Allanism and Star Wars religion

If you're a fan of the Star Wars saga movies you should probably look at it as a great work of fiction that is very entertaining.

But looking closely but this work has many allanismo elements. Not that the author knows the allana religion, but through a process that we call Network Thoughts.

In our beliefs we accept that all humanity or even beings from other worlds are interconnected through a great awareness in the spiritual world and in certain hours these thoughts intersect and interact.

Through this network new ideas arise, common inventions are discovered almost at the same time and there are people who believe in past lives because they have access to thoughts of people of that time, not all as there are even cases of premonitions that same line.
So we have in Star Wars many truths through this same process:

1 Force. The mysterious force or power that beings can use to their aid or to defend themselves and to attack. This force for us allans is the Divine Consciousness ~ All. 

Of course consciousness can not be used or manipulated like in the movies and it is impossible for anyone to use this pro evil as Darth Vader, but it is still interesting coincidence of a similar concept and the respectful way they speak of force in movie. 

2 Jedi. A jedi is a rider, someone who has to develop the skills and use of force. This path is very similar to allans where we have to improve in every day, both internally and physically and even socially until we reach our full potential.

3 The Death Star. In our belief it is not star calls but of planetary spheres. They are artificial planets created by people alli (pronounced 'eme') to explore the universe.

4 Robots and various alien beings. Robots Allans Mythology are more advanced and deadly, are metallic beings endowed with reason itself and they wanted to solve all the mysteries of the universe through domination, and the master Yoda and its green color looks like one of the allis people, perhaps a plant species. 

Now that you've read everything and are thinking "what a trip this personal" we mean just relax and try to better understand the allan religion and thus realize that our beliefs are not as crazy as they seem but a path to spiritual awakening and happiness full.

May the force be with you! Or as we say in allan ~ Eise!



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