Rangels letters : The power of thoughts and words

 Hello, we have a very clear view on life.  All reality is connected in the same network and everything influences our happiness.

 The human being is part of this network, the human being is a child of God and has the power to perform miracles, simple miracles for himself.

 Here comes the importance of having a mindset and correct speech that can influence your happiness or disharmony.

 In a simple summary, you need to change the way you think, speak and act.  Stop cultivating negativity, watching movies, news and always thinking about bad things like tragedies, illnesses, violence and deaths.

 Fear nothing, focus your mind on prosperity, wealth, beauty, health and peace.  Listen to songs with positive themes, read things that will make you grow as a person.

 And above all, talk about wonderful things and not about worries, misery or gossip.

 Whenever you feel like doing these things, go study, improve, and reflect with gratitude on this unique opportunity to be alive here and now.

 Grumbling, complaining, or living in fear will not increase a single day of your life, on the contrary it will decrease it.  In this sense, I am very sorry for some religious people who always live with ghosts that turn things bad and end of the world, live agitated with fear of the future.

 Meanwhile, we live in peace because our hope is not in this world, and even if bad things happen, we maintain our faith and union with Eternal Consciousness, and there is nothing to worry about.

 Meanwhile, we are building our reality through the manifestation of our positive faith in this world.

 The world may be in chaos, but in our homes harmony reigns most of the time, the world may be ending as they say, but within us peace reigns.

 Rebuild your reality by changing your thoughts, lines and actions.

 Aisi ~


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