Why basketball and football must end


 Hey, basket and football needs to end because they are sports that only give space to a physical type.

 But, calm down, my goal is to make these two sports more interesting and inclusive.  And the solution would be to have new categories by height and weight.

 In basketball, there could be a league for people of normal to medium height.  And in football there could be a category for lighter people, just like in boxing.

 As well, as I said before here, also with mixed teams, with half of the players being women, which is a goal that I don't give up on any of these sexist sports.

 Well, that’s the idea that I’ve been cultivating for a long time, and I think it would do our society very well, which would become more inclusive and fairer by giving good thin athletes who are not that tall an opportunity, it would also give more space  the women.

 It just depends on all of us that it happens, please share this post and this idea.  Together we can create a more inclusive, fair and better world.

Ricardo Rangels 


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