What to do when we receive a destructive criticism

Receive criticism is always horrible, our world falls apart and come to think seriously about giving up our dreams. But it is important to first do an analysis because there are always three kinds of negative citrus.

True criticism

At this critical the person really did not like and realized that the work you were doing was not good enough in his opinion.

In this case you should think about where you can improve and so take your work to a constant level of improvement. Or perhaps the critic did not like because he really has not understood the avant-garde of your work.

This is including the type of criticism that I hear most to be an experimental artist; so remember that just as many artists up your time, were not be recognized many years later, perhaps the same happen to you.

Still try to put your creative genius in a more popular language. That's what I'm doing right now. Bringing my art or soothing to people of our own time.

Criticism by personal dislike

This criticism the author for some reason does not like you personally. And then just having a personal judgment about your work.

So if you know the critic, is already out with him, it is best to continue your work ignoring this criticism.

Criticism by envy

In this case the critical realized that you overcame him and not accept it, then he makes a critical trying to save himself, that old history of destroying the competition.


Whatever the criticism, you should always think about your job, take that negative energy and turn into motivation to always improve and excel.

And never take it so seriously. After all we are here just passing. The good of life is to play hard and enjoy what you're doing without stress abouts critics or argue with them. For not worth it.

Always thank the praise and ignore the criticism and insults. Doing this will improve every day and to be increasingly happy in your way. No further..

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