Being happy is an attitude of gratitude

The meaning of life is to be happy when you thank for existing, and lives a life full way demonstrating happiness you are being thankful and saying "thank you" to the existence of creative Consciousness.

Take a moment and analyze the causes of why you are not happy. Often for lack of anything material or for not being like you wanted to have a look this or even be going through some very bad situation.

But note that almost all the things that bother you, are external, out of you and you before you ever lived without them for several years. Stop comparing yourself with the reality of other people, you need to be grateful for the gift of life and strive to solve their problems.

Do not complain if you do not have some good materials, not have the body or appearance of others or not have the life dream of the rich and famous.

Having quality of life is important, but most important of all this is to have inner peace and is living in harmony with your inner interiority, its essence and divine love.

Be thankful, be grateful is to be happy, it is to realize that there is a new world being created every day for you. Fight also to accomplish your goals, our faith does not expect favors, we honor God with our victories.

Let's stop complaining about everything from all negativity and give thanks simply by existing, to have all the capacity to build a new reality for ourselves every day.

Be happy, because being happy is to be grateful it is to say every day the Divine Consciousness ..

I thank you for everything, I will do my best with what I have, I will win and I will honor your name with all my life, joy and enlightenment.

Thank you very much


Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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