an effort to study the subject to be a good father. An interesting thing is the anxiety of our puppy's arrival, I believe the same is true for a father waiting for the birth of his son.  And when we finally see that cute being with his sublime eyes staring at us, this is one of the best sensations we can feel.

Then we bring them home with the utmost care, we give them food and take good care of them. The first scares also come when he is sick due to some food or overeating.  Puppies are greedy.

At first, they don't care about us so much, but soon the most expensive stages of the process come with trips to the vet, vaccines and some useful accessories and toys. And day by day, we see our son getting attached and loving us more and more.

As it grows, there are the phases of gnawing everything they find ahead, it is a difficult phase, I lost several sandals and had furniture almost destroyed in this process, but little by little we are educating.

Apart from that we also have to be patient and get used to the work of cleaning and collecting feces, changing hygienic rugs, I believe that this is very similar to changing baby scams.

Finally the big day arrives to take them for a walk on the streets, something that brings a lot of happiness to them.  In those moments we are proud, it is as if we are taking a child to school or introducing him to life.

Then comes the part of sexual interest where they are adults, it is not so easy, and they feel very agitated to play and date.  But as a teenager ages and adjusts, so are our little friends over time.

But throughout this process, we learn many things from our children: patience, to love unconditionally, to respect the space of others, to have responsibility.  We also learn the indirect values ​​of our furry child, such as:

     waking up early in the sunlight,
     always stretching when getting up,
     eating well,
     drinking lots of water
     and playing a lot later, which can be               considered as doing physical activity.

Our friends also teach us tolerance, never to hold a grudge and forgive, and above all they show us that life is simple and wonderful, that we don't need much to be happy, that being happy is the real life.

Ricardo Rangels °

Língua Ellene. Uma Língua Brasileira - Parte 2 | Reforma Ortográfica

Eis, sabemos que as línguas evoluem com o tempo e nesses mais de 20 anos de estudo, preservação e perseverança em manter vivo o legado allane, fomos observando mudanças e inovações que se fizeram necessárias.

1 A reforma ortográfica

1.1 A primeira mudança foi inspirada no alfabeto clássico de nossa língua, na verdade uma readaptação perdida devido a falta de tecnologia da época para a definição dos sons ɛ e ɔ que se confundiam com os sons de e e o.

Outro problema era que também não queríamos que a lingua se distanciasse muito da lusofonia, pois ainda acreditávamos se tratar de um dialeto do português. Mas conforme fomos estudando percebermos que na verdade, a língua ellene é uma língua própria com suas próprias características e peculariedades, e que não devemos ficar mais preocupados em fazer parte da lusofonia.

Portanto, readotamos duas vogais antigas pra esses sons com as letras æ e œ. Esses símbolos soam como os é e ó em português. E independente do uso em outras línguas, o resultado prático e artístico ficou muito bom.

Por exemplo, agora não há mais ambíguidade entre as palavras morte (mœrt) e morto (mort), e em fere (fære) e feira (fere).

Essa mudança também resolveu o problema ortográfico de palavras como

Siere (série) que se tornou sære
Toixit (tóxico) que se tornou tœxit

Lembrando que a letra x sempre tem som de z em ellene.

1.2 Fim da letra y para os verbos afirmativos. Tirando assim a influência da língua Allane por um padrão mais latino. Assim, substituímos y por -s ou -es nos verbos das frases interrogativas.

"Ele esy bene?" Ele é/está bom?
"Ele æss bene?"

Oficializando assim, a pronúncia "ésh" que já vinha sendo usada a um tempo.

E no passado

"Ele æjes bene?" Ele era/estava bem?

Uma outra mudança é que o ponto interrogativo (?), não é mais obrigatório, podendo ser usado ou não em nossa língua.

2. A adoção do substantivo pessoal neutro æle para pessoas que não se identificam nem com masculino nem com feminino ou indefinidos.

Assim temos

Ele = ele
Ale = ela
Ales =eles ou elas ( sim, o plural de eles é feminino em ellene, talvez por ter sido por muitos anos uma língua guardada apenas pelas mulheres.

Æle = ele ou ela neutro, não-binário ou hemafrodita
Æles = eles ou elas, plural neutro.

3. Fim da maioria das palavras femininas terminadas em -a e adição de um infixo -i- masculino.

Casa> case
Caso> caise
Ponte> pont
Ponto > point

4. Definição do pronome reflexivo -se e -si que sempre gerava dúvidas. Assim, adotamos o si pra todos esses casos, exceto se for usado no fim junto a um verbo. (Falase)

Ne si cœrtaj. Eu me cortei
Te si cœrtaj. Você se cortou.
Ele si cœrtaj. Ele se cortou.
Nes si cœrtaj. Nós nos cortamos.

Também se pode usar o si- junto ao verbo.

Nes sicœrtaj. Nós nos cortamos
Tes sicœrtaj. Vocês se contaram
Ales sicœrtaj. Eles se cortaram.

5. Fim de todos os hifens.

Vendese cases. Vende-se casas
Super humain. super humano
Micre ondes. Micro-ondas
Guard roupes. Guarda-roupa
Falales.  Fala-lhe
Ne amate. Eu amo-te
Nes va amarles. Nós vamos amar-lhes

6. O subjuntivo perdeu o equivalente em português a -sse pelo passado -j

Se eu falasse > Si ne falaj

7. Algumas palavras com z final ganharam um -e, e palavras com -ua final ganharam - uin

Luz > lue
Cruz > crue

Lua> luin
Nua > nuin

8. Definição dos quantificadores indefinidos

Isto> ist
Aquilo > isl

Este> est
Aquele > esl

Algum> algie
Nenhum > nadie

Algo> alge
Nada> naide

9. A partir de agora não houve mais mudanças ortográficas, apenas inovações e reduções e contrações em processos naturais ao uso da língua no cotidiano.

Faser > faer (fazer
Praser> praer (prazer

Dedo >dee
Dúvida > duve
Dívida > dive
Intriga> intrie

Substituto > substue
Instituto > institue
Matuto > matue

Conjuntura > conjuntue
Ruptura > ruptue

Marido > marie
Partido > partie

Vida> vir
Ida> ir
Partida > partir

Coluna > coluin ou colue
Suma> suin ou sum

Pode > pœre
Poder > poer

Panela > panle
Janela> janle

Cabeça > bet
Caneta > net
Cabelo > bele
Cavalo > valle
Capaz> page
Cadera> dere

Papel> paæl
Babel > baæl

Fogo > foge ou for
Cedo> cee
Medo > mede ou mee
Rede> ree
Parede> paree
Qualquer> quaer
Bobo >blor

Melhor > mælle
Maior > malle

Substantive ou substantie
Infinitive ou infinitie

O verbo faer :

Ne fa, ne faj, ne es fain, ne faria, ne faar, fa ( eu faço, eu fiz, estou fazendo, faria, farei, faça)

O verbo æser

Ne æs, ne æj, ne es æin, ne æsia, ne æsar, æa (eu sou, eu era, estou sendo, seria, serei, seja)

Ca > aqui
La> lá

Usse e tamben para -também
Et e entan para -então

O possessivo final ganhou um -a

Le case æs nea. A casa é minha
Le case æs tea. A casa é sua
Le case æs lea. A casa é dele ou dela.

Le case æs neas. A casa é nossa.
Le case æs teas. A casa é de vocês
Le case æs leas. A casa é deles.

Mas o inicial continua igual

Ne case. Minha casa
Te case. Tua casa.
Ele case. Casa dele.
Ale case. Casa dela
Nes case.  Nossa casa
Tes case.  Tuas casas.

Atær le prœxim!


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