Shut up and eat more meat

On the Paleolithic Diet

There are many interests in destroying the right way of how humans should live.

These, attacking the meat is the main, but the truth is that the meat was what allowed the human being to develop and increase your brainpower, with a simple piece of meat almost all your nutritional needs are met and feeling of satiety lasts for hours while vegetables are often poor in nutrients and have to ingest large quantities and over again repeat the process.

If you are not convinced, goes three arguments ..

Il Is impossible to go or stay fat follow a Paleolithic diet.

Il For men, sexual potency hardly decreases and it is possible to increase

II More energy to face the day to day and more mental capacity for critical

Adopt a Paleolithic diet we can say is basically meat and fruits and make regular physical activity leaving these pseudoscientific studies aside.

Here we have commitment to truth only against these ideas managed by vested interests.

1) Cut sugar;

2) Eliminate grains (especially wheat and soybeans);

3) Avoid roots ( "tubercles", especially potatoes) if you need to lose a lot of weight (otherwise, no);

4) Opt for real food; unprocessed

5) Do not consume artificial fats (margarine) and avoid refined (oil extracted from seeds);

6) Lose the fear of natural fat from food.

Text and photo: Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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