Ricardo Rangels™

"It is always here and there, some titan who can live in terrible conditions, and live winner! Like to hear his lonely songs?"

Ricardo Rangels is what you can call a complete artist. He is a music producer, singer, songwriter, writer, philosopher and plastic artist.

He is the main promoter of the Allanism (religion, philosophy and culture), precursor of the musical genre L.ass and F.all (the Allans psychoanalysis). 

He has written 3 books in Portuguese:

*  As Poesias Perdidas - Ápice & Âmago
* All ~
* A Mitologia Allane

He has released the singles:

He has developed the POSM Movement, a philosophy to help men to face the challenges of a new masculinity in a world pos-feminist.

Today, he continues to produce his art, music and philosophy regardless of fads or demands from the mainstream industry. And it grows in popularity with its unique style and unparalleled voice.

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