Lass music history

The Lass Music pronounced "lair zee" began along with the old Naite Movement (Knight). At that time it was just a kind of uncompromising music whose sole purpose was to express our feelings about the life, friendship, love and stories that we lived to the sound of acoustic guitars in the dark nights of the city of Casa Nova.

Over time, we were improving our style by creating beats that differed from the music and influences we were exposed to, but we had never given a name to this new musical style that we were developing.

But as I was developing along with the Allans culture and consciousness, I realized that I needed a new kind of music that could better express what I felt, that I could have a true identity linked to the values ​​of allanism, something that was very different from nonsense values ​​of contemporary music we listened to. 

Among these after picking some names for the new style I finally got the perfect definition through the allans language. Lass means nothing more than just "music" or "harmony of sounds" and is also a philosophical month of the allans philosophy. Since then I have worked in this new musical style and perfecting more and more, because there are no limits to the music. 

One of the common questions is Lass music not simply rock, folk, or electronic? No, it's not. It is not the rhythm that defines lass music, of course it even has a traditional beat when playing some on the guitar like 4 simple fingering notes, some verses and a chorus, but the music lass has no limits in this sense. 

That means you can use any rhythm to express it, because what really matters is the beauty, the poetry and the message. I think one way to understand it better is to make a comparison with gospel music, this style of music can be played at any rhythm, because the important thing is the message, even if it's heavy rock, hip hop, ballads, it called  gospel for containing the message.

But the music lass has evolved a lot in this sense for a mix of rhythms and acquiring beyond the message a type of identity, for example I'm focused on creating new sounds and experimentations, watch the Creator Omnium song where I created something very peculiar and interesting without losing the popular appeal. So I believe that this is the path, the philosophical search, tied to the poetic lyrics expressed in various rhythms raised to experimentation, creativity and transcendence.


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