Lastest Series

1 Plant.
2 Animal.
3 Woman.
4 Man.
5 God.

Latest Series are acrylic paintings on canvas by Ricardo Rangels, in addition to acrylic, some paints were created from natural and organic elements for the background. 

This series, although they seem, are not abstract paintings because each symbolic element has a meaning or code to be deciphered, some evident others much more complex.

No matter how you feel, just follow the harmony

Hello, there will be some moments in life when you will feel strange, sad or even depressed especially in this current situation in which we are living.

 There will be uncertainties or even concrete problems at work, with the family or in relationships and often even health problems.

 In these situations or even for no apparent reason, feelings of discouragement and pessimism will come, but you must ignore these sensations and follow the primordial harmony.

 But what is harmony, noble?

 The harmony in this case is to do what is right, it is to act in harmony with your inner character and bodily behavior worthy of a high being.

 A practical example, a dog lives in harmony with its own nature, usually they wake up and go do their dog stuff, like stretching, playing, sniffing etc. and usually they always live in joy.

 The human being also has an internal law that he must follow, as a practical example, he must wake up, stretch, stretch, exercise his mind reading good books, do physical activities and exercise his artistic gifts like playing a musical instrument or any other activity  artistic.

 You should also meditate or contemplate, be enchanted by the beauty of nature, take good care of your appearance and evolve more and more as a human being.

 Rethinking negative things is not going to get you anywhere, so ignore these feelings, because no matter how you feel, nobody cares about it, I don't care, not even God cares, just follow Harmony, do what you have to do and be honored and happy before your little existence in this reality.

 Stay in Eternal Harmony.

 Aisi ~

My participation in the Billions series

Axe arrives at the company talking to everyone excitedly "I want everyone motivated, today we are going to make a lot of money, everyone analyzing the reports from MicqXsteal".

Beside them all notice a man dressed in black with aviator sunglasses, and Wags ask Axe "who is he?".  Axe replies "He is a friend, and also one of the greatest artists alive and enlightened, but it is none of your business to go back to work" so Rangels raises his hand and sympathetically says "Aisi", and Tuk Lal raises his hand timidly in greeting " Hi". Rangels smiles warmly at the assistant and Axe leads him to his office.

 At the office, Axe says, "I'm always under pressure, but you always seem very calm. What do I have to do to keep myself that calm?"

 Rangels says "why do you need to keep under pressure?"

 Axe " because I need to get over myself, I need to get over Prince, and the damn bankers ..

 Rangels  "I understand, but why do you need to overcome them? You have already overcome yourself. What you need most, my friend, is already out of total misery by the billions, this is already a great overcoming.

 Axe  "you don't understand, i'm never satisfied, there is also the game to overcome these snobs who were born with the earned lives and still think they are better than me who started from scratch. Do you understand?"

 Rangels "I do understand, but no, you don’t need it, there’s always an easier way to do all things and as for opponents, well I’ve been there already, I wanted to be great to show them, to overcome them, to humiliate them, but today  looking at me I realize that I don't have that feeling inside of me, they are living their mediocre lives and I don't care, you need to do things in a real way for yourself and not to show people, to be real.. "

 Axe watches carefully, agrees with the head, what an enigmatic phrase, to be real, and Rangels laughs and asks "has coffee with milk here, can I get a cup."

 Axe " of course my friend."

 At that moment he receives a call from Spyros and Axe says "I will have to leave, come with me and I will explain how I do business."

 Spyros is dressed as a Japanese lolita and with pink wigs wearing lipstick, Axe looks and says "I am not surprised" and Spyros says "I was in Sweden, you know, and discover me crossover with some chicks there..".

 Axe "and then brought the material?

 Spyros "yes in good quality, you will love it ..."

 The material is a drug that puts an end to the human existential emptiness in addition to giving effects ranging from LSD to ayhuasca through antidepressants.

 Axe says "let me see, great, this will help me beat Prince in business."

 Spyros says "I realized that Swedes don't have a good distribution and we could get into the business by producing right here."

 Axe "but is this illegal?

 Spyros "totally!"

 Axe “I love it!” He says this with a malicious smile.

 Then he looked at Rangels who just raises an eyebrow.

 Axe says, "Never mind, let's producing in Sweden."

 Prosecutor Rhoades is in his office and observes images of Axe and his latest movements on TV, turns to Kate and says "what he is up to, we need to discover all this movement but what the hell, he is always one step ahead ..

 After some days Axe is invited by Spyros to see something new, Spyros is dressed in colorful lolita, white pants and pink wig, is in a dark place, above rehearses a male ballet company that are also chemists and pharmacists and work underneath dressed in clothes of male dancers and dance while they produce, it's a laboratory, Spyros was producing the Swedish drug and was going to start selling to big billionaires in the world ..

 Axe says, "You are crazy, I told you not to do this, although I must admit it did quite a job here ..

 Spyros says, "is that I have currently opened my mind and my horizons.."

 Axe put your hand on Spyros' shoulder "you improved a lot my friend ..

 Rangels is with him and then Ax says "but we have to stop everything, I don't do this kind of thing anymore although keep a good amount for me .." "let's take a look at what we have here".  It was a very big place, it looked like a maze ..

 At this moment, there is a narcotics police invasion, everyone runs away, the prosecutor Rhoades is ahead feeling like a man for the first time, the confusion is widespread with several dancers running jumping windows, Spyros, Wags and Rangels manage to escape by jumping over a wall, the police are not going after the prosecutor had already achieved what he wanted ..

 "Now, what we have here, the great AxelRose involved in drugs, I always knew that you would fall alone one day, I didn't even have to do anything", and he came close to Axe's ear whispering, "once from the guetto always from the guetto ..  "

 Axe looked calm and said "You know Rhoades in other times, I would be very upset with this comment, I sincerely like you and that doesn't matter to me anymore, you won, celebrate your victory today .."

 This left Rhoades confused, he finally got it for Axe in jail, but because Axe made him appear to have won ... what was happening ... in fact Rhoades also liked Axe and the dispute was always for the attention of his ex wife, who always  he had a secret and repressed crush on Axe, but that made no sense now that they were definitely separated.


 Axe spent 2 years in prison before being paroled, during which time the company was hired by Taylor and Wags, and prospered even more, but Stearn left the company in anger that Axe had chosen Taylor over him.  And now he defended communist ideas while drinking at a bar.

 Suddenly Axe, Rangels, Wags and Spyros arrive at the bar, to celebrate Axe's release.

 Stearn is bearded with big hair on the sides and says .. "look who is here the great defeated traitor and bourgeois Axe who left Taylor in charge .."

 Axe looks ironically, ignores him and orders a beer ..

 Stearn turns to Rangels and says "and who are you? Another rich capitalist?"

 Rangels laughs lightly and says "you don't know anything about me, and what do you have against the rich? They are the ones who generate thousands of jobs and even pay the taxes that bring benefits to society.

 Stearn says "Can you believe this guy, where did you find him, Axe?

 Axe gets up and says to Stearn, "I'm going to a bookstore to buy a book on art history with my friend here, you can come with me if you want, you and your troglodyte friend there, learn a little about art ... " and walk away..

 Wags looks at Stearn: "are you coming?

 Stearn then abandoned his ideological speech and aggression and embraced Axe, "I missed you too, man."

 Axe says "me too, but less, you don’t have to squeeze that hard ..."

 Stearn "What are we going to do now?"

 Axe "After buying the art book, my friend and I are going to open a bank ...

 Wags "Again, this story will never allow you to open this bank here ..

 Axe "and whoever said it will be here, this country is too small for my new aspirations, the USA does not rule the world.

 "We are going to open the largest blockchain-based bank in the world with branches worldwide, and here we will use someone else to open our "competitor" who will also be ours .. Consummatum est, fellows!

The End.

Ps.: This whole story was not created by me consciously, it was a dream that I had tonight, I found it very interesting how my subconscious can create a complete and well elaborated episode for a series that I like.  What did you think?  Leave your comments.  Aisi

How mediocre artists are killing creativity

 Hi, I have seen an increasing trend of artists trying to attract attention at any cost in the visual arts.  And for that they are always using nudity and eroticism to achieve this end.  But what is the problem with using this device, noble?

 The problem is not using nudity or eroticism in art, for example I admire nudity in painting, in sculptures and some of the greatest works of art in history have nudes in their composition.

 The problem is that the artist gets naked himself next to his mediocre works to attract attention.  And this process will end up killing all creativity in the arts market.

 Contrary to the current view that everything is art, for me "art remains the voice of the soul", so this expression is greater than simply eroticism to attract attention.

 True artists stand out for their work and not for their body or appearance.  This is what makes the difference between the great masters of the past, as opposed to the boring and appealing art of today.

 Let's see what happened in music, where creativity, genius in compositions is no longer possible, at least not as a mass phenomenon.

 Singers to be successful always have to make shallow lyrics, a 3 note rhythm and a lot of appeal, and even explicit sex in all their behavior to be able to maintain themselves.

 If galleries and art critics continue to make room for mediocre and appealing visual artists, soon the same thing that happened in music will happen in visual arts.

 "But everything is art!"

 In fact, if you consider that all human production is part of the culture of an era, yes, everything is art.

 "But not all art is worthy of exaltation."

 If an artist creates his art by explicitly defending racism, pedophilia, torture or Nazism, would you promote this type of art?

 Certainly not.  Everything is art, but the art that elevates the human being, that brings greatness to the spirit based on creativity and a lot of technique, is very different from what Ariano Suassuna called "Cultural garbage", which is what dominates the music market today.

 "When everything is art, art ends up becoming nothing"

 What is the creativity of wanting to be successful showing the butt or even making art with the butt, anyone can do that, there is no technique, imagination or greatness, it is just using sex to get attention.

 In addition to being a disservice to women, as it continues to objectify them, and compels others to do the same, and so good artists are being relegated to the background.

 When an artist uses his own sexualization to promote himself, what that person is saying is "hey, I have no talent, please look at my body, forget my lack of creativity and technique, don't look at my canvas, focus on my  curves, give me attention, don’t hear my voice, don’t see how weak my lyrics are, focus on how I roll on stage .. "

 To paraphrase a singer who once said about music, I say:

 "Art is not prostitution, you cannot do this for money"

 The problem is that people want to live the glamor of being an artist no matter if they have talent or not. I believe that every human being is an artist and that he has the creative gift within him, but not everyone is prepared enough to exhibit yet.

 But, I want to be an artist, what do I do?

 Study before, improve your technique, start as an observer and appreciator, and seek in your interior "the voice of your soul", and when you find your work it will not be just one among so many abstracts out there that nobody can discern who is the author  .

 I did it, it took me more than a decade to paint again, I knew I had something to say that I had something new, sublime and creative inside of me, and at the right moment that voice started to scream out loud for everyone to enjoy or not  .  And the voice was heard ..

 "Art is the voice of soul"

                                                    Ricardo Rangels •

The Ethics of war

 Some people will say that there is no ethics in war, that the ends justify the means, and that all that matters is to win.  But, I ask what is the use of winning the war, conquering countries and ultimately succumbing like everyone else, and the worst culprit for so many atrocities in a petty search for ambition?  Where's Alexander the Great?  The Roman emperors?  Or any king, leader who conquered and formed empires?

 Everyone conquered a lot of land, but in the end they were placed in a ditch with a little bit of land on top.  And sure enough, many of these are sorry to be so stupid, to have dedicated their lives to an ephemeral and transitory ambition, and the worst of it being blamed for so many atrocities and innocent bloodshed.

 So, there is an ethic in war and I will explain below based on eternal wisdom and human rationality.  In my philosophy, there is no happiness if the human being does not follow his true spiritual nature, that is why there are so many bad things in this world, and so many depressed people living illusory lives, but there is a correct way of living, of fulfilling all things.

 1 All wars must be defense only, never attack, never conquest.

 The basic principle here is to develop our countries, never to want to take the country of the next.  I have already explained the stupidity that it is to seek more land that does not belong to us, that makes us mere thieves, no matter what the beautiful name, or the decoration they give us in the army. A just war is always a defense, never a conquest.

 2 The invading army is almost always wrong, it is like in traffic, whoever hits the back is always wrong.  This basic premise if adopted by the UN would indeed bring about world peace in the long run.  But, unfortunately, we know that the UN does not seek peace, but the interest of the powerful.

 But, isn't there an exception to this rule?  Yes, there is.  Suppose that a nation represes a river that belongs to several countries in order to keep all the water, in this case the nations through which that river passed, can invade and destroy this dam, because they have had their right ceased.  That would be a fair invasion, but as soon as they get it done, they should ethically vacate that country.

 Another issue, one country is launching missiles at another, in which case the other country has the right to invade, destroy these launching bases, perhaps even depose the aggressor leader and after a while, one year at the most, leave the lands of that country  and let the people there be free.

 3 No preventive attack is correct.  It doesn't matter if the other country makes threats, it's just words.  If they threaten, but have never attacked, no action should be taken, in other words, never strike the first blow.  This principle alone would bring much more peace and prevent many unnecessary wars and deaths.

 4 No invading soldier is a hero.  No matter how much politicians give you medals, your country has been wrong from the start, you are just a pawn for the powerful, you are not fighting for freedom but for vested interests.  There is no honor in the meaningless invasion.

 5 Every invasion war is a war for the powerful, not the people.  Let's take a simple example, the invasion of Iraq or the current war in Syria.

 These 2 nations were in order with their dictators, the population lived in peace etc. but as soon as the foreign influence and invasion, whether with professional army or mercenaries, soon brought chaos, countless lives were lost, economy destroyed, rival groups vying for power and  civil war, attacks.  Weren't they better off with their dictators?

 And the worst part is knowing that both the innocent population and the young foreign soldiers who went to die there, were not fighting for their country, but for a powerful elite that wants oil and monetary influence in those nations.

 6 Torture is not acceptable in any situation.

 Humanity has evolved a lot to still commit atrocities, if one is in a war, the goal is to defeat the enemy, not to torture him.  The goal should always be to neutralize the threat, not to have fun, not to seek revenge, or to torture people.

 A basic example about the justice of the alli people: suppose that a psychopath kills, tortures and robs people.  He was captured, what should we do?

 As long as he is a prisoner, treat him well and with cordiality.  It gives the right of defense and a fair trial and in the end sentences the death penalty in the most humane way possible without feeling any pain.

 Because in our ethics the goal is always to stop evil, neutralize what is wrong, and not seek revenge.  The same should be applied in war, remembering that a soldier should not be sentenced to death if he was only being obliged to carry out orders.  The blame in this case is on his rulers and not on him himself who was being coerced by the state to attack people.

 The exception is if a soldier acts on his own, committing crimes against humanity such as torture, civilian deaths or rape.  In that case that soldier must receive the death penalty after a fair trial.

 7 Deserters are the real heroes.  No human being should be forced to fight for the wars created by the elite.  Only poor people die in these wars.  Therefore, any deserter must be left free, no one has to put their lives at risk for the ambitions of the powerful.  If someone doesn't want to fight, let them be free to go.

 But, how are we going to get the loyalty of the troops?

 There is no loyalty, almost all the wars I see today are unjust wars motivated by the desire for power of some old imbeciles.  So loyalty is for idiots.  Fight for yourself.

 If the elite want loyalty to their unjust wars they pay their soldiers well, something here around 1 million just to start, so these soldiers or their families could have a better life at the end of the war.

 8 Never celebrate a victory in a shuffle or war.  Because every war brings death and destruction to innocent people, so there is nothing to celebrate, every war represents that humanity has not yet evolved and that the incapable are in power, so do not celebrate even the victory, but regret, it is time to  stop romanticizing the war, you are not a hero, the real heroes are fighting without shedding blood to create a better world where poor young people do not need to die in distant countries.

 9 Fight for what is right.  That last sentence goes to who is a soldier in fact.  Life is too short to waste in the name of some bad character who obeys the vested interests of billionaire businessmen.  So, fight for yourself, for your family, to have a better life and grow as a human being.

 Your nation doesn't care about you, you yourself have an example of how your companions are treated after being used and discarded.  Is it worth it?

 Your ethics must be focused on what is right, abandon the brainwashing they did to you.  You need a real cause to fight and that cause is your evolution as a human being, your erudition, concentration, artistic gifts, good physical health and quality of life, in addition to your spirituality and harmony with the Eternal.

 Beat yourself and find true peace in your soul.

 Aisi ~

What's Grafiése?

Grafiese or grafiése is a neologism created by myself with the addition of Graphic + Fiese which means Art in the ellene language. It also means Graphic in Afrikaans.

Grafiese has the function of naming the different styles of digital art and printing techniques, as well as expressing all the wealth of the cultural universe and my creative process.

Visit my artistic page


Trilogy: Animals in Lockdown

This is a new work and it's called Animals in Lockdown.  In this work, several digital techniques were used, but at the same time a lot of manual effort, imagination and pareidolia were spent.  The 3 animals represent what we feel at the lockdown:

The Nurse Tiger means care in preventing the covid.

The Queen Cat represents political authoritarianism and our indignation at this pandemic.

The Fashion Panda is lazy, gluttonous and longing to shop, a little bit of our vanity, when we get dressed even while staying at home.

Leave your comments.  Bye


Ellenism, art style

Self-portrait .2010.
Synthetic enamel on card 
For a long time it was a little difficult to define the type of art I did and I varied between different names, even defining it as Allanism but this term is very much linked to the Allane religion, and I wanted something that could be appreciated by people from all over the world.

Then I remembered the Ellene language, which I named after the matriarch Eleanor, and as it was a language, it was something very neutral.

That is why I decided to define my art from now on as Ellenism.  So, we have two terms, Allanism to define ancestral religion, and Ellenism to define culture and art.


Alland Flags Design & Art

Coat of Arms
Hello, these days I have valued my work as an artist and today I decided to show again, these designs that I did recently on spiritual regions of allanism.

Hope you like it.

Alland Empire & Allanism Flags

Principality of Vale and Casa Nova

Principality of Árvores and Itaigara


You exist in several dimensions

Hey, one of the most fascinating theories of our time, are theories about different dimensions and parallel universes.

 There are several theories in this regard that diverge on some points, but in general the assumption is that there may be other universes alongside ours, as well as the existence of other dimensions.

 In our mythology, there is a whole range of characters acting in different worlds and dimensions, portals being opened and different forms of life, so it is a natural belief of our religion, even because the spiritual world, already supposes that it exists right here,  in a different dimension than ours, but at the same time present.

 This world through God, and other spiritual beings, in some way, can sometimes interact with ours, so even if you are from another religion, your belief already corroborates the theory of other dimensions, since the spiritual world can only be  in another dimension.

 But, how does the multiple universe theory fit into our religiosity?

 Possibly, Eternal Consciousness would not be unfair to simply create people in a bad reality, so one of the ways that there would be a kind of cosmic justice, would be that human beings could exist simultaneously in various realities having the same essence.

 In reality, you are poor, you were born in a bad home, but in others you were born rich and with a wonderful family, and several other variations, so that you can be analyzed in all situations.

 How does it happen?  The divine spark that generated you when you left the spiritual dimension of Consciousness, was divided into immeasurable others and thus, all of your identical brothers were launched each into a chosen universe or dimension.

 And the goal is for you to do well in any situation, even in the most difficult ones, of course many of these people who are you will fail, but Consciousness will see the true intention of your spirit in all realities.

 But, wait a minute, the Eternal is not omniscient, why does he need this to know something?

 In fact, He doesn't need it, but you are the one who needs it, because you yourself accepted this challenge to come to these realities, I know it seems strange, but your true essence is Consciousness itself, and the whole reality is a great work of  divine art.  So, you are the one who actually wanted to live and be tested in various realities.  And you are the one who needs to analyze yourself in all these realities.

 I know it is difficult to understand, how one would accept to be born many times in a difficult reality, but it is somewhat random.  In most realities, you are doing very well and you are happy, you are already awake and living in Eternal Consciousness.  But, the choice has always been yours.

 But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fix our lives, or the whole world, if we’re in a bad reality, it’s all like a big challenge, we should hit the road and not be ashamed or even have some of us erased in the sea of ​​oblivion  .

 Reality is supposed to be fun, and the world is a big amusement park.  At least it was supposed to be totally like that, but the free will and distance from Consciousness caused many to get lost in this process.  And so they ended up creating bad realities in some worlds.

 But, if you are reading this text, you already know the truth, you have a choice of conscious choice about reality and Eternal Consciousness, and you can decide to follow the eternal path of wisdom or to continue in superstitions and ignorance.  And if you choose wisdom you can help to create a better reality for yourself and everyone.

 Everyone stay in the peace of the Eternal.

 Aisi ~

The AuthaGraph projection

This is the most accurate projection in the world until now, and it is important that we use it instead of Mercator's colonialist view.

Unfortunately we didn't get a free quality one on the web, and the paid version in physical format is still quite expensive.

Anyway, we can create our own versions to use in school and teach to students the real world.

Aisi ~

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