Let the flames of philosophical hell away from you

In allans philosophy be in philosophical hell is the state of someone completely dominated by misconceptions about life, concepts, religions.

Usually people in this state tend to be aggressive against opposing ideas, not accepting criticism being 'falastronas' and always trying to convince us to be like them .. and when they fail are relentless criticism and condemn you mercilessly.

Often we let ourselves be influenced by these people adopting or denying our values ​​ie are burned by the flames of this fire of hell.

How should we act in this situation?

1 Avoid confrontation,  let her alone discuss, you will not change  or save her.. discuss will only stress you and take your peace ..

2 Combat the influence; do not let change to please or let her change you inside .. a way you see it is analyzing the results .. and 'she says is right but note her life' .. she is reaping good results? there is no peace or happiness in those in philosophical hell .. just watch ..

3 Strengthen its values ​​.. feeds and reflects the true philosophy .. how do I know? simple, the results .. is a philosophical sky brings good results .. a good tree does not produce bad fruit .. as well as a bad tree does not produce good.

Well, stay in peace .. and keep the flames of hell away from you .. :)

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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