How to get rich

If you are reading this for sure you should be thinking "here comes another one with ready ideas wanting to sell the wealth formula", but in fact I do not want to sell you, I'll give it to you for free.

You do not have to buy a book, you do not have to go to expensive seminars or follow any other method to get rich just do two simple things:

1 Not having debts.

Finish paying your debts and do not make new debts. Of course the ideal is to have none at all, but banal and small things about control when using credit card are sometimes necessary.

But if this will stop you from somehow making the second rule, then better not even have one.

2 Accumulate, accumulate and accumulate.

Wealth is nothing more than accumulating something valuable. Remember Uncle Scrooge? Because that's it, he got rich by accumulating money.

So every month or even for those who have the opportunity, accumulate money, save and invest more and more to build a great patrimony.

These are the two basic rules of my method, if you follow this for sure your life will improve a lot, but also be realistic, depending on how much you save your wealth can take a lot.

But if you put it into practice for sure, you will become better and more disciplined, never having more financial problems, even if you earn little.

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


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