Reset When Everything Goes Wrong

Today I had a loss due to upgrade an operating system of a large company ended up losing some artistic projects.

They were filming, musical bases, photographs and written and a great loss  ot primarily gives to recover the movies that were recorded in about eight cities, two out of the country and that would be used in music videos.

At that moment you feel bad, it looks like they took a piece of you, and not only that but also you begin to blame themselves, feel bad remembering other things.

You feel the worst person in the world, it seems that everything goes wrong only with you.

But then I decided to take a bath, practicing the law of detachment, calm the mind and remember that we do not bring anything to this world and hence will not take you anything.

So I could see clearly, and I thanked God for the opportunity to practice patience, detachment and give a fresh start, a reset in life.


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