The importance of constancy


 Hey, today we made a little reflection about what our philosophy is about, because sometimes we have a lot of obligations and tasks to do, and sometimes we lack time to dedicate ourselves more to spiritual contemplation.

 That's when we heard the divine voice, and it said to us, "Hey, stop worrying, that's actually what true contemplation is about."  And we ask: "But how come ..?"

 And Consciousness answered us:

 "Doing what is right is the true law and spiritual evolution, and that is what you are doing, every time you take good care of your home, your health, your work, you are evolving and that is the constancy of  true contemplation.

 Observe a large part of the religious, they spend a lot of time praying, concerned with thousands of rules, and many neglect health, family and their routine obligations. "

 So, not only do we give thanks for this teaching, but we understand the virtue of constancy that is always progressing into something good.

 Let's take an example, you live alone, you don't have a cleaning lady and of course the garbage and dirty dishes are accumulating, so you are obliged to always collect the garbage, clean and wash the dishes, besides organizing things.

 If you refuse, you will have to live with an unpleasant situation and that situation will get worse and worse, and it will become increasingly difficult to fix.

 So here we can understand that it is always necessary to take care of things, as well as progressing, what we call constancy.

 In everything in your life, this virtue will be important to you, never stop progressing and evolving, always organize things well, always take care of your health and be sure to invest, besides of course reading, learning good things, exercising, and  all of this is constancy and part of true spiritual contemplation.

 Aisi ~


Why this work of art is so wonderful?


 Hello, when the pandemic started and after a dream, I felt an urge to start producing art again, but there was a problem, I remember that the stores were closed, there were restrictions and I couldn't wait for internet shopping to do my work.

 That's when I looked at polyethene materials in my home, and that triggered the missing trigger, what if I built my own canvas and paints?

 I always liked polyethene, I remember my childhood where I grew up in a big yard full of plants, where I did several experiments that tried to create new breeds of insects, extract perfumes from plants and even make sesame shampoos.

 Among these there was also the manipulation of oil and plastic cans, and much of this experience was essential to develop this technique of using polyethene.

 Having thought about it, I decided to relearn and try it, and it was a little difficult, at first it seemed like I had done a lot of nonsense, I remember feeling bad when inhaling the toxic smoke, but I couldn't stop, the art had to come anyway, even if i died i needed to finish.

 I also never really liked the canvas, not that it’s not cool to touch the paints, it’s very gratifying to paint, but I never feel very comfortable knowing that trees have to be cut down so that we can make art with them, and sometimes, even painting trees on canvas.

 Apart from the fact of durability, a canvas is something very fragile that can be damaged, and the paints lose some of their luster over time, and I want something more perennial and easy to transport.

 For example, these works can last for many years, thene is wonderful, the color will hardly fade and I can still carry it around without problems, I can even roll it up like a sheet of paper, which saves me a lot of space here, like said before, thene is a wonderful material.

 And I think we should value this more, the problem is not this material itself, but the political incompetence and bad character of some companies and people who instead of recycling properly prefer to let it in the environment. For me, and for all these qualities I prefer to value its beauty and transform it into art. 

And in the end, the result was better than I expected, a different work of art, with an unusual material with a touch of sculpture, where you need not only inspiration but a lot of technique when dealing with a material that can literally kill you, it is as if what brings us life, art, can bring us death too, in a beautiful poetry of rebirth and eternity.

Ricardo Rangels °


The Lockdown Conspiracy?


 Hey, as you know from the beginning, I took a stand against the lockdown and after all these months I realized even more that I was right.

 My reasons are simple, the lockdown does not solve the problem, it only postpones the inevitable, and that the human being should not separate or live hidden in fear of reality, but harmonize with nature, in addition to all the economic problems and  that the lockdown is bringing.

 But, there is something more sinister in all this, governments and an elite took advantage of this situation to increase their powers and deprive the freedom of the population, the pharmaceutical industry is also profiting billions, with the hysteria and fabricated fear of a disease with very little lethality.  .

 But, noble, did the media show me millions of deaths?

 Yes, there were deaths and it is a dangerous disease, but if you compare the statistics it is normal and every year, several diseases kill even more.

 Let's take an example how about deaths caused by smokers?  Why don't governments force these people to a lockdown and prevent them from smoking, or why don't they force people to stop drinking, to have unprotected casual sex to prevent AIDS?  Since all of these behaviors are at high risk?

 No, they are not going to do that because this world is totally orchestrated, democracy is a scam and their pet politician has an owner, an obscure power that dominates everyone, the so-called deep state.

 And this deep state wants to implement a new world order, they want to adopt a new financial system, decrease the world population and take away all the little freedom that we still have.

 Although many think that this is all a conspiracy, we see at all times that this is true.  Just look at how politicians are currently acting in several countries imitating a bizarre idea of ​​a country without freedom where its citizens are even more slaves.

 But what about the pandemic?

 I do not deny that the disease exists, but the lockdown is not the answer and only postpones the problem, because one day we will all have contact with this virus as we have with the common flu every year.

 The solution is to continue our lives normally by taking some necessary precautions.

 For example, I was in a shopping mall this week and the organization and rigor make it practically impossible for someone to get covid in these conditions.

 At the entrance, the temperature of the customers is checked, if you have a fever, entry is not allowed, a mask in this place is mandatory, there is alcohol gel in several places, and crowds on escalators and other places are avoided.

 Now I ask, why is it so difficult for Europe to do the same?  If so far in a country like Brazil, in one of the regions considered to be less developed, it is possible to take this care properly?

 It is noted that some politicians are actually just using the pandemic excuse for other power projects or are even malicious.

 Why instead of doing what works, without harming the economy, jobs and keeping the population free, happy and healthier, since social interaction, clean air, physical activities and sun strengthen the immune system, they prefer to do what  little works?  That it has already been found to be a wrong, unnecessary policy that destroys the economies of countries, generates unemployment, cases of depression, violence, addictions and even suicide?

 I will stop here, the questions have been asked, and you must demand plausible explanations from your feudal lord. Stay in the peace of the Eternal.

 Aisi ~


New book: The Ort, Ortism or Pornoism by Ricardo Rangels

Hello, Ricardo Rangels wrote a new book last night The Ort, Ortism or Pornoism & the Glorification of Lack of Talent in the Arts.

This project is a humorous booklet that describes everything that is wrong in the art world today.  

You will be surprised by the ironic way in which what everyone knows is true but people are afraid to talk about many of the ortists and ort works that are sold for surreal values.  

  A reading so light and interesting that you will read it at once.





Campaign: Just Fair Play for inclusive sports

Hello, my name is Ricardo Rangels and I'm starting the campaign Just Fair Play in the world of sports.


The aim of this campaign is to make sporting activities and competitions more egalitarian, inclusive and non-discriminatory.  Where many people can fulfill their dreams that have been shattered by the discrimination of certain standards such as height, weight, and gender.

 The inclusion campaign will improve on 4 points:

 1 height categories in sports such as basketball, volleyball, swimming.

 2 weight categories in sports such as football.

 3 end of competitions based on gender in these sports, with all mixed teams being formed by men and women fifty-fifty.

 4 the inclusion of the Paralympics occurring simultaneously with the Olympics.

 That way we will make the world of sports more inclusive.  Many people will not agree much, but in the future people will understand and adopt because it is the fairest, in addition to making all these sports much more interesting.

 For example, sports like basketball and volleyball could have a new category by height, that is to say people of short stature could be athletes in that area.  Just like boxing has categories by weight.

 Sport, like American football, should have a weight class too.  Since only heavy men stand out in this area today.

 And the most controversial of all, all these sports should have mixed teams, half men, half women, that would end the salary difference in sports and finally we would see female athletes being more valued, since it would be mandatory for all teams to be mixed.

 Another issue would be in the Olympics, it is very discriminatory that the Paralympics only happen after the Olympics, it has to be all together being part of the medal raking.  Of course, the Paralympic athletes were not going to compete with the functional athletes, but for example when there is a swimming competition for the functional athletes, the Paralympic athletes competition should happen soon after and vice versa.  This takes advantage of the entire audience of broadcasts, bringing more equality among athletes, because the way it is today many channels do not even give an audience to the para-olympics.

 Finally, our world needs to be more inclusive and bring down the last stronghold of discrimination that still exists and is applauded.  The time has come when all children can dream and one day have a chance of becoming athletes, instead of being discriminated against for their height, weight and gender in the world of sports.

 Just fair play.

 Ricardo Rangels


Why basketball and football must end


 Hey, basket and football needs to end because they are sports that only give space to a physical type.

 But, calm down, my goal is to make these two sports more interesting and inclusive.  And the solution would be to have new categories by height and weight.

 In basketball, there could be a league for people of normal to medium height.  And in football there could be a category for lighter people, just like in boxing.

 As well, as I said before here, also with mixed teams, with half of the players being women, which is a goal that I don't give up on any of these sexist sports.

 Well, that’s the idea that I’ve been cultivating for a long time, and I think it would do our society very well, which would become more inclusive and fairer by giving good thin athletes who are not that tall an opportunity, it would also give more space  the women.

 It just depends on all of us that it happens, please share this post and this idea.  Together we can create a more inclusive, fair and better world.

Ricardo Rangels 


How to analyze a work of art according to Ellenism

 First, let's go back to the past and make a paradox about current art.  In the past, art had a purpose, while in cave paintings the mystical character, the search for the transcendent, the desire for everything to work as if it were a prayer was seen.

 In these ancient cultures, in addition to the divine character of life, art had a ritual function in burials.  As well as being a channel of prayers for things to go well, as when primitive man painted animals wishing the hunt was good in the morning.

 "Art is prayer."

 Only here do you realize the origin of art and its true function, which is also to lead us to the transcendent, to the divine.

 Then art started to have two more functions: to serve as a historical record, that is, to portray the people, myths and events of the time, art was a means of registering history as a book.

 Finally, art had the function of beautifying, bringing happiness to a place to be appreciated by people.  Ready, reaching these points, you throw 90% of the pseudo art in the trash.  And it is reconnected with true art.

 If a work of art does not elevate you to the divine, if it does not serve, records and transmits important information, if it does not beautify, it does not bring happiness, this art does not meet the requirements to be considered a high and sublime art.

 But, is it still art?  Yes, all human culture is art, but as I said before, not all art is worthy of praise.

 Let's look at the urinal that a guy put in a museum, and said it was art.  He was correct, it is art as a human culture, but let's analyze the level of this art, give a grade from 1 to 10 ..

 Let's say that good art and technique must be between 5 and 7, if reaching 8 is exceptional, and reaching 9 is great.

 For example, Pollock's art was great because his way of painting was pioneering, nowadays I see thousands of artists inspired by Pollock, that is to say he marked with his style.

 Another example is impressionism, although the themes of the paintings were common at the time, the way of painting brought something new, something that in fact impressed in rare beauty, so this movement was brilliant for bringing something new.

 Van Gogh, Mondrian, Miró, Klimt, all brought new techniques and inspirations that are why they are so praised even if they were inspired by something earlier they brought creativity.

 I don't particularly like Picasso, I think it's overrated, I think cubism is aesthetically ugly, but I recognize that Picasso marked with his style, in fact he was inspired by African culture and perfected his technique, I don't really like it, even so I see dozens of artists painting  like him, meaning he was a pioneer and I admire that.

 Another artist that I also think is great and I like his work is Warhol, as you can see I am not an old man so grumpy, because although this artist seems as futile as he liked to consider himself, he revolutionized the way of making art, making it popular,  his composition of colors fulfills the purposes of the initial art which is to embellish and bring joy, I am always happy to see Warhol's work and after him much of the design, advertising were inspired by his work, and the world has changed today.

 Now let's look at the urinal that a guy put in a museum and said it was art.

 You will notice that the only creativity was to put this object in a museum, so my note on the creativity and technique of this art would be 1.0, but using the parameters of the past we can come to the conclusion that it is an art pee like the goal of  your object.

 Does the urinal as an art elevate the human being?

 Do you bring anything useful?

 Does it beautify any place?

 Do people feel good looking at this object in the museum?

 I'm sure that for most people, even those who don't have the courage to speak, know that it's a grotesque art style.

 So using these parameters, plus the level of creativity that did not exceed 1.0, we sincerely realized that this type of art should not be in any museum, nor have its creator as a great artist and recognition.  Worst of all, students are forced to memorize these bizarre things in schools.

 Ah, noble but my professor of art, of sociology, the critics say he is brilliant.

 I don't care about the distorted view of people in the mainstream of today's culture.

 I said a great professor, critic ..

 Does not matter!  Humanity is regressing in evolution and as a result we have a garbage culture today, just see how violence, crimes, depression only increases by this relativistic view of the world and art.

 When everything is art in the highest sense of the word, art ends up becoming nothing, and nothing becomes empty of people, and empty people live unhappy lives, and live so empty that one hour their existence does not  sense, until they can't take it anymore and take their own life when they have courage, when they don't have courage, they live like zombies vegetating.  And this is all linked to current relativism.

 Because everything has become empty, and when there is only emptiness, why continue to live?  This is so true that even some empty artists of empty arts, could not stand the emptiness itself, and committed suicide.  Throwing your emptiness into the emptiness.


 Art was born from the function of bringing to the human being the elevated, bringing a voice to this world and the eternal beauty of his soul.  Art can and should be conceptualized and even given a note without relativism.

 What is certain is certain, there is a better and healthier way of living in the same way that we do not drink pee instead of water, because water has the function of being ingested, and pee the function of being expelled, this is the  natural order of things.

 But, if you want to know if an art is genius or not, give notes related to creativity, technique, beauty and elevation.


 Although Picasso said that copying makes a good artist, or some bullshit because he was limited, for me creativity is fundamental, I hate to see millions of artists and everyone looks the same, of course several people can paint a rose, but you can see the difference in  a real artist, for a copier even painting the same theme.

 "Genius create, mediocre copy".


 Here comes the characteristic feature, when I see a classic sculpture or a Van Gogh I clearly perceive a good technique in the hands of these artists, even if with different styles.


 The world already has too many misfortunes, why do I want to see horrible things in my room or in my living room?  Or poop in a can or a urinal in a museum?  I want to see beauty in this world as Robério Britto says "art is for joy" and in that he fulfills his role well.


 This is where you feel the transcendental function of art, where you can feel connected with something beyond that reality, I remember when I cried looking at a painting by Van Gogh, spending a long time watching klimt paintings or not knowing why the work of  Mondrian is so interesting when I look.

 Perhaps this is why some paintings from the past were so loved years later, while a large part of the population only pretends to like many contemporary bizarre things.

 "When everything is art, art becomes nothing".

 Now analyze the work as follows:

 Technique: weak 0, good 1

 Creativity: weak 1, good 2, great 3

 Beauty: weak 1, good 2, excellent 3

 Elevation: weak 1, good 2, excellent 3

 Now you have a parameter to analyze a work of art, instead of depending on critics to say what is good or bad for you.  Trust your judgment and math.

 Aisi ~

 * Ellenism, artistic movement created by Ricardo Rangels with the aim of bringing the greatness of art back to our reality.  The motto of this movement is "Art is the voice of the soul".


Debt is slavery


 Hello, in our work as consultants we met many people, but once, a case caught our attention, it was a young man who contracted some debts and that was the worst mistake he made in his entire life.  Here is the report:

 "I remember how it started, I was doing really well and I didn't need any money, but all the time I got a lot of bank offers.

 There was a time when a bank sent me a gift, with a very beautiful bow and in addition to the gift, a tempting proposal with low interest rates.

 As I said before, I didn't need to, but for some reason I decided to accept it with the objective of investing this money, I think the term here is to leverage my investments, something like a company or country takes loans to invest and so it can grow.

 Well, that was my goal, but I soon found out that you cannot make a pact with the demons, because one day they will turn against you and come to collect.

 There was nothing else, everything was going well, but I ended up making some mistakes along the way, I didn't grow up in a wealthy family and they never taught me how to deal with money, and there were also unforeseen, unexpected expenses, I ended up having to spend a lot of money and ended up going bankrupt  in that process.

 Then, interest accumulated and I ended up having a high debt that I had to pay every month regardless of anything.  And I must say that it was not at all pleasant, you see a large part of your resources and quality of life go away.

 But, if there was anything good in this episode, it was the lesson I learned for the rest of my life, and that is what can make a difference not only in the lives of ordinary people, but for different companies and even countries.

 _ Debt is slavery!

 Never under any circumstances take out a loan, make financing, or make a pact with any banking institution.  No matter how tempting it is.  It doesn't matter how much everyone seems to do.  Never sell your freedom.

 But, after analyzing how the world works, I realized that I didn't have a chance and that entire nations are slaves to bankers.

 I have always found it strange why rural producers always borrow money to plant every year, successful entrepreneurs do the same, and why wealthy nations continue to incur public debts.

 You don’t learn about any of this in schools, nobody talks about it anywhere, and politicians also continue to indebt their country more and more. "


 Well, it was an impressive report, and the question of why everyone continues to be in debt was what most caught our attention here and we will explain below.

 The truth about the world is that we live in camouflaged slavery, if your country has a public debt, you were born in debt and will pay with your abusive taxes, that is, your nation that claims to be free, is actually a prison of forced labor,  as our friend said above.

 We have learned nothing about this, because we are all too busy and distracted by political fights between Democrats and Republicans, macho against feminists, gays against heteros, poors against riches, Christians against Muslims, natives against immigrants and whites against blacks. Or too preoccupied with what celebrities are doing, or with the next game on our favorite team.

 But, all of this is purposeful.  Have you never asked yourself why we always have to be busy, empty and sad?  Why in this reality do we have to constantly live in war conflicts, crime, unemployment, hunger and all sorts of social ills in this world?

 Everything is a distraction so that few people can benefit.  Everything has been meticulously planned since before you were born.

 The history you study is false, there was an advanced civilization before the current one, the map is false, the countries of the northern hemisphere are much smaller than shown, the calendar is false, the year is thirteen months, not twelve, and even  the hours of the day are wrong, the day doesn’t start at midnight, but at 5 in the morning, which is actually the first hour, all to generate mental disharmony in you, to live in the dark, keep everyone busy and distracted and  never be aware of our slavery.

 As you can see, your reality is not bad because of you, but because someone has been manipulating you since before you were born.  Nowhere will you read something as realistic as what we are bringing at the moment, but that is our job here, to be the bearer of bad news as a doctor tells a patient the truth so that the cure comes.

 But, what is the solution?

 As a nobleman on the high road, what we can say is that there is a long way for you to actually be free, one of these is to stay out of debt, and fight so that the puppets that lead your country and do not really represent you, put an end to this demonic system of slavery, nothing is more important than that, and do not forget that Kennedy was killed for this reason, that is, it is something dangerous.

 The second point, is the path that we teach here, which is the liberation of your mind and the matrix in which the current world is proposed.  To seek its true essence, to reject the inferior culture that is presented to us, to get rid of consumerism, ideologies and even religions that feed the system.  Do not believe in political puppets, get rid of fear, any fear, hatred, fanatic nationalism and ignorance.

 Liberation begins in the mind, and the grace of the Eternal is available to anyone who seeks wisely.

 May All ~ bless you today and forever.  Aisi.


Kill the fat beta in yourself

 Hello, nothing destroys a man's social value more than being fat, while a little fat can make a woman even more interesting to some men, for male social value being fat is being seen as clumsy, disgusting, having to be content with the role of jester to stand out.

 Fat increases female hormones in men, so it is not uncommon for fatty to get tits, the face becomes more rounded, and thus gives a more effeminate image, apart from the stigma of sloppy and lazy.

 If you are beta or ugly, being fat makes you even more despicable, both for dating and for your professional development.  Do yourself a favor, start losing weight today to look more attractive.

 But how do I do that?

 1 Psychological: here is the most important part, you are full of fat people who start radically wanting to change and a week later the excitement goes away, but as we believe "everything starts in the mind", any winning athlete knows that defeat and victory always starts at  psychological.

 So, you need to motivate yourself all the time, wake up now with encouraging phrases, read overcoming websites and books, watch videos of ex obese etc.

 I advise you to mount your face on a defined body and paste it on your bedroom wall and observe this image every day, meditate on it, say to yourself, "I have a defined body".

 Write in your hand, "I am what I eat, I am healthy, I have a defined body etc." "animal and plant".  Anyway, there are many examples that you can invent yourself, these phrases are your friends and will help you.

 2 Food: you need to get out of the damn matrix of wrong food consumption. Start today with the Paleolithic diet, I will simplify only with Animal and PLANT (meat and vegetables).

 Just by doing this, you will not go hungry and you will start to feel much better.

 Felt hungry? Go eat a meat, a fish, an egg, all these proteins, except soy and beans, these vegetables that come from pods are rich in female hormones.

 Felt like eating sweets? Eat a fruit, a banana, an orange, tangerine, guava, honey, but don't eat sweets, cakes, pies etc.  Sweets, cakes, pasta like pasta all these foods become fat in your body, and the more fat the more estrogen, the more estrogen, the more feminine appearence. 

 So, summing up the Paleolithic diet is very simple, eat animals and plants and that's it.  Do not eat sweets or sugar, sodas, industrialized juice, gatorate, or put sugar even in coffee. In fact, exchange coffee for unsweetened teas, sweetened with honey at most.

 Do not eat any type of pasta, anything that is processed or comes from wheat, so no bread, pasta, pizza ..

 But since I'm not a radical once a week just once a day eat a pizza or something.  Just like one night a week and that's it.  If you wish, but if you are really determined to stop being a fat beta, I advise you when to avoid and continue on the Paleolithic diet.

 For example, instead of going to eat pizza with soda, go to a steakhouse and eat a MEAT with WINE. Take out beer and sodas, these drinks will not help you, and remember beer is equal to wheat, wheat is equal to fat, fat is equal to estrogen, estrogen is equal beta men.

 Besides, depression in men can also come from low testosterone.

 You need to have a high level of testosterone if you want to win. This is not talked about, but the cause of betaness is low testosterone, you are beta because from an early age you were filling yourself with estrogen through diet and habits.

 A defined body, square chin, defined belly all indicate healthy testosterone levels, the rest are copings coming from the matrix to keep you going down.

 So, if you are a man, keep your composure it is your duty to yourself, and start your change process today, from a fat tit, to a man with high social value who values ​​himself, who takes care of his own body.

 3 Physical activities.  I'm not going to advise you to go to a gym right away, because it can be intimidating to see the looks of pumped men and women there.

 So, let's start with walking outdoors for 30 minutes every day, preferably in the late afternoon.

 Ah, but I get home from work at that time ..

 Go down ten stations before and walk until you get home, and stop making excuses!

 Also download an app that teaches you how to exercise at home and start exercising every day.

 Note that I have put things easy to start that do not require any financial expense.

 But if you still want it even easier, in addition to walking, just do push-ups 3 times a day, wake up do as many push-ups as you can handle, the afternoon does more, before taking a shower it does more. Are sad? Happy? Anxious? Do push-ups! .. It's a good start to have a better body and increase your testosterone.

 After about 6 months in this routine and seeing results, then you should go for more elaborate physical activities like gyms or martial arts.

 4 Escape from pessimistic situations: you will want to give up, your beta mind and the matrix will try to sabotage you in every way, so you will need to be smart here and have to get away from situations that will drag you into the matrix.

 There will be friends calling you to eat fast foods, in fact you shouldn't even tell anyone who is changing, keep your secrets for you, there will be games trying to make you sit all day, pessimistic words, moments of sadness, all of this will come to try to stop your development.

 But, you should always remember your goal, for example use this phrase whenever the discouragement comes "even if I can't do it, I will keep trying" .. this phrase breaks the negativism inside the mind and is powerful.  Anything, save this post print it out and read it every day, until all the words here stick in your mind.

 You are a winner, only those who give up lose.

 Good luck!



Why we want to change the official language of Brazil?

 Hi, I recently started a campaign for Brazilians to get to know and learn the Ellene language with the goal of one day this language will become official in Brazil.

 Nor should I say that this campaign has become a great controversy and I received many offenses from the majority of Portuguese but the resistance of some Brazilians as well.

 But, do I really want to change the official language of Brazil?  Why?

 Well, my first reason is emotional, the Ellene language has become my most beloved language since I met this because it was the language of a lady who helped me a lot to better understand the world, changing my history definitely. So, I have this emotional appreciation for that language.

 But there are also other reasons, this time pragmatic for the good of my country. The Ellene language, although its origin is not known for certain, we have a theory that it came from some immigrants crossing Europe who brought this language here, due to the evidence of many similarities with Latin languages ​​and even some Slavic influence mixing here with the influence of Portuguese and Indigenous languages. Despite that or because of that it is a very practical language, it has a very precise grammar and spelling, and artistically it is a beautiful language, the most beautiful Latin language that exists.

 As an artist, this beauty is something very attractive and magical, but also in a country like Brazil that needs to improve educational levels, I see that Ellene is much superior to the Portuguese in this role. In other words, millions of students could benefit and could focus on the development of other skills instead of being too busy and confused with the grammar of Portuguese.

 The self-esteem and self-confidence of Brazilians would also be impressive, instead of living under contempt by the Portuguese who accuse us of corrupting their language, we would have our own.

 Another advantage will be the international prestige, the Brazilian culture is already very rich, and with ellene and our philosophy we would be among the first in the world, again not only for the beauty but also for the practicality being a language that is easily assimilated by any latin speakers. And, we have the advantage of having a less sexist language focused more on the feminine and gender neutral.

 Another reason is philosophical, the Ellene language is part of the great ensemble that is the Allans culture.  And the main focus of this new philosophy is to create humanity's highest civilization here in the tropics.  It is logical that for this the language becomes very important.

 The Portuguese language represents backwardness and has very little to offer Brazil, since Ellene represents the future, a new beginning for the Brazilian people and the birth of the greatest civilization and a world power.

 We will have a long way to make it all happen, but it is totally possible.

 These are the main reasons that made me preserve the ellene language, and I think it is more than enough, but for people who are concerned like Portuguese, we want you to calm down, as it is practically impossible for Portuguese to stop being the language official in Brazil.

 And that is not Ellene's goal, no one will be forced to learn either, Ellene is a personal decision, learn whoever wants it, but if one day the Brazilian finds out that having a language of their own, beautiful, practical and sophisticated, it will be here for help this nation find a new path, a path of elevation and glory.

Ben, vanes embœre

 que epærar na æs saer, 

quen sa fa les hores, 

na epæra acontecer..


The difficulties and prejudices I suffer from being an artist

 Hi, today we are going to talk about my life as an artist and all the difficulties and prejudices against me.

 1 Be original.  You always see critics saying they seek originality, but it's all a lie, they don't know how to recognize something original and innovative when it appears, and they always post the same things that have already been copied a million times.  I recently participated in a magazine, I imagined winning the cover, but I didn't actually win, so I went to see the cover art, there was nothing new, just the same Picasso images that artists insist on copying, and I hate cubism and  I always thought Picasso was overrated.

 2 Be a complete artist.  There are even books saying that you should only dedicate yourself to one area.  But, I'm very different, all areas are part of what I am and I don't intend to change, make music, write novels, paint, act is a great offense.  Curators do not support a new Da Vinci, it sounds presumptuous and it is an offense to artists who are only good at one art.

 3 Be intelligent.  This prejudice is similar to the previous one, but the truth is that it generates a lot of envy, people don’t know but many of my songs and art I did alone lying on my bed, and when I say I did, I mean everything about the instrumental,  the lyrics, the disk image, and I’m able to write a complete novel in a few hours.

 4 Be a philosopher or thinker superior to Socrates and Nietzsche.  Don't get me wrong, I like Socrates and I admire Nietzsche's poetic philosophy, but what can they bring to great human dramas?  Did they invent anything really useful for humanity?  My philosophy on the other hand has a concrete project for the rebirth of a new civilization with the potential to solve the great dramas of humanity, to make a better world.  And that is another offense, after all they want a folk artist or like a jester doing ridiculous poses with futile music on stage, but never someone with a philosophical depth capable of making a cultural revolution.

 5 Be Brazilian.  When I went to Europe for the first time to feel what it is like to be treated as a criminal at the airport, imagine in the world of arts and philosophy.  People want a Brazilian folklore playing football or capoeira, and not a Brazilian who surpasses his great thinkers, when it comes to plastic arts, you imagine yourself European, when you talk to philosophers if you come to mind, Germans or Greeks, but never a serious Brazilian  who doesn't feel like being folk and who hates soccer and samba.  So, it's audacity.  And in the arts in magazines and awards I see this, my art being despised when they know that I am Brazilian.

 In music it is also very difficult, how many Brazilians do you see making a worldwide success today?  Outside of heavy metal, the only space for the most musical nation on the planet is through porn music.

6 Be handsome.  This is very interesting, I have a young and beautiful appearance, and this is a sin in the world of arts and philosophy, it simply does not pass credibility, the stereotypes of artists and sages in general are ugly, old men etc. it is difficult to assimilate a thinker with  my appearance totally out of cult standards.

 7 Be happy and balanced.  The vision of an embittered, bohemian, depressive artist or thinker or troubled singer who is constantly making scandals, does not match my personality, which is always happy and calm because I have found my inner peace.

 8 Be a religious leader.  This is one of the prejudices that I have suffered for a long time, but because of my religion, which is something new and different that people have very little knowledge of.  In general this prejudice comes from people of other religions, it does not apply much to the world of the arts.

 9 The payola of great artists.  There are many here on the music and video platforms, they just don't show my music to potential fans, I have an account on one of these platforms and even though I put my music as favorites, the platform always ignores them in the recommended playlists, it's amazing how these services  they are cruel to unknown or non-paying artists.

 Another interesting thing is that even though I'm blocking some mainstream artists and songs, they keep appearing on the suggested playlists, demonstrating that someone is paying for them to remain there.

 When I open this platform, the same artists always appear on the home page, even though I have never heard a song by these singers because it is not part of my musical taste.  Coincidence?  No, payola one more time.

 Outside networks of posts that even though I have a good number of followers, only shows my posts to 3 people.  I remember having a page with 12 thousand followers on a social network, I posted something and the network barely showed it to 6 people.  You know what that is 12,000 people signed up wanting to receive your content and the social network harms these people and criminally ceases the artist to have contact with his audience.  As a result I ended up excluding this page that I had on this network and I have been studying to exclude others as well.

 In addition, there are the so-called fan clubs organized by mainstream artists that combine to generate mass comments and views to break records for their artists.

 10 Record deal.  Once I received a proposal, but the proposal was so bad that I refused, for you to have an idea it would be a contract with no expiration date, my image, my name, my look and any future work would belong to the label, they would also have control over my songs and I could only sing what they wanted, and if I was not successful I would be in the fridge without being able to sing anywhere.  But, as I value my freedom more than anything and did not want to end up as Prince with long years without being able to use his stage name, escape from this stolen and I preferred to remain independent, maybe one day if there is a favorable contract on my terms I will accept it.  I don't make music for fame or money, but because I want to express what I feel and my talent.


 As you can see it is a very difficult task for me as an artist to grow up in the traditional media.  Everything looks like a card game marked to keep real artists out of the spotlight while promoting the idiocracy of our society.  Some prejudices are punctual, people are just ignorant of the new and ingenious fruit of the current low culture, but others, such as those of platforms and social networks, boil down to money only, if one artist has a lot of money to pay a lot, he will be very successful, don't have money, unsuccessful.

 Well, just that, for today.  Stay in peace, and don't send me more emails asking why I am not successful?  It's not that I don't do it, there is just an unconscious as well as conscious sabotage to leave an artist like me in the dark.



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