Rangels letters: Slavery Circles


 Hœ, the vision we had today was of several circles that imprison humanity.  In general, the natural human being in this society is always trapped in some of these circles and will keep spinning until he evolves to be free and unfortunately many die without evolution.  Which of these circles do you need to break free from?

 The circle of idolatry, many are trapped in that circle, but I will not speak of idolatry to idols as sculptures, but of idolatry to people such as politicians, athletes, religious, sub-celebrities etc. many people live stuck in this circle, spend values, waste time running  behind mere humans who have nothing to offer.

 The entertainment circle, having healthy entertainment is not wrong, after all life is not just working and studying, we must have healthy moments of leisure, but there are people whose life is a prison, and they want to live forever trapped in entertainment, but once  if you spend a lot of time and resources on that kind of pleasure, and neglect other areas of life, if you see this a lot in people who spend the day on social networks or in video games, when they could be doing something more useful.  If you want to break free from that circle, impose time limits on these activities.

 The circle of bad relationships, this is a very frequent reality, you may have seen it in movies and soap operas where some actress says she has a bad finger to choose bad people to relate to, but the truth is that the media is indoctrinating you to  have an unhappy life.  There is no such thing as a rotten finger, you feel ashamed in your face and start to value yourself and choose someone who can actually have a healthy relationship.

 In fact, first of all stop spinning and try to get to know yourself better, heal your internal traumas before looking for a relationship, be it a person with a healthy mind and life, or someone that anyone wants to have around so as not to make other people's lives  and your own a hell.  And watch for the signs, everyone realizes when they are being disrespected in a relationship, that the other person has serious problems and does not know how to relate, run away from people like that, seek the cure of your need of always being in a relationship before entering a relationship.  Living well is possible and part of true knowledge, nothing is impossible and break this circle of bad relationships.

 The circle of lust, unlike people people the word lust is more linked to sex than luxury.  And there are many sick people in this circle, sex is sacred and good, we must not think it is wrong, after all we are only alive here because our parents had relationships and sex is where life is generated in our humanity.

 But, there are people trapped in this circle, constantly feeding the mind with this human desire, and this is not at all healthy, we live in a hyper sexualized society with people who only think about sex and are disrespectful at all times.  It is not common for sub-celebrities to speak openly about their sexual practices without any modesty, but it is something totally unnecessary and appealing.

 So, you must get rid of it, stop feeding your mind with pornography that has nothing good to offer.  A clean mind brings more fulfillment and you will be much happier without this filth that objectifies people, is addictive and brings many psychological problems.  Nor should I say that all sex offenders are addicted to this.  Leave sex to the right person and where there is love, it will only be an addiction and animal desire, and the human being was not born to live like instinctual creatures, there are many more valuable things to look for in existence to be happy.  than a simple reproductive desire.

 The circle of poverty, here people live trapped in a cycle of debts, losses and unnecessary expenses.  This circle holds almost all of humanity and people to their descendants.  It is very sad to see how our society encourages this type of thing where very few have everything and others have nothing.  And it is one of the most difficult circles to break, because the whole system is made for you to lose like a big game of chance or casino and you are the duck of the time.

 Every banking, political and payment system is designed to keep you in the same place, but the cure for that is knowledge and a lot of personal effort, there is no point blaming the system, it will not change, nor will your favorite politician change the system.  , they are all sellers of illusion, and the only thing you can do is fight for yourself, doing the right thing.

 First, you have to stop believing that wealth is a bad thing, your precise mind is prepared to receive wealth, there is no scarcity in the universe, and there is space for you to have a life with an excellent quality of life, just the fact that you have no debts,  it already brings a lot of mental comfort, so study financial education and above all put it into practice, stop spending on unnecessary things and learn to differentiate liabilities from financial assets.

 Of course, you don't have to be a billionaire to be happy, but having a dignified life is recommendable to your evolutionary process, to help people, have peace of mind and be able to create a fairer system.

 The circle of sophism, here we define sophism as false knowledge, and many people, especially those who are intellectuals, are trapped in them.  How many times have I seen doctors with bad health habits, how many times have I seen indebted math teachers, theoretically people with knowledge who could lead exemplary lives but who don't know how to apply real knowledge.

 The same applies to religious thoughts, many are trapped in mythological superstitions that have no basis in reality and live their fearful lives as servants in the interests of others.

 So it is necessary to seek true philosophy, true knowledge above the sophisms that we have been taught all our lives, that perfect knowledge is in you, but it is also in the entire universe just waiting to be discovered.

 The human being did not invent anything, he did not invent mathematics, he did not invent musical notes, nor the laws of physics, all of this was already in the universe and it was only unveiled, and Eternal Consciousness has much more useful knowledge to teach us.  So let us seek your perfect knowledge.

 There are still many other circles that imprison humanity, we only mention the most common ones, but you yourself should try to find out who are the others and in which you are stuck spinning nonstop.  You need to reflect, stop spinning and break free.  We only indicate a reflection and show the way, but you are the only one who can break these circles in your life.

 Stay in harmony.  Aisi ~


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