Why do we need to end all political parties?

A completely illogical thing is the existence of political parties that negatively influence all countries with rare exceptions. What is the logic of dividing people, placing them in various antagonistic groups, and yet believing that something good would come out of it?

No, there is no logic because the objective is to create chaos and thus delay the development of countries.  

While the people are divided, and the politicians are fighting, only one order emerges and remains intact, which is the dominance of the Deep State and the enslavement of people to interest and taxes.

Ordo ab Chaos

If this system is so good why do business "geniuses" not adopt in their industries, companies and large banks?  That you create multiple parties that hold back your corporate ceos?

No, no corporation does that because they know it doesn't work.  

Or if you are not convinced, how about you hire architects and workers each with a different project to renovate your home? The interminable discussions would be beautiful, and none of your reform was ready.


The right thing is to extinguish all these mechanisms of the Deep State that are the political parties, and so without this ideological division, politicians can come together and reach good agreements based on goodwill and cooperation to create healthy and solidary nations without this ideological obstacle that  it just gets in the way of our nations.


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