You exist in several dimensions

Hey, one of the most fascinating theories of our time, are theories about different dimensions and parallel universes.

 There are several theories in this regard that diverge on some points, but in general the assumption is that there may be other universes alongside ours, as well as the existence of other dimensions.

 In our mythology, there is a whole range of characters acting in different worlds and dimensions, portals being opened and different forms of life, so it is a natural belief of our religion, even because the spiritual world, already supposes that it exists right here,  in a different dimension than ours, but at the same time present.

 This world through God, and other spiritual beings, in some way, can sometimes interact with ours, so even if you are from another religion, your belief already corroborates the theory of other dimensions, since the spiritual world can only be  in another dimension.

 But, how does the multiple universe theory fit into our religiosity?

 Possibly, Eternal Consciousness would not be unfair to simply create people in a bad reality, so one of the ways that there would be a kind of cosmic justice, would be that human beings could exist simultaneously in various realities having the same essence.

 In reality, you are poor, you were born in a bad home, but in others you were born rich and with a wonderful family, and several other variations, so that you can be analyzed in all situations.

 How does it happen?  The divine spark that generated you when you left the spiritual dimension of Consciousness, was divided into immeasurable others and thus, all of your identical brothers were launched each into a chosen universe or dimension.

 And the goal is for you to do well in any situation, even in the most difficult ones, of course many of these people who are you will fail, but Consciousness will see the true intention of your spirit in all realities.

 But, wait a minute, the Eternal is not omniscient, why does he need this to know something?

 In fact, He doesn't need it, but you are the one who needs it, because you yourself accepted this challenge to come to these realities, I know it seems strange, but your true essence is Consciousness itself, and the whole reality is a great work of  divine art.  So, you are the one who actually wanted to live and be tested in various realities.  And you are the one who needs to analyze yourself in all these realities.

 I know it is difficult to understand, how one would accept to be born many times in a difficult reality, but it is somewhat random.  In most realities, you are doing very well and you are happy, you are already awake and living in Eternal Consciousness.  But, the choice has always been yours.

 But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fix our lives, or the whole world, if we’re in a bad reality, it’s all like a big challenge, we should hit the road and not be ashamed or even have some of us erased in the sea of ​​oblivion  .

 Reality is supposed to be fun, and the world is a big amusement park.  At least it was supposed to be totally like that, but the free will and distance from Consciousness caused many to get lost in this process.  And so they ended up creating bad realities in some worlds.

 But, if you are reading this text, you already know the truth, you have a choice of conscious choice about reality and Eternal Consciousness, and you can decide to follow the eternal path of wisdom or to continue in superstitions and ignorance.  And if you choose wisdom you can help to create a better reality for yourself and everyone.

 Everyone stay in the peace of the Eternal.

 Aisi ~


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