Tarar Collection on sale for $ 4.873 million

These days i was packing up and i found myself with those little art boards i painted when i was in my twenties and i was in college.

It was a very creative time and it was the first time that i dedicated myself to putting a little of my essence in a work of art.

At that time i painted this collection that i call Tarar (my joy) in a language that only i know ..

In addition to others that were donated to people close and special. Certainly most are already lost in time but i have kept these pictures for a long time and they are even dusty.

I have never sold a painting of mine until today, in fact i have never even tried to sell of my own accord and i have always had a special attachment to these pieces.

I know that it is not possible to put value in art, but i have come to this price to invest in another great artistic project that i have been cultivating for a long time. Then it will be art for more art still.

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