What's the meaning of All~

All~ The word is pronounced 'ein' a little like 'rain' (rain) in English or 'nem' (denial) in Portuguese, only a little longer.

All~ we can translate as Divine Consciousness, eternal life or Sky, referring to the Deity.

The word is formed by Ar (ehh) which means 'I' and LL (m) that has the sense of continuity, or Eternal Self. So All~ is the name of the Divine Consciousness. Do not use lightly, just use that name in case of meditations, celebrations and thanksgiving.

If only to refer to the story, you can use Theos (God) in Greek, or the Deity, the Eternal, or Consciousness, beyond the word 'Dei' only.

How to contemplate at All ~

Contemplations always start in answer or contemplating the sound and image in the minds of the name All~. And at the end is used Ill (iLL) that word pronounced 'IN' being recited a longer way. 'Ill' means gratitude consciousness, is a 'thank you' or an 'amen' etc. but this 'thank you' is used only for Divinity in contemplations or music, do not use this 'thanks' to any other being.

To thank people you can only use this symbol ~ it is pronounced 'eise' as in latin languages. This word is used for basically everything, for 'good morning, good afternoon, hi, bye, thank you, be blessed' .

Anyway ~ (eise) is the traditional greeting to allans people and as part of the divine name it is as if you wished all the best to someone else, that she will be blessed, lit, beatified etc.

~ (Eise) to all!

Example of contemplation:


I am grateful for the gift of life, the good things I receive every day and the difficulties and problems that allow me to improve my character and that will honor reasons when I overcome them and win them.

That give me strength, courage and wisdom to make my blessed life and excellent, that I can understand the reality clearly, can improve myself and achieve a full life, successful, bright and happy."


If you thank a meal, you do not have to make great speeches etc just feel grateful internally and meditate or say 'Ill' (in).

Ready, if indeed there is gratitude in your life, have you ever thanked properly.



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