How to get more taller

In the picture below you can see me and this girl are the same height. But in fact, she is more taller than me and she is still wearing high heels. How then I can get the same height as her?

1 Exercises to fix the column. There are several types of stretching exercises that can help you naturally increase a few centimeters. And always remember yourself to maintain a good posture as in the image below.

2 Stage presence. This is a technique used in theatrical and musical performances. That is when the artist grows on the scene, expands creating the impression that he is more taller than he is.

This technique is difficult to teach only theory, so I advise you to take acting classes, dance or body expression.

3 Shoes. You can wear high heels or shoes with higher sole. In this scene I was wearing a boot that should increase my height in about 5 centimeters.

4 Insoles. Already exists in the market insoles made specifically to increase the height. I still have not tested but seem promising.

5 Medicine. If none of these leave you satisfied you can try more invasive medical techniques such as sawing the leg bone which are then mechanically it'll expand until the calcium may be restored thus increasing stature.

But this is a very painful treatment and healing takes more than 6 months. Basically you can not do anything for this entire period. I really do not advise, but the choice is yours.

It also has the option used against some cases of dwarfism through the use of some medications or hormones, but do not know if you have age limit to use them.

6 Self-acceptance. Height is just one of our characteristics. Sure to be very short brings disadvantage in life. It is impossible to practice some sports, being a runway model, and for men, it became us less  attractive to women.

But when we realize that there are several ways to live and be happy, we can overcome all our shortcomings and make our way. For example, there are several people, including dwarves who are super happy and found their place in the world.

Also Jean Claude van Damme and Tom Cruise actors are not tall and conquered their space in the art world and female desire.

So nothing is impossible, grow as a human being and find your own way.

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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