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We were in Amsterdam in the Netherlands a magical place full of tradition, stories and freedom.

I advise everyone if they can spend more time than just two or three days like most tourists do. We spent 11 days because I wanted something more than just getting to know some sights and taking pictures.

I wanted to get into culture, understand the people and live authentic Dutch experiences. And that's what I did. We chose to go by the Dutch airline KLM on a direct flight, by the way a great company with good eating options and plenty of leisure options through hundreds of movies, shows, series and music.

The arrival was very quiet, but the main problem for me was the reception, being a man, traveling alone, with only a small backpack (I like to travel light and not have to check bags) and on top with the equivalent of 100 , 00 euros per day, besides of course having an indigenous appearance I had to go through 4 interviews at the airport to explain why I was visiting the Netherlands.

Other than that, and some generally non-Dutch taxi drivers who always drove a little further to increase the value of the race by 5.00 euros were the only negative things about my trip.

But I realized that Dutch is very friendly especially when I needed some information, even unknown people would stop and open googlemaps on their cell phones to help me when I got lost a few times there.

Yes, it happened twice, riding a bicycle, getting carried away and cruising around the city like a madman or a happy child of life, until I realized that almost every street is similar to its low-rise buildings and canals. But no desperation, sometimes it was difficult to find the way but always managed.


I recommend visiting whatever has to do with you for example I visited the Heineken museum, beer that I love, some parks, I was thrilled at the Van Gogh Museum for feeling the atmosphere of a great genius, the city center, and the traditional boat ride. In addition to the experience of living Amsterdam on two wheels.

Anyway, just programs that I wanted to know and avoided those that didn't have much to do with me like Red District or Cafes where you can consume marijuana.

But I also enjoyed a lot of relaxing in the hotel and I learned many dishes of European cuisine, with the highlight of Belgian chocolate, one of the best in the world and Amstel beer, one with blue details on the label that has a taste of honey. Haha I still miss this beer today.


If you are a male traveling alone carry all the necessary documentation, enough money, travel insurance and proof of employment, I did not take the latter, as it is not necessary, but it would help a lot for them not to think that you intend to live there illegally.

For the most part enjoy your trip, and remember though cordial, the Dutch prefer to make stronger friendships with those who know their native language, so if you are to emigrate there, I suggest you learn the language as soon as possible. faster adaptation.

You can't go too long or talk about all the cool things I lived there, but I hope this article can help or motivate you to know this beautiful city, its culture and its people.

One day I intend to return mainly to know other cities in the interior, because the search to assimilate and learn about our world will last all my life.

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