New Rangels letter: How to solve domestic violence

 Aisi~ We always see many crimes of passion in the news, especially of men against women and today we will talk about how this could be avoided according to the precepts of our psychological science the Fall~ /f3yn/.

 According to our knowledge, what causes these crimes is the lack of self-knowledge, society does not take the study of male nature seriously and only proposes to condemn, when it could have a preventive effect, what would be good for society as a whole.

 But as we know there are interests in keeping men and humanity in ignorance and bestiality so that we are always slaves of a dominant system and ideologies.

 But how can we resolve this?

 As we said before, self-knowledge is the way, mainly to understand the masculine nature.  But, let's know about this nature:

 1. Man is a territorial being.  This means that, like other primates and mammals, man has this instinct to defend a territory and this expands to his love relationships.

 2. Man is a being lacking in affection and attention.  The link between mother and child from the womb and breastfeeding make a man spend his life looking for that link, the search to find real love as it should be in the love between mother and child.

 3. Man is a sexual being.  Male desires are intense and should not be overlooked, which is why movements like no-fap can have the opposite effects if practiced in a radical way.  We advise to just stay away from pornography.

 4. Man is a violent being.  Violence here concerns self-defense, man has instincts to react to attacks on his territory and personal offenses.

 5. Men are inferior to women in terms of social intelligence.  We are not talking as an offense here, but a basic proof, while the men were fighting, the women spent years improving their social life with their children and neighbors, so the man must be aware that he has no chance of winning an argument with his partners.

 6. The man falls in love easily.  The man is a very visual being, the feminine beauty attracts and this leads to passion, where the male mind starts to fantasize and cannot see the logic that is in front of it.

 7. Man has the protective instinct.  Nature made man evolve to protect women and children, and he takes that instinct into his personal relationships.

 8. Man is a logical being.  One of the things the male nature seeks is logic in life, and a peace of mind, and this clashes a lot with their partner's socially or emotionally focused view of life.

 9. Man is an insecure being.  Competition in the male world is brutal, since early on men are compared and demanded by society to stand out from physical strength, interpersonal success to penis size, and society does not help, since all male suffering is underestimated.

 Well, these are some of the points about male nature and this is where we begin the cure for crimes of passion.  Imagine a man who doesn't understand his sense of ownership towards his partner, could have learned to deal with it from the beginning, but in general he doesn't know any of this, he just feels and is overwhelmed by these feelings.

 Another issue is discussions with their partners, if they knew they have no chance of winning or convincing their partners, many discussions would be avoided, since the correct thing is to only get your message across when the partner is calmer.

 Also knowing that he suffers from great insecurities, the man would try to understand his feelings and learn not to mind insults and offenses, since as we said the social mind of his partner knows exactly where to reach men, but if he learned early on to be to guard against these attacks by ignoring this, it would not be so threatened or respond with violence.

 So, if society really wants to end crimes of passion, it needs to take better care of the male psychological, only harsher penalties will not solve the situation, just demonizing masculinity will not solve it either, the way is to study the male nature and take them to self-knowledge.

 Another issue is that the male life of the average man is totally frustrated and disposable for society.  Men suffer from unrealistic patterns of success, often have bad and stressful jobs with low wages, and don't have time to have a more satisfying life.  Just see that most crimes come from people with frustrated lives.

 Men need to have more opportunities to develop rather than just being mass maneuverers of the system or whose only joy and leisure is rooting for a football team on the weekend.

 So, the path to solving crimes of passion goes through these steps, self-knowledge, understanding their physical and instinctual nature, better working conditions and less social demands, better quality of life, and finally having more personal development.

 So, if you are a man or if you are a woman who wishes well for your partner or children, the way is to help you develop and self-knowledge.

 A man who is looking for his personal development, who is always reading good books, learning new things, who reflects on life, who takes great care of his body and appearance, and who is prospering financially, always looking for projects and self-fulfillment, he succeeds better overcome their insecurities, their sense of possession and desires, and thus manage to be a better man for the whole society.

 The question is, does society really want men like that?  As this will go against various narratives and systems of slavery in which we live.

 Anyway, don't wait for society to make that difference.  Seek yourself, your self-overcoming and victory, and always remember that relationships are just a part of your life and not your entire life, and never insist on relationships that are not satisfying or that bring you much more insecurities and problems than what inner peace.

 May the Eternal always bless us!




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