Advice to you who suffer for love

1 Unburden, talk all you're feeling to friends, family or psychologist, if there's no one to talk then write.

2 Do not listen to any kind of romantic music, sad and thoughtful. 

3 Feed yourself even if you were unwilling you have to continue feeding as before.

4 Do not be seeing photos and profile of the person, it will be difficult, but contain your curiosity.

5 Start exercising, a good physical activity is very good, can be a hike.

6 Every time the sadness pound you should go to study, read a good book or learn another language.

7 Be sure to go to work or school, these activities will help you focus on other things.

8 Do not drink more than one beer, alcohol in early make you happy, but then acts depressingly.

9 Eat chocolate, but do not overdo it, a candy every two hours okay.

10 Do not blame yourself, it did not work because of your faults, but for lack of compatibility, that is, for you two want different things.

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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