Rangels letters: The truth about RAP being born in Brazil


 Today I will tell you the true origin of rap and where it was invented, the official story with the name of "rhythm and poetry", it is very beautiful, but it does not correspond to reality.

 In fact, rap was one of the most successful cultural appropriations by Americans, so much so that most Brazilians even believe in official history.

 But, rap was born in Brazil and I can prove, but specifically in the Northeast region of Brazil, a region that suffers a lot of prejudice by other regions of Brazil, which is considered the most backward, hick, and poor, where the accent is very discriminated  and made a mockery in the Brazilian media.

 So, it is not surprising that in a region with so much prejudice, information like this has never been examined, but they did not rely on my observant eye and historical research.

 There are two very old rhythms in Brazil, Embolada and Repente, these two rhythms originate in the mix of rhythms of medieval singers, indigenous and African singers.

 Let's see the wikipedia definitions of these rhythms consulted today in Brazil.

 《《Repente is a Brazilian art based on improvised singing, alternated by two singers, hence the name suddenly. 

 Repente  is developed by two singers accompanied by violas in the northeastern tuning.  

Especially strong in northeastern Brazil, it is based on alternating singing that takes the form of poetic improvisation - the creation of verses de repente "suddenly". [The origin of the Brazilian repentist has its roots in the region of Teixeira city, in Paraíba, in the 19th century.

 Suddenly, there are several metric models, with heptassyllable and decassyllable verses.  The rhyme used is the perfect rhyme.  》》

 《《Embolada, is a kind of art that emerged in the Northeast of Brazil, where it is especially popular.  

It consists of a pair of "singers" who, to the energetic and "batucante" sound of the tambourine, assemble rather metric, fast and improvised verses to the duo with rhymes verses.  The partner must improvise a quick and well thought-out response.  If not, your partner is crowned triumphant.》》

 In these rhythms the metrics, rhymes, freestyles and challenges of singers gave rise to rap.  

Note the subtlety of the name Repente, that the first three letters REP are pronounced like American RAP.  Coincidence?  No, just the real origin.

 We know that years ago Brazilian culture was in fashion in the United States with several documentaries and Brazilian music playing in that country, including agreements between governments, but we also cannot overlook that some American may have visited Brazil and was inspired as it has happened in the different  plagiarism cases that Brazilian artists have suffered over the years.  Even this Brazilian influence was mentioned in the netflix movie Beats.

 Now imagine these musical genres almost made by anonymous Brazilians from a region discriminated against in their own country, but the name rap and the same way of singing left too much evidence and coincidences to deny.

 I do not disregard the value of American artists in adapting and evolving rap a lot as part of their culture, but Brazilians were already making their rhymes and freestyles challenges a century before.  Incidentally RAP no, REP with E from REPENT.


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