Do not dream !

Do not dream ! Wait a minute , as well as " do not dream " .. I think now the author has gone mad , how can we live without dreams and aspirations , if every self-help book and experts say just the opposite . 

Relax, friends , I did not freak .. And not explain: 

When you have a dream or just want something, it indicates a mindset ; and this mental attitude of dreaming is usually unproductive . 

 Why dream indicates that you are not acting to make this a reality , but that might happen or take place, but based on luck or chance. It's something you want, but not quite.And what is the solution? Do not dream ! Have plans and projects . 

When you have a plan or a project , it means you are not relying on the help of luck or chance , but we will do everything possible to accomplish that goal . Is that something you want and either totally without doubt or hesitation . 

Start writing down on a piece with his own hands , that's right , it does not enter , get up now , take a sheet of notebook paper and write down what you really want for your life .I'll help you : 

1 What you really want to be ? What kind of person you want to be ? That temperament you want ? What qualities ? How would you deal with problems with other people ?
What kind of relationship do you want ? Friends that you like to have ? What kind of partner ( a) sentimental ? How would you like it to be their relationships with friends , family and love ? 

3 What body type you like to be ? What kind of sports and physical activities you would like to practice ? How would health care ? 

4 What kind of work would you like to have? What kind of employee , entrepreneur , artist or athlete you would like to have? What kind of success or financial goal you want ?Ready ! Please respond in writing each of these issues .

 Now reread calmly what you really want . And based on these readings write their plans .1 2 3 4 

Done this you will now reflect and write ways to start putting those plans into practice . Trace strategies , at least a couple for each plan .1 2 3 4 

Rank ? Now , you will observe each of these plans and strategies ; and now will reflect and think about what can go wrong in each of these strategies , write again .1 2 3 4 

Sounds difficult , but think that every great successful company makes various plans , strategies and thoughts before putting a successful product on the market . You are a big company now, and this reflection will absolutely be worth it. 

Now to conclude, after considering what could go wrong . Trace new more effective strategies . To help , I'll put all the steps below. 

a) What really desire ?b ) I know what I want , so now my plan or project is ?c ) My strategies are to carry out the plan ?d ) These strategies can go wrong in ?e) So , these are my new strategies ? 

Rank ? Yes , I finished , but now the page is up to you to keep yourself motivated every day to practice their strategies and achieve their goals. 

Tils !

Ricardo Rangels


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